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  1. Cosmic Color Pixels for Sale - Brand New

    Are these the new CCP II versions?
  2. Shingle Clips for new CCB

    Saw the below - not sure if it would work for what you need. May want to contact them to see. Supposed to connect to gutters or shingles. https://www.holidaylightrail.com
  3. Pixie 2 Leaping Arch Effect

    Have a Pixie 2 with two 50 count bullets pixels strings. Had it in my show this year and it looked great. Used Pixel Editor to program. Have two questions - In Pixel Editor does anyone know how to program it so it will "leap" from one to the other? Like you see in a lot a video. I tried everything and could get it to leap but not start on one and finish on the other. Second question - As I said I program pixels in Pixel Editor. Do most people do that or set them up using DMX and program in Sequence Editor? In Pixel Editor I have it set as one string with 6 sections each with 8 pixels - does that sound correct? Wondering if that's the issue since there's only one line to program the effect. Appreciate any advise anyone can offer.
  4. JR - Is right - simple to create your own extension cords. I've made over 1000' of my own and never had a problem. As your channel count goes up making your own is the only way to go.
  5. Pixie 2 Leaping Arch Effect

    Thanks Jim - Thanks for the input - unfortunately I don't have SuperStar. Looking at possibly getting it this year to try it but for now I'll have to stick with what I got.
  6. Pixie 2 Leaping Arch Effect

    Thanks for the suggestion Dennis Laff - I'm going to give it a try. Let me know when you lights go up this year - Will have to try and make it down to see them. Here's a sample of mine from this year - Sound isn't that great - was in my car and trying to record on my phone. Let me know what you think. https://vimeo.com/248312853 Thanks,
  7. Pixie 2 Leaping Arch Effect

    Hey Vince4xmas - Any chance you might be willing to share the "Do you hear what I hear" sequence - I'd just like to see how you have them setup. I still think something is wrong on my setup. I've tried everything - spiral gets me the closest but it's still not right. I've been working with S5 and I have to say I'm not a fan right now - I'm sure it's just a matter of getting use to it and understand exactly how it works but I actually switched back to S4 on my programming laptop so I could keep going. Maybe later this year I'll take another look. The mini trees and candy canes in your display - are they from Holiday Coro or Boscoyo? Appreciate your patience
  8. Pixie 2 Leaping Arch Effect

    Sorry missed that detail in my original post - using smart pixels.
  9. Pixie 2 Leaping Arch Effect

    Barrlett - one of the suburbs west of Chicago. What about you?
  10. Now Sharing ~ Sleigh Ride ~ Pentatonix singing faces

    Hey DibbleJr - Really thinking about adding a singing element to the show for 2018. Could you share any of the singing face sequences you be willing to with me. Email address: camphouselights@gmail.com Hope you had a Great Christmas and New Year! Thanks, Chester
  11. Does anyone know if you can play sequences made is 5 in the latest version of 4? Just curious. Also if I currently have 1000 pixels in my display would I need a SuperStar license for 3000 channels? That's what I think but confusing sometimes. Thanks
  12. Pixie Controller Setup Advice/ Tips

    Hey JR - Thanks again for your help on getting the pixie 2 working - I'll be able to add to my display this year! Have another question that I'm hoping you might be able to help me with. Setup my pixie 16 tree today and for some reason 2 of my strings are out. They were working when I was working on it in the garage - and of course it's one of the ones right in front! It's a 16x50 180 pixie tree. Was thinking I'll switch the switch the power connection from one string to another to see if the issue follows the power or the string. So if it doesn't follow the string could it be the connector on the board? Obviously if it follows the string then there might be a problem with the string. Not sure how I could check that - Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks, Chester
  13. Pixie Controller Setup Advice/ Tips

    Hey JR - I got it - Thanks for your help. I set the dip switches to the next ID available and then everything started working. Really appreciate all the help you gurus provide us newbies! Chester
  14. Pixie Controller Setup Advice/ Tips

    Hey JR - thanks for the tips. I have a Pixie16 already setup but bought two more Pixie 2. They won't seem to keep the channel I want to assign to it. I have a jumper in the box and I see the dip switches but I can't tell from the instructions if I need to change anything. Pixie 16 ends at 19 and the next channel is 1A but won't hold that. Any ideas or advise?
  15. CCR 2 - Arch setup

    Purchase a CCR 2 with 2 50 bullet pixel light strands to create 2 arches for my display. Question with regards to setting them up as prop in pixel editor. In editor can I define 6 or 8 sections so I can program the different effects? Or would I have to define that when I do the setup of the CCR in the device setup? Thanks
  16. Looking for any Harry Connick Jr Christmas sequences

    Hey James - Thanks for sending - sorry but I gave you the wrong email - camphouselights@gmail.com - Could you please send again? Sorry for the mixup and appreciate your help. Thanks, Chester
  17. Sleigh Ride by Leroy Anderson

    Would like to know if anyone has this sequence that they'd be willing to share. Thanks in advance!
  18. Starting over and need 64 Channel sequences

    I have a couple on your list that I can share. Need email address.
  19. Disco Santa

    Could you please send a copy - camphouselights@gmail.com Thanks!
  20. Looking for any Harry Connick Jr Christmas sequences

    Please send any from Harry Connick please - camphouslights@gmail.com Thanks!
  21. Frosty The Snowman by Leon Redbone

    Thanks James
  22. Frosty The Snowman by Leon Redbone

    Hi James - Would love a copy if you don't mind. camphouselights@gmail.com Ever see a sequence for Frank Sinatra - I love those J-i-n-g-l-e Bells please let me know. Thanks, Chester
  23. My Christmas List from 2014 For Sharing

    Old Sarge - I know I'm really late to the party but would you share your link/files? camphouselights@gmail.com Hooah!
  24. J-i-n-g-l-e Bells - Frank Sinatra

    Wondering if anyone has this Frank Sinatra sequence that they'd be willing to share. Would really appreciate it! Thanks Chester