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  1. Jack

    How to help in S4.3.26pro

    Thanks Mr.P, That's the steps I used to create this years Configuration, and now have updated last years files. Thanks, NOW over to the PE side: I would like to get to the same PREVIEW for all of my sequences, when I change to the more current option props go away,????? I also just noticed that each of my SE props are listed twice per row, see attached. NOT saying this was caused by what we did above, just noticed it now. Thanks, Jack
  2. I have added a few elements to this years show, and now want to update my sequences from last year, I also fixed some of my props that somehow part of them went MIA. If I remember correctly I copied my channel conf. from last year added the new elements, fixed my problems and renamed the channel conf. with this years new name. HOW DO I update last years sequences with my new elements (SE and PE items)? I use the Visualizer for the SE side and use the Manage Preview option and select this years file in PE, this gives me better resolution for my RGB elements I now have 3 or more Preview titles and when I try to open last years sequences with this years preview some of last years elements are missing etc. in the PE side. The elements show up in playback in the SE Visualizer but not when I open the file in PE Looking for step by step help. Does S5 take care of some of these issues? Thanks in advance, Jack
  3. Jack

    Moving to a NEW Computer

    LOR set me some info about the Visualizer and its Tutorial section. We got the files in SE to play in my Advanced Rendering location, now we need to work on files from the PE side . Thanks for your feedback and have a great day. Jack
  4. Jack

    Moving to a NEW Computer

    Thanks George for that info, however didn't fix my problem. I don't want to rebuild this page, but.... Thanks again, Jack
  5. Jack

    Moving to a NEW Computer

    OK, got it loaded and the Sequences and Audio files tied together, now I'm missing the last step between the Visualizer playing the Sequence.I can now open my file within the Visualizer program select the file, (Visualizer Enhanced Rendering), open it, the Elements are displayed and the Fixtures listed along the right-side, press the Blue Simulation mode button and ready to play. Press the Play tab, the music starts you can see the sequences playing in the back ground BUT no lights in my Enhanced Rendering display.I am running windows 10 home pro and using the latest LOR ver.4.3.26Close very close,Thanks,Jack
  6. Jack

    Moving to a NEW Computer

    Jim, The Auto Install Shield Wizard wants to install the program to C:\\Program Files (X86)\light-o-rama\ So, is it safe to assume that the LOR software is a 32 bit design? I am thinking your earlier note was where my data, i.e. sequences and audio files where to be stored in the Documents folder not the program file it's self, correct? Sorry for bugging you, Jack
  7. Jack

    Moving to a NEW Computer

    Thanks for the (x86) info had that mess up-ed. So, It looks like I should delete all the files in the Program files and then uninstall LOR and start over?????? Everything in my C:\ --- L.O.R. folder should be ok, I have a version 4.3.26 in this folder should I delete it and re copy from LOR to a different location? Thanks for your help, Jack
  8. Jack

    Moving to a NEW Computer

    Jim, Thanks for the reply. I had ver. 4.3.24 loaded and during the move I loaded 4.3.26. I copied the Sequences from the old pc to a jump drive and loaded them into a file I named Sequences that I created. OK, lets start over, Where would I find the Proper way of loading LOR files so they are stored in the correct locations, I want to do this correct the first time than deal with the BS later. The old pc was c:\--Docs---LOR---sequences,audio,PE, etc. The new pc went c:\----Program Files (X86) what ever that means----LOR, but I hade to make the Audio and Sequence folders. I have had some kind of issues from day 1 of the first load 4.3.14 and had to have help but we got it working, just want to keep it simple. I attached a screenshot that shows LOR and Programs Files(86) with LOR folders also. Is this something you can answer or do I need to go to the help desk?
  9. Upgraded to a new Computer and looking for the best way of starting over? Which program should I load First etc.?
  10. As this was my first season I found that some of my songs where a little distorted or over modulated. I was going to post a question but just happened to stumble on to a post from Rickbj back in Oct. 2012 asking the same thing and that lead me to download the latest ver. of" mp3gain" software. I went to the audio file in LOR to get my songs, but not there, any ideas where to look? I must be looking in the wrong place, so I need a little help. When I opened the mp3gain software it was showing 98db, what is a good volume set point to use for our sequences? Thanks for any help, Jack
  11. Thanks for the feedback, for some reason the copy function does not work, also I don't think the paste works either, something about a protected file. I do like the delete the controller option, just need to pull a couple of channels and rename them first. I did not think of the delete group option either. Thanks to all, Jack
  12. I want to delete several Rows of unused data in several Sequences that came from someone else. ( Free Sequences) I've only found the delete row by row function, any help Thanks, Jack
  13. Jack

    FM transmitter

    Good Topic, I too had several issues in the audio dept. From converting from one format to MP3 format, to a Transmitter that just did not work, to finding all the parts for the new Transmitter. Note: Short Wave Stores MIGHT have some parts you need but because of the different wave lengths be careful. OK that's the past , here is my question to the group; Does anyone have a SIMPLE solution to set the volume level of your songs before moving into the LOR software this way all the audio going to my SD Card will be at the same level output and this in turn should take care of my over modulating issues etc. Thanks, Jack
  14. UPDATE, Problem fixed, somehow the floods got checked as a PE prop and this had my updates to the flood file locked out. The floods showed up down it the blueish area (PE files) of my SE sequence, Went to the PE side and removed as a prop etc. redid the Intensity file and looks like that fixed the problem. Jack
  15. I understand that. I have the floods as one prop and other props/ elements that where sequence in SE, so then you can have them show up in the visualizer as you are adding your PE elements. This helps out in coordination efforts of the overall display.