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  1. Me too...me too....Please melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  2. need an email and ill send them
  3. sending some basic 32 channel stuff, just adjust it to fit your layout. Enjoy and WELCOME SENT SOME BUT IT SAID REJECTED BY YOUR SERVER?
  4. i got bobs joy to the world, Ill trade ya for I am santa claus lol, melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  5. can I take a look at it to please? melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  6. check email spelling my gmail didnt attach to it.
  7. I would like to have it as well please melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  8. can I get that link too please....love earth kitt melissamcabee5@gmail.com
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