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  1. Just the answer I was looking for. A little rough start but plugging along. thank you.
  2. Please move this to the right sections.... I can not delete the port
  3. I just started building my first show, only 16ch... just getting my feet wet. I will apologize for the noob questions now... I created a custom 5 minute sound scape with sound FXs I am matching lighting FXs that need to be perfectly timed to the sound. Every time I hit stop, the cursor moved back to the beginning of the track and I have to hit play and wait till it get there again. I need to be able to listen to a certain spot over and over till i get my timing right. How do I move the cursor to certain spot to play from? How do I select the the lighting fx to nudge forwards or back on the timeline? Thanks! and I look forward to be member of the Forum.
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