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  1. That's close to what I want, I guess what I am looking for is for an entire ribbon to come on at 50% brightness, I don't want it to go up or down the ribbon.
  2. Is there a way to Dim pixels in the SS software? If I want a color to come on at only half brightness and then fade out, is that possible? I know how to create a tail on a morph that fades out but can't seem to find a way to let's say have on CCR ribbon at full red brightness and the ribbon next to it at half brightness. Is this even possible? Thanks in advance for replies.
  3. Thanks again guys, it looks like it will work out, I will do some testing in the next couple weeks and report back.
  4. After reading the manual, it states that max is 150 watts, I guess I will try it out and see. I will report back. Thanks again for the information.
  5. It looks like my built in inverter will only handle about 12.5 amps constant. Others have reported only being able to handle 1.25 amps. I guess I will have to do some trial and error. Thanks for all of the input Jim.
  6. Also, before I forget, I have considered making mounts using magnets, would the magnets interfere with the ribbons?
  7. Thinking about putting 2 CCR's on my truck for a parade. I have a couple of questions and need suggestions. #1 What is the amp draw per CCR and controller? #2 If I start the ribbons on the front of the hood (or maybe on the bed) does anyone have suggestions on how to run the wiring? I have a laptop to run the show that will hold a charge for several hours and run bluetooth to the speakers inside. I know LED's by themselves use very little power, I guess my biggest concern is how much the power supply will draw from my factory installed inverter. My thoughts are to start the ribbons in the bed of the truck with the controllers mounted back there, and having 10' ethernet and an extension cord. Open to suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  8. I built a sequence for a song and found another version of the same song with identical beat timing. Is there a way to change the song without losing the sequence I created?
  9. Thanks again for the replies, I guess what I was looking for is an "intensity" setting where I can turn the light intensity or brightness of certain pixels up or down. The Hardware Utility has intensity settings but I didn't see them in Superstar. I think fading to black will have to work the same as 0% intensity.
  10. Thanks for the responses. I have watched the tutorials but they didn't touch on my specific question. I guess I thought the RGB setting were for color mixing and not intensity. I will try this out tomorrow.
  11. Wasn't sure if I should ask here or in the CCR thread. In superstar, can you change intensity of a specific ribbon? I would like to build some sequences that have a solid color fade in or out, not just off or on. I searched the forums before asking and didn't see an answer. I know in the hardware tool I can turn intensity up and down but don't see the option or ability in Superstar. Am I missing something?
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