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  1. If you wouldn't mind I would love to get a copy of this. dougtice@gmail.com
  2. Could I get a copy of this? My wife is a big fan and would thank you greatly. dougtice@gmail.com
  3. kk6ou

    Pixie16 vs PixCon16

    Well thanks for all the advice. DevMike.... You were right I shouldn't have got the Showtime Central, I wasted my money. Oh well. I used it for playing around with and then decided to go with pixels and HV strings. I bought a Alphapix16 from holidaycore. I set things up using a Mac-mini running VMware with XP. It worked for the most part but couldn't really handle the load so I had to switch to another computer I had laying around, an old Dell XPS giant PC. Everything working now and I'm pretty happy. People in the forums are very helpful and I hope to be able to be helpful to someone in the future. I have been using LOR S4 and like it but I'm waiting for S5 before I decide if I'm going to switch to something like Vixen and the PI. A few people I know are using it. Next year I may attempt a megatree.
  4. Not sure if this is relevant but I was having problems with sections of lights in my sequence not coming on at times. I was also getting error msgs about the DMX commands in comm listener. I found that my PC could not keep up. Switched to a faster PC and problems and error messages went away. I was running a LOR CTB16PC using RS-485 and an Alphapix16 using E1.31
  5. Can you run using an admin account? I would think that it would run whether you were logged in or not. I would try opening LOR as administrator (you probably know this but you right click and select "Run as administrator")
  6. Love the video, very professional looking. What drone did you use? The video is awesome for night shot.
  7. Final report! Replaced computer and everything works as expected. Problem was my 12 year old Apple Mac-mini running XP via VMware couldn't handle the amount of data. It was replaced with a 12 year old Dell XPS running a Core 2 duo with 2 GB of RAM. Unexpected bonus was I have now plenty of audio output, the Apple was just barely outputting enough signal to hear my amplified speaker. I'm a happy camper.
  8. The reboot had no effect. I'm getting more convinced the PC is struggling. I've noticed some of my other sequences are missing parts of the pixel light outputs. I'm going to replace it with an old Dell XPS with a Quad-core CPU running Vista and try that. I noticed also that I can't run Visualizer on the Apple VM machine, the CPU is maxed out at 100%. The XPS didn't have any issues with Visualizer which is another hint that it will work. I just hate using a monster tower but for now I'll live with it. I'll report back after I get it online. Next year I need to decide on whether I want to stick with LOR S4, I've gotten pretty comfortable with it. I guess I'll see what S5 brings.
  9. I'll try to take a screen capture of the listener. I attempted to do last night but couldn't find a capture app in XP. I guess I could try print screen and see if it's useable. I I'll also upload appropriate content sometime today or tomorrow. Thanks Jim for the zip suggestion. I'm running on a dedicated network with wifi turned off (that was the only way I could get it to work). Running on a VM machine definitely throws a wrench into things but I didn't want a giant PC in the area my wife graciously let me use. If all else fails I'll try a regular PC running Win 7 and see what happens. Next year I plan on running on a Raspberry Pi. I suspect something with my LOR S4 config because most of the sequence runs fine. Appreciate the replies!
  10. This is very strange and I thought maybe someone has seen this before. I have a song that I sequenced using LOR S4 latest version and everything seems to work except for certain sections of the song. I tried changing the sequence to a simpler output but still no luck. The pixels work for other parts of the song. I hate to start all over. I'm using a Mac-mini with VMware running windows XP. I have it hooked up using a Alphapix16 and also a LOR CTB16PC. The Alphapix is setup using E1.31 and the LOR is using RS485. I have 5 strings of 50 pixels each on universes 7-11 which are the problem. My other 6 strings on Universes 1-6 seem to work fine although I haven't verified everything. The sequence runs fine in Visualizer on the computer I sequenced with and no errors in verify. I'm using a different PC for editing, I've run verify on the song in the Apple used to run the show. It's driving me bonkers. I'm going to try to reboot the Apple and the restart the alphapix tomorrow just to eliminate some more possibilities. I am getting a bunch of errors in the comm-listener. One msg says DMX command request too short for data which doesn't sound to good. Also a bunch of socket disconnects on (or something like that) which I figure is just an issue with the comm-listener port. Anyone have ideas? My lms file is too large to upload but I would be happy to send it via PM.
  11. I think I'm going to have to use a null pixel or two. I'm running over 30' of 18AWG wire and the string works except in white it flickers a little bit and doesn't always switch color right away. A couple of questions. Is there a possibility that I am seeing issues with a voltage drop? I'm running 12V pixels and have a string of 50 nodes on their own DMX Universe. Next question is about the Null Pixel. Do you must cut one off a string and wire it inline with the 3 wires? I have an issue with this since the wires on the pixels look like 22AWG and it seems I'll then have a problem with voltage drop. Sorry if this has been covered. This is my first year doing this and luckily this is my only problem so far. Now that I think about it I guess I could just put a meter on it and measure the voltage at the beginning of the string. If it matters I'm running an Alphapix 16.
  12. kk6ou

    Pixie16 vs PixCon16

    Thanks for all the advice. I went and ordered the Showtime package but this year I'll probably start pretty simple. Anything will be better than the Gemmy I have now. I've been doing a lot of reading in the forum about RGB (pixcon16) and not sure if I'm quite ready for that yet. I'm still trying to grasp the setup for the pixel world.... nodes, segments, pixels, null pixels, power injection... Think I'll do some more reading before dumping more money. As far as being broke this isn't much worse than the other stuff I got into like Embroidery machines and photography. At least I won't be bored when I retire Thanks again for the replies, I'm sure you'll be hearing from me. Oh yes, thanks for the advice on the computer. I have a couple of Dells laying around that I can use. Anybody using a mini PC?
  13. I'm also interested in the question of distance.
  14. I finally have decided that I need more insanity in my life and plan on moving from a easy Gemmy Light Show with 12 channels to a configurable system. My plan is to start with a LOR ShowTime Central starter kit. I also want to purchase a RGB starter kit. I was wondering if there was any reason to use the PixCon over the Pixie16 if I don't plan on leaving the LOR world(no DMX etc). I was also wondering if I'll regret starting with a mini-director instead of the DC-MP3 director. The more I look into this stuff the more unsure I get on what to start with One last question. Has anyone figured out if it's possible to use the GE RGB strings with a LOR controller? Really great to have so many people in this forum.
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