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  1. RGB Pixie16 with lights from LOR - Testing

    Thanks k6ccc - I will maybe look at SS next year. Cost and learning curve have kept me away from it this year. Really thinking converting all house lights over to RGB next year so I'll have to learn it. Any tutorials you can suggest? Thanks
  2. RGB Pixie16 with lights from LOR - Testing

    Hi all - Thanks to everyone's help on here I now have everything working and I've been working on programming the Pixie16 - 12 for a tree and the other four for arches. Using PE and saving the intensity file. Set up Visualizer file and everything looks good but I'm just wondering if I'm doing it different than others. Do most people program RGBs in SE? I wouldn't think so but I'm wondering if I'm just not getting something here? Also does anyone know of a good tutorial to show how to bring in xlight effects into PE? They have some effects I like that aren't in PE. Thanks again for all the advise /answers to all my questions. I'm getting a little panicked that I won't finish by Thanksgiving. ?
  3. Pixie16 - Pixel Editor to SE

    Thanks Steven, Jim and JR. Good news I've got it working now! Was a ID10T error! I had my units reversed from what I thought it was - I thought it was A0 and it was 0A. Changed it and the lights are working! Using 12 of the 16 for the tree and using the 4 others for arches. Now I can start adding these new props to my current songs and programming new ones. Would like to try SS but just don't have the $ this year for that - maybe next year. Still need to find some multi channel stars for my star bursts - any ideas are appreciated. Thanks again - Chester
  4. Pixie16 - Pixel Editor to SE

  5. Newbie needing 48 channel sequences

    Would appreciate any Christmas sequences that anyone is willing to share. Jumped from 16 to 48 channels on LOR and added a Pixie 16 (50 node strings) so I have my hands full and would appreciate any help I can get in order to be ready by Thanksgiving! ? Thanks - camphouselights@gmail.com
  6. Pixie16 - Pixel Editor to SE

    Thanks Jim - If I play the sequence with the pixie 16 attached shouldn't the pixels light up? I get nothing when I play the sequence. If you can't see it there how do you see the display with all your lights - RGB and normal 16 channel LOR controllers. Chester
  7. Pixie16 - Pixel Editor to SE

    So I bought a Pixie16 to add to my show this you and having difficulties getting it up and running. Have programmed the unit and the network - Have high speed USB and network set to match. Save the sequence and the Intensity file but when I open up in SE and try to play I get no lights coming on when hooked up to the Pixie16. In the sequence it does show the props that I created in PE but it doesn't show like a normal LOR row. For the PE props in the sequence it just shows a light green with some black diamonds running all the way across the row. Is this normal? Any ideas on why my lights aren't working? What am I missing? If I can get this working I'm sure I can get all the rest of my sequences done. Just can't seem to figure this out. Thanks, CampHouseLights
  8. Got it this time JR - and I really appreciate you sharing. Not sure what happened. I did actually created a new Gmail account for my forum account. The original one was my personal/business account so I wanted to try and keep things separate. Sorry for the mix-up. Hopefully once I get this figured out I can offer to share some of my sequences in the future. Chester
  9. Hey James - Did not receive for some reason. Could you please resend - camphouselights@gmail.com - Thanks
  10. Hi James - Can I get a copy? Thanks Chester camphouselights@gmail.com
  11. If still sending could I please get a copy of the the THE GRINCH! Thanks
  12. Hi James - JR told me to look you - expand my display this year to include a pixie 16. Just not sure how to program it in SE. Would you have a Christmas sequence or two that would include the pixie? I think once I can see how it's done I can work on my other sequences. I would appreciate it.
  13. RGB Pixie16 with lights from LOR - Testing

    So now I have my networks all set up - Big thank you to everyone for your help. Have my Pixie16 setup on its own network running ELOR and the additional 16 channel controllers running in standard mode on their own network. So now I'm trying to program in SE - I add my new P16 and see everything - all channels when I drill all the way down to the lowest level so I think it's in right. I add to the sequence and it turns on the lights but I can't change colors. It's just white. I know I'm missing something - is there a good tutorial that walks through this or does anyone have an idea of what I'm doing wrong? Also is it ok if I create a 180 tree with 12 of the 16 and then make arches out of the remaining 4?
  14. RGB Pixie16 with lights from LOR - Testing

    Thanks Alan for the follow up. My fault my question wasn't clear. I was actually talking about adding power injection to the pixel strings. I would hope that the Pixel16 box was built to run the 16x50 strings without it or it would have said something about it right? I'm sure it's good - just me being over engineering as usual!
  15. RGB Pixie16 with lights from LOR - Testing

    Thanks Alan - this is good advise - I definitely will use Excel to keep track!