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  1. I have the Pixie16. Using S5.1.4 I can check the version of the controller, but I used it last Christmas. Just forgot about the Enhanced mode and RS-485 port speed on new laptop. I wasn't able to control 50+ pixels without enhanced, and pixels looked awful without higher rate.
  2. This was very clearly written and solved my problem immediately. Forgot about steps 33 and 34 setting Enhanced network on new 2018 laptop. Now back to holiday fun! Thank You so much!
  3. Doing more research I think I found an answer for someone trying to use 100 pixel strings. They were not supported in Visualizer/Superstar, which is what I want. They suggest to use the DMX Pixel String creator. Use that Visualizer in Super Star. Create the animation. Import into Sequence editor. COPY the DMX animation into a different device for a 100 pixel strip. I will try this tonight. I was able to verify the strip worked by using Hardware Utility and setting Pixels to 100 and resolution to 50. They all turned on. Just need to create the animations and visualizer. Here is the answer from the post I found: update for all who are following: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ After contacting LOR it is as I thought, strings above 50 are not supported in S4 visualizer and the old FAKE OUT method will have to be used. If your unfamiliar with this method, here's a quick run down,,, from LOR: As you say, the visualizer does not support Cosmic Color Devices of 100 strings. The workaround is to do the following: 1) In the visualizer create 100 pixel DMX strings 2) Import the visualization into superstar and create your sequence 3) export the sequence to sequence editor 4) launch the sequence editor 5) add a pixie device and set it to have 100 pixels 6) use copy/paste to copy from the exported superstar sequence into the pixie device. when you paste the sequence into the pixie device rows it will take on the pixie addressing
  4. I did not need all 50 for 4 windows. I spliced them onto the end of 1 string, to a length of 64, to cover the additional perimeter of my car garage. How can I control the 64 pixels? I can only seem to control 50. Hardware Controller allows me to control the 50. Looking at documents/web, it may be PIXIE16 can only control 50 pixels per port? Could I Divide 64 by a different resolution? Say 17 x 4 = 64??? Guess I didn't figure it would limit to 50. ANY TRICKS? I hate to just use 50 and have 2' gaps at both ends Greatly appreciate any guidance!
  5. Looking to outline my windows... close to 16 street facing. 2 questions: 1. How long are the 16 Pixel strings that come with the pixie controller starter kit? They say 50 per string, but not the spacing? 2. Can I splice and extend to have the 16 reach the different windows? How do others get the 16 spread out over a home. Not extension cables... so what advice on that? Or are thes not good for outlining windows? Interested in feedback/advice. Thanks!
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