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  1. I would like to check it out too rrieken@verizon.net
  2. I had the mini director until this year. I had issues with songs not sync'd up. Reloaded SD card would sometimes fix it or it might move to another song. Bought the MP3 director this year. Primarily to be able to have it turn on and off on its own. Not had any issues so far. So I agree, the mini director has issues.
  3. Hi Bill I would like to have a copy please. rrieken@verizon.net Thanks! Roger
  4. Hi Been lurking around for a couple years. Tried doing this one myself but not working out to well. So reaching out in hopes someone here has this seq they can share. I have the music already. FYI currently running 128 channels of standard LED 3 mega trees 32 mini trees with stars singing trees floods and strobes Thanks in advance Roger rrieken@verizon.net
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