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  1. I agree with everyone, it makes sense. A dedicated PC is the way to go. I see the light (if you'll excuse the pun).
  2. Definitely some good advice. I am learning. Thank you.
  3. I assume from your response that most people leave the PC running 24/7. I need that PC for other things - it's not dedicated to the light show. I will be turning everything off at midnight. I will turn it on again when it gets dark outside (about 5:00pm in Toronto). Not a big problem. Minor inconvenience.
  4. Thanks for the quick response. I was hoping it was possible, but I understand. Thank you.
  5. I recently bought a 16-channel controller and have been experimenting/learning. Is it possible to do this: - When the computer is turned off - If I plug the controller into a power outlet. - Can it turn on all channels, so all lights come on automatically? - Then, when I do turn on the computer and run the show, it will run the show (override the auto-start) ?
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