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  1. I played with it some more and as long as I carry over ALL of the AVI files that were made during the last edit session, it appears to work properly. Thanks for the help.
  2. To prevent this are you suggesting that when I move the loredit file to the other computer, I also move ..... the most recent avi file along with it? I keep both directory structures the same so that the paths should stay the same.
  3. I work sequences on two different computers. When moving a sequence to a differenc computer SS sequencies do not play in the preview. All of the data moves however when run, the SS sequenses do not show. All I have to do to fix it is to select the SS sequence, make SS think I have made a change and allow it to rewrite to the sequenser. After the SS sequense will show in the preview correctly. I've tried it passing the sequense between both computers and the same thin happens. Any clue what I must be doing wrong? Everything else works perfectly.