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  1. CampbellHouse

    Now Sharing ~ Dominic the Donkey singing faces

    Hey JR - Could I get a copy - Love this song! camphouselights@gmail.com Thanks, Chester
  2. CampbellHouse

    Extend distance from controller to pixel string

    Thanks JR - Is that in standard LOR network or using E1.31 or does it not matter? Tried to find these answers online but couldn't find details. Appreciate the help - AGAIN! How's the weather in AL - Sure it's much better than IL - supposed to get snow this weekend!
  3. I'm planning on adding additional RGBs to this year's show - Buying Pixie8 to control 8 50 pixel snowflakes I bought from Boscoyo - Issue is I want to put them up on the front of my house but there is no place close for me to mount the controller. How can I extend the distance between the controller and the pixel strings. They will be 5v strings and at the furthest point it will be about 30 feet. Please let me know if this is possible and how I would accomplish this. Thanks
  4. Please send a copy if you are still sharing JR. camphouselights@gmail.com Thank you sir, Chester
  5. CampbellHouse

    2018 Spring Sale

    Now that's funny!
  6. CampbellHouse

    Cosmic Color Controller II - Add additional pixel string

    Thanks JR - Can you tell me how I could determine what the voltage is? Would the connector tell me - 3 vs 4 pin? Chester
  7. Bought 2 Cosmic Color Controller II (CCC-II) last year - one with two 50 count bullets pixels and one with two 50 count bulbs. Now I'm wondering if I can add another 50 count string to each of the existing pixel strings so each is 100. When reading on the website is says they can run up to 100 pixels strings on each channel. Just not sure if I can do that or not. Don't want to screw up the controllers somehow. Anyone know if this is possible? Thanks, Camphouselights
  8. CampbellHouse

    2018 Spring Sale

    Hopefully they'll have some good deals on what we all need!
  9. CampbellHouse

    2018 Spring Sale

    Thanks everyone - hopefully JR is right - need to pick up some RGB controllers.
  10. CampbellHouse

    Santa and I Know It Faces

    Would love a copy - camphouselights@gmail.com Thanks James! Chester
  11. CampbellHouse

    Singing faces light sequences

    Would appreciate any singing faces sequences that anyone would be willing to share. Thanks camphouselights@gmail.com
  12. CampbellHouse

    2018 Spring Sale

    Has anyone heard of when the spring sale will be this year. Need to see if my budget will meet my plans!
  13. CampbellHouse

    Cosmic Color Pixels for Sale - Brand New

    Are these the new CCP II versions?
  14. CampbellHouse

    Shingle Clips for new CCB

    Saw the below - not sure if it would work for what you need. May want to contact them to see. Supposed to connect to gutters or shingles. https://www.holidaylightrail.com
  15. JR - Is right - simple to create your own extension cords. I've made over 1000' of my own and never had a problem. As your channel count goes up making your own is the only way to go.