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  1. Well, I was able to determine the cause of my issue. It was the Power Supply. I learned that there is a difference in a Non-Regulated and Regulated 9 vdc Power Supply. When I replaced the non with a regulated supply, my issue went away. Apparently the board requires a consistent voltage instead of a variable. Some devices grab the amount needed to operate, but the board requires a steady 9 vdc. Thanks to everyone for their input. Have a great show this coming year.
  2. Thanks Jim. It has to be the board. I have try every effort to get a communication signal to the board. All other controllers react and respond. I hope that LOR will work with me and exchange this one for a replacement. I purchased this two years ago and built an interactive part for my display. This board had never been fired up until now. Thanks again for responding.
  3. I have an Input Pup that I am having difficulty finding on the Hardware Utility. The message of checking my connection or checking power on controller continues to haunt me. I am using a 9 vdc power supply for the board. When powered up the red LED flashes fast. When I search for my comm port, HU tells me that it can't located the controller. I really need some guidance on this one. I have over 25 various controllers but have not ran across this issue, that I can recall.
  4. Hey everyone. Is there a reason that the two Pixel Controllers are not in this Sale? Pixie16 Smart Pixel Controller Controller for 16 strings of 100 pixels $99.95 PixCon16 Smart Pixel Controller Smart Pixel Controller. Supports over 5000 pixels. $219.95
  5. I have now taken both of my NEW PixCon 16 Version MkII V1.0 boards out of my controller boxes and replaced with the original version. My Pixel Sign is working perfectly now... Not sure what is up with these new boards, but have had nothing but issues from Configuration, Networking to now the Type of bulb listed in the Set Up of the Configuration screen does not match the actual bulbs being used. Not sure which direction to take with these two New boards. What good are they, if I can't use them with the bulbs 2811. Need guidance from someone much smarter than I.
  6. I was able to get the Pattern Testing to Start on the controller. The lights came on. The ISSUE is that when I set the type of light, the lights will not work on the Test Mode or actually running Pixel Editor. My other board next to is has the same bulb type and will work in Test Pattern and Test Mode along with Pixel Editor. I have continued to reset the board back to Factory Settings and that does not effect the outcome of the results. I can change the type of lights on the Network Configuration, and will work with the Test Mode, but not in Pixel Editor. The problem may be because of lights don't match what type they actually are. It is like the firmware is not setting the correct light type in the board, when requesting it. Anyone have a solution?
  7. Hello Everyone, Now that I have the PixCon 16 Board Configured, the TEST MODE is not performing. I have actually placed the Board in the TEST PATTERN, but no lights are working. The is Board Configured correctly. But when I use the Test Mode, Test Pattern or even run the Pixel Editor, no lights are working. My other Board next to it will works great. I have placed the board back to Factory Setting and reloaded all the configurations needed. Still no results. Any Suggestions? Jerry
  8. Doug, On the Controller board, you only use the Metal Cased Ethernet port for Network Configuration to set up the board. Once you have executed all the necessary IP, Pixel Port Setup, then you would power down the controller and change the Cat-5 to the top RJ45 jack, left of the Metal Case Ethernet port. (If you are using it in LOR mode.)
  9. Thanks Mike, Jim, Mr. P and Val for assisting in trying to figure this issue out.
  10. Well, through ALL of the reconfiguration and headaches associated with trying to get this computer to read the board, I finally have it loaded. I can't believe that because I was operating 4.3.14 version that it would not work, SINCE the instructions stated "AT LEAST S4 V4.3.14 Or Higher". I upgraded to 4.3.34 and without changing anything back on my computer, the board immediately showed up in the Network Configuration window. I know you have many that are ignorant in following the instructions, but I knew in my heart that I had followed every instruction to the letter. My suggestions is to correct the instructions that when using Windows 10, that version 4.3.34 or Higher, will be needed to read the new PixCon 16 boards. Well, it was a learning venture for me, because I did learn an extensive amount of information about Networking and Configuration.
  11. I will say that I am positive, but we all are human. This particular computer was built and customized with no software other than Windows 10. I have a CD drive, video card, Audio card and that's it. The only software is what I loaded which LOR is most of them. Others like Audacity. Is there a antivirus that I am missing? I don't know, because I looked and can't locate any. I have antivirus on my other computer and did not disable it last night, and the board still came up. Weird, I know. The only thing I had to do was upload the LOR so the Comm Listener was not on. I really need someone much knowledgeable than to talk with on the phone and try to walk through some scenarios.
  12. No positive results. It truly is amazing that last year, I was able to configure 2 of the boards, and still able to see them this year. I can't read the NEW boards on the Network Configuration screen. Now for over a week, I am not able to achieve any level of results in reading the board. Yes, I have performed all the steps. The results indicate that I have an issue with computer configuration. I know that I have aged another year, but I do not feel I lost all the knowledge to execute these steps without a positive result. I operate Windows 10 on a dedicated computer. There are no routers, no wireless, no firewall, no other devices attached (other than mouse and keyboard). I have set the IP address as instructed. All LOR programs are ALLOWED to sift through the Firewall, if I had one. I restarted the PC as instructed. I Factory Reset the PixCon 16 and IP address as instructed. LOR Comm Listener is Shutdown. The Ethernet cable is attached and the data signal lights are flashing on both the board and PC. The Red status light on the board just continues to flash, once I open the Network Configuration window. I have gone to length of utilizing a New Router and setting it up to the requested IP. Nothing. IT HAS to be something silly that I just can't put my finger on. Last evening I brought out of storage my older computer and loaded LOR into it. I did not make many adjustments in the configurations and tried to see the board on it. Guess what? No problems at all. I could see the board and was able to set the IP address on Static. I then removed the cable and connected the new board to my Christmas computer and NO positive results. I figured that since I locked the board in with a Static address, that the Network Configuration would pick it up on the other computer. I spent more than an hour going through all the steps again, with no good results. There is something that is blocking me from seeing this board. I can see my other boards, but this newer version, I am not able. To being able to lock into it from my other computer without any difficulties, is amazing I can't do the same with the main computer. I will continue to see if I can come up with something that is blocking this process and update you on it.
  13. Hey Jim, I performed that procedure and it actually is the Board that is receiving the Ping packets and returning. The procedure showed a General Fail, once the connect was broken and started back once the connect was again made.
  14. Yes, I have one for a week. It appears I am not understanding something simple, because I believe I have covered the difficult parts all too many times. LOL. Thanks for trying to help. I need someone that may have experienced the same problem in the past and overcome it with a simple process. Thanks again my friend.
  15. Yes, I do receive replies each time.
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