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  1. Matt, I was able to fix the problem by using LORRegistryWipe.exe after I uninstalled 5.0.18. I then reinstalled 5.0.18 and everything worked and I did not have to re-register as I kept my registration info when I ran LORRegistryWipe.exe. I hope this helps others. Tom
  2. Matt, I did this as you suggested: "From the Sequencer menu, select Help > Upgrade Light-O-Rama. Your name and license key should already be loaded on the screen. Then click Register Online. That should do it." It did NOT fix the issue. Any other suggestions? Tom
  3. Matt, You are correct I do have an Advanced 4.3.18 license. Is 5.0.18 supposed to work like 5.0.16 did with the Box containing the license disclaimer and allowing S5 to behave as a pro level? If so mine doesn't. I have tried uninstalling 5.0.18 and then downloading a new copy of the software from LOR and reinstalling it. I am still unable to get the Motion Effects window or run a sequence with Motion Effects. I seem to remember a LOR program that cleans up LOR registry keys etc. If there is such a program should it be run and if so where can I find it? Do you have any other ideas on how to fix my problem? If it takes up grading to Pro then that is what I'll do. I'd just like to hold off the expense for as long as I can. Thanks, Tom
  4. I had motion effects and the window in 5.0.16. I ran my Christmas show on 5.0.16 with little or no problems. Since updating to 5.0.18 I have lost the Motion Effects window and the ability to run them. Is there a fix for this? I'm on Windows 10 latest build and want to continue with S5.
  5. Just loaded 5.0.18 and have lost the motion effects window and access to motion effects. Can someone help with this please?
  6. Matt, Thank you so much for the clarification! I was hoping it was something simple. I have moved the CB100s to one of my ELOR networks and they are working perfectly. At the moment I don't need the CCR macros, but it is good to know that you will be working on them in a later release. Thanks again for your support and work on S5. I hope I can be of some service in the development of S5. Tom
  7. Hi Jim, I left the 4, 6, and 8 unit IDs open in case I wanted to switch to the dual normal situation. At present I use the Normal mode. Please see the attached spread sheet of my channel assignments. I guess I need someone more well versed in S5 as I think my issues revolve around the way it works. In any event I have had a good display this year in spite of my troubles. I hope I can get it worked out so that I can do a more polished show next year. I don't need to use the macros, I just thought it would be a way to get the look I wanted accomplished. I set up my three CB100s to use motion effects and that is what the preview shows when I run it. I just can't get it to Control Lights. Thanks again for your help. Tom Controller and Channel info Christmas 2017.xlsx
  8. I have assigned unit IDs of 3, 5, and 7 respectively to the 3 cb100ds and left IDs 4, 6, and 8 open and not used. The real issue is that I can't seem to find how to set up the props to take advantage of the macros or to set them up to allow motion effects to run them. I think that the few lit pixels are a different issue. I tried to use a sequence from last year and adapt it to my present controller line-up but that has caused all sorts of channel conflicts including stepping on my dmx channel network. Sorry, I am trying to condense my issues into fewer words but they all may be related. I am wondering if previews can step on each other or some how be inadvertently combined and cause channel and unit ID conflicts behind the scenes so to speak. I will send a spread sheet with my complete channel line-up later.
  9. I have 3 CB100D controllers with 2 50 ccp strings per controller. I have created the props for them and put them in my sequences. The preview shows them operating as I expect them to but the lights won't work when the sequence is played the lights aren't controlled (no display). I'm running S5.0.16. The controllers are on a regular LOR network along with 2 16 channel controllers and a LOR 50w flood. The 2 16 channel controllers and the Flood work properly but the CB100Ds don't. The ccps worked correctly last year with S4 and I used macros to run chases with them. Presently they are on the house and connected but not working. Something I did notice was about 4 ccps would light on the far end of reversed string 1 while playing my show.
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