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  1. That's smart! Thanks so much for the tips. I'm so used to being disappointed with stuff like this I was ready to just throw up my hands. So far though , the LOR forum supporters have been really great! And the software pretty much does everything I imagined. Now that my video is working on the right screen i'm super thrilled!!! Thanks again!
  2. I got it, my schedule editor didn't have the current time in there so it was just sitting idle. Everything is running now thank you !!!
  3. Awesome! Thank you Dennis! I found the settings where you told me, and set the monitor and now it goes to the right screen. That setting is really buried no wonder I couldn't find it lol. Thank you again. Now I have set it up but when I play the show nothing happens. If I use the sequence editor it works great on the 2nd monitor in fullscreen. Hmmmm.
  4. I would love to do that but I don't see that option. I have full screen but when I select it and save the sequence and close it, open it, it's off again. I also don't see anywhere to set which screen to display it on. Please let me know where to find that setting. Thanks!
  5. Did anybody figure out how to force video over to the 2nd screen? I can get over a flicker if I could just get video to play on the right screen. It's amazing they didn't create a setting or something in the LOR software to handle this. Nobody is going to want the video to play on their primary screen. That's a little bit obvious.
  6. I've seen several threads about this and none of them have an answer that works for me! I have the latest version of the software and i'm running windows 10. The problem is my video always starts super small, always on the primary display instead of the projector. I move the video over to the projector manually (really, there is no setting for this?) and it plays there until the next sequence starts. At that time it opens back on my primary display again. I drag that over and it play to the end, and then once again when the next sequence starts it's back to my primary display. It also won't stay fullscreen. If I choose that option, it starts small every time. If I resize it manually (really again?) it stays that size for the duration of the video, then when the next sequence starts, it stays the manually resize but goes to my primary display again which makes no sense. I'm doing rear projection and the computer is 30 feet from the screen. It's not going to be real easy to manually resize this thing once I have it on the big screen. This totally sucks. Please help, this won't work for my show in 2 weeks yikes!
  7. So, I got an enttech open DMX box and plugged it in and it works with the LOR software. It's kind of weird because you have to frequently assign "dmx intensity" (or numbers) to each channel to make the DMX stuff work and LOR doesn't really make it obvious or easy but it works. You can access the menus in the sequence editor by going to tools and the DMX intensity.
  8. That makes sense Saxon. Some types of media files allow several different audio and video codecs and unless you have that codec installed it won't work properly. The WMV and avi files are the same in that regard ( i think ) but have fewer codecs allowed that most all of us have installed. So it's a more lowest common denominator type of file. Worked great for me to just convert everything to wmv. The windows movie maker seems to have done a great job in coverting everything. I don't see any loss in quality so I'm super happy. My sequences are all done for Halloween. Thanks to all of you helpful folks I didn't' waste my time on trying to figure out the impossible.
  9. So here is a real simple way to look at it after I got everything working. Look at the device you're trying to power up. In my case it's a DMX LED headlight. The device uses 3 pin connectors in and out. So if everything in your chain uses 3 pin, you're going to be fine using a converter from 5 pin to 3 pin right from your DMX controller and then use 3 pin cables from there on. I understand there is a technical reason to keep it 5 pin but honestly it doesn't matter if your end devices are all 3 pin. If you have any 5 pin devices that you plan to run on the same network , on the same cable run, you can't covert it down to 3 pin or you'll lose the two pins that *might* be used. I bought an XLR (yes made for audio) converter from 5 to 3 and used 3 pin XLR microphone cables. It worked perfectly for my testing purposes. I tested them for several hours without any issue. I was able to work on my sequences while I waited for better cables. I went ahead and bought "dmx" 3 pin cables and a higher quality 5 to 3 pin adapter and now I'm using all DMX quality stuff. However I get it that DMX is 5 pin, not 3 pin. But then again no it's not because all that really matters is that you're firing up the pins that are needed by your end devices. That's the reality despite all the technical specs etc. I did get higher quality cables and adapters though, because who knows? The last thing I need is a crappy XLR cable that's not made for the purpose to crap out on Halloween night. I do thank you all very much for your help!
  10. It's an entech open dmx. Good idea on guitar center I'll see if they have the converter so I can play with it today. Thanks guys-
  11. My controller has a 5 pin Out, I got 5 pin cables only to realize that my moving head lights use 3 pin DMX cables. Is it as simple as getting the converter cable 5 pin to 3 pin, or am I out of luck making these moving head lights work with my 5 pin controller? Thanks so much!
  12. I'm off and running thank you to everybody who helped me. It came right on when I converted my file to WMV. I like being able to toggle the video preview on and off as well. Sometimes I want to see it and other times it's just in the way. Thanks again!
  13. That's so exciting. I can't wait to put this all together. Saxon, I saw your videos on your website. That's really clean, nice work!
  14. Yes you are correct , and I didn't realize i need to click play video so I'll try that. Thanks!
  15. Thank you everybody! I will try that and if it won't play i'll convert it to wmv. When i'm all done, I will schedule the sequences etc, will the video play from the LOR software along with the sequences? It would suck if I have to try to time starting the video and starting the sequences manually. Thanks again everybody!
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