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  1. MIssing Lights in Visualizer

    Thanks. I thought I did, but I will recheck it.
  2. MIssing Lights in Visualizer

    Sorry, I misspoke. The playback window in S5.
  3. I am running S5 with an LOR 16. I can define my traditional lights using the same channel as another traditional string, I only see the first one in the visualizer when running a sequence. Not sure what I am doing wrong.
  4. Not Controlling Lights

    Thanks to everyone. Reloading and restarting control panel and then pixel editor worked. Thanks again
  5. Not Controlling Lights

    Yes, in network config it is set to enhanced
  6. Not Controlling Lights

    I am using 4.3.24 PRO. Last year I used a 16 AC controller with the basic software and everything was great. To enhance the display, I just bought the LOR plug and play pixel tree (pixie 8 controller). So connecting just the pixel tree, I cam control in with the hardware test, but cannot with the pixel editor. I did have the control panel running and set the network config according to the manual. I just don’t get what could be wrong. I am sure I messed up something somewhere. Thanks for your help
  7. Not Controlling Lights

    I get the following error: "Connection to the LOR control Panel has been lost" No Longer controlling lights. The control panel is running and the error will not clear. Thanks for your help