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  1. Any 16 or 32 channel seq for holloween. Just starting out and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! perezm1210@gmail.com
  2. Just starting myself, could use holloween please and thank you! perezm1210@gmail.com
  3. rgb pixel sequence help

    Yes, and yes I have the pixel editor with the pro license. Was wondering if anyone has the grandma sequence which I can include for the pixie card as oppose to sequencing it through the pixel editor at this point. I'm trying to figure how it all works before I get into the sequencing aspect. Thanks all for bearing with me
  4. rgb pixel sequence help

    That does sound easy to do. So 16 channel controller and rgb controller can work with the same sequence? When I convert to rgb as you explain wouldn't I be loosing that channel for the other controller? Forgive me if i sound naive. This is all brand new to me
  5. Just got a pixie 16 and pixel strings from LOR and trying to add rgb to roof and window outline. Trying to expand my show which consists of one 16 channel controller. I have the reg sequence for "grandma got run over by reindeer" but I don't have an rgb sequence for it or the no-how to retrieve it from the sequence. Does anyone have it or help on making this happen? Thankyou perezm1210@gmail.com
  6. Anyone willing to share?

    Thank you Bill, appreciate it
  7. Anyone willing to share?

    Thanks a lot james
  8. Christmas (baby please come home)

    Don, I'll take a copy please, thanks perezm1210@gmail.com
  9. Would love a copy if sharing merry Christmas perezm1210@gmail.com
  10. Frozen compilation

    A copy would be lovely if still sharing. Merry Christmas perezm1210@gmail.com
  11. Free 80 channel sequences

    Please, I would like deck the halls and rockin around the Christmas tree. Thanks so much! perezm1210@gmail.com
  12. Hi all; Brand spanking newbie looking for sequences or animations anyone willing to share with me if possible. Late start setting up display as I'm trying to learn the basics, software, etc. Please help. Thanks and happy holidays. Perezm1210@gmail.com