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  1. Mr. P & Jim, Thanks for the response,. Yes Mr. P I am still working on the color white issues, I tried to get LOR to help me on this issue but as of yet they have helped on other parts but not this so I wanted to reword it and see if I got a few more reply's. Jim, when I have a 10w flood set to white and the next one set to Blue or Red they get washed out a little by the white. what I have found is in the AC, single color side of things if you set the Intensity to 50% white you would get a half filled cell of white or a smaller simmer etc. HOWEVER in the RGB side of things you get a shade of gray for the solid white and some color of hash for simmer etc. I just finished going thru and setting the cells to a cap of 75% where ever I had the Color white set. I now need to set up the 8 floods and run the sequence and see if it's better or if I need to lower the cap a little more. Mr. P I like your comments above think I'll print them out. I don't think a Row or column type change would work as each flood changes to different colors Live and learn, let me know if you agree or not and Thanks for the help. Jack
  2. 1. Would someone explain the difference between the "CAP" and "%" intensity levels and what they do differently , or how they work? I understand how to set the percentage function on the AC side and it looks good, however when you go to the RGB side of things and trying to set the color White at a value less than 100 is when things get crazy. 2.does one work better in the AC (single color strands" side of things and the other work better in the RGB? The only Docs. I have found show "%" being used in the AC side , so does that mean you use the "Caps" function in the RGB side of things? Thanks, I am trying to cut down on my do overs, redo's what ever you want to call. Thanks to all, Jack
  3. GOOD info, I need to go back and change.
  4. Thanks, that's pretty much what I was figuring. Jack
  5. Mr. P, Thanks for the response, however and this is a question, If I set the Intensity this way would it not change it for the entire sequence no matter what color has been selected? I only want to change the white color to 50%, do you know anything about the color changing in my computer display from white to gray is this normal or correct? It looks correct when I play back with my Visualizer program, white just dimmer so I think I'm on the right path. Looks like you have to go chunk by chunk, OR, are you saying, by selecting the row and then going to the first white intensity, would it change ALL the whites in that row? Jack
  6. When I played a sequence for the 4th. it became clear that the White light settings are to strong (Intensity) I don't want to change the Red or Blue and I only want to modify channels 2 thru 7. not 1 & 8 Is their a easy or global way of doing this OR do I have to go thru spot by spot? When I went to the Intensity Levels I think in tools and clicked on it the area I had High-lighted went gray? Any help would be grateful. Jack using the latest S4 Software and did the Seq. in the SE mode
  7. Matt, I don't really know what I did differently or what BUT, I got the new prop made and the data Copied and Pasted. Just as you said above. Now what I need to know is can I just do a new "Intensity Data" click in the PE file and then go to my Seq. in SE mode and do a "Load Intensities and fades from current Seq." OR do I need to do something else? Thanks for your help, Jack
  8. Matt, It doesn't seam like I can add more props to this Sequence, do I need to turn something off or reset? (intensity data) maybe I have made / placed the my props in the wrong place? Sorry for being a pain, Jack
  9. Thanks Matt I'll give it a try. Jack
  10. I need to remove a prop , (16 string mega tree) and replace it with a 12 string, 1 fold tree. I would like to keep the Sequence that was made. However, I have another issue when I tried to run this sequence only the first 5 pixels on string1 and the first 4 pixels on string 2 come on. I'm hoping that the prop issue will fix this issue also. I've tried deleting the prop, I've tried to Modify the old prop with the new info. no luck What I'm looking for is the step by step, how to. I'm running the S4 pro and made the prop in the PE software. Thanks, Jack
  11. 10w 8 Flood set, with controller all from LOR. I am doing the sequencing in the SE mode using the S4 pro software. I think that perhaps I have more than 1 issue, so lets start at the beginning and go from there. AFTER a couple of Emails from the help desk I'm now able to change color for the 8 floods, when using the playback in the Enhanced Rendering Visualizer, I started with a Fade from Black to Red and back down using the "Color Fade Tool" on all 8 floods and it looked like that everything was good. I tried the same thing with Blue, I placed a 2 seconds space between the red and Blue effect and nothing, just the first set of red on play back, maybe I have something set wrong. In the RGB Setup, I have the Auto link channel settings checked and the LOR Legacy mode unchecked., Set as LOR-- Reg.-unit-- Circuits 1-24, with 8 channel lines each as RGB. In the Visualizer ALL 8 Floods show the same ID as #1, I'm thinking that this should show as 1 thru 8 . On the Right side I'm only given 1 option , props & simple display checked, the drop down shows, flood 1. Any and All help would be helpful, Jack
  12. Thanks, Finally got it figured out after some help from everyone. The User Manual could have just a couple of more pages for basic setup and programming. I have lots to get done and just a small amount of time, don't want to waste it chasing the rabbit. Thanks to ALL, Jack
  13. Jim, I think I just figured out how to make RGB channels. In my SE file, I now have 8 lines each a RGB line. One for each flood. Is this what you where you where talking about? Thanks, Sorry for being a pain. Jack
  14. Jim, I think you'r talking about an Intensity Data File, like I did in PE for my tree, but that was / is basically one channel with lots of data. Maybe I'm all messed up. Do you have a couple of screen shots in SS that shows how you would do this, I guess I better go find some more .pdf's etc When you where talking about my SE question you said to convert to RGB channel for each device. Are you calling all 8 floods one device or each light? Sorry I'm getting myself screwed up. Jack
  15. Jim, Thanks for the response. I still missing something, in the SE mode I would add 24 lines and call them something like 5-1 red,5-1 green, 5-1 blue, 5-2 red,5-2 green, 5-2 blue etc. 5 being the controller ID number. Correct? how do I do this in PE I don't have SS yet but might be forced into it. How do you make a prop with 24 different channels? Thanks, Jack