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  1. Peter B

    Programming LOR

    Yes I would like to see this as well pleaseeeeeee!!!!!!! Pete. :cool: A big pretty please ;);)
  2. Hi All, I hope you all had a great festive time!!!! I have done a search on Google for wire frame design/plans for Christmas sillouettes etc, that we can wrap strings or ropelight to but came back with nothing. Hopefully someone will be in the know and point me in the right direction, where I can purchase etc. Thanking you all in advance, Pete. :cool:
  3. Does anyone know the rough price of these FF, please :shock:. On their website it just says contact for price. Thanks Guy's. Pete.
  4. Hi Jeff, Yes I am clicking on the link, when I do this it starts to link to your home page but then hangs. I am using I.E. It shows up on your home page the I.P. Address then user name and password. Pete.
  5. Jeffrey wrote: Hi Jeff, Just tried to view but your link is broken. Pete.
  6. George Simmons wrote: Thanks All!!!!! I am sold on the EDM. Many thanks for all your help guy's Pete. :cool: :dude:
  7. Peter B

    Importing to uk

    I will try and give you a rough costing, but please don't take it as sealed in stone. will send you a PM when I have worked it out. please tell me exactly what the items are with cost excluding postage and then including postage. Please also tell me where in the U.K. this will will go just the post code. I will try and help! Pete.
  8. Richard, Would dearly love to see this in action when you have completed it. Please keep us all posted. Pete. :shock:
  9. Peter B

    Importing to uk

    Madhatter wrote: Hi Madhatter, I live in Essex U.K. I purchased a Director card only and got stung by Customs (Duty) and Royal Mail (handling charge) of £35.00. :( Last year when I purchased a CTB 16D with heavy heatsink I paid no charges. Ordering all this in one go, yes will save you some money on shipping but undoubtably you'll be stung heavy from Customs and the delivery people. Hope this is of some help, Pete. :cool:
  10. taybrynn wrote: Guy's, one last question: What is the range of this unit please, roughly. Thanks, Pete.
  11. Many thanks Guy's:cool: Really appreciate the feedback thanks. Best of luck from us in the UK on your voting!!!! Pete.
  12. Hi All, Thanking you in advance. I have seen on the LOR accessories web page a whole house fm transmitter for sale. Has anyone got any feedback on this item as to reliability, the range of 150ft as discribed etc? Would like to here some feedback please :shock:. Thanks again, Pete. :dude:
  13. It does seem strange all the winners are located in the States! What happened to the rest of the world, or are we not included. Peter B.
  14. Hi, All the info is on Holdman's site, it is pretty impressive and he has many links/videos of how to and what items used. Pete. Ps; The link is below. http://www.holdman.com/christmas/projects.asp
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