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  1. Jack

    Preview Expansion

    If your Playback window doesn't open go to the Window Tab on the Sequence page and click on View Playback Window. Sometimes you have to resize the Image. Jack
  2. Jack

    Background File size

    Still looking for the best/biggest file size in bytes for the Background Image however, the answer to where do I replace/add a Back ground Image, Go to the Preview Design page, look to the bottom of the page and you will see a Background Tab, click on it. Hint, Know the location of your new Image that you want to use, click on Change or Add, fill in the location of your new Image, and Save.
  3. Jack

    Background File size

    I saw Matt Browns response to "Little_b", Sept. 2,2018 in the Forum talking about "Preview Expansion" and was able to get to the point where you grab the group and shift it into ??? (moving your props from old background pic to the new one). Thanks, Jack
  4. Need / want, to replace my current background image. I know that the larger file sizes the longer it takes to load, my question is what is LOR recommendation for file size? Also, in S5 where do I find this page, the help file is not updated for S5? Thanks, Jack
  5. Jack

    Preview Expansion

    Matt, I need to replace my background photo also. My question is what is the best / biggest size of file 1-2-3-20 Mbyte's that works well in S5? Jack
  6. Kurt, I also had some similar issues when I was running S4 pro for the Season. Go to LOR web site and look for a tab on Network Speeds. 3 things that you might want to look at is : 1. Is your Network set to ELOR or Enhanced mode? 2. Is speed, I had to kick my setting up to 500k as I was have slow responses, lights sticking in one sequence but not another my Pixie 16 tree was all messed up etc. 115k helped and might have been OK But.....(I was getting cold and 10 days before xmas and on and on) 3. Check and recheck your Cat 5 cables, they must be clean, ( high speed does not like dirty connections) I have 1 at 200ft., 1 at 100ft.,1 at 50 ft. and several at 25ft. You said that you are running 2 light linkers this might be your problem they are only good for 115k, LOR was telling me that I might want to go to 2 networks as I was getting close to max pixels of 2400? I played around a little and found that the Aux A port ran the same as the regular network until you config it for 2 networks, I split my loop of cat.5 cable and split my 2 pixie trees one on each leg along with other AC controllers and Floods helped a bunch. I just went to S5 last month so its going to be show time in July (lots warmer for testing) Good Luck next year, Jack
  7. Alan, Thank You, thank you, thank you. This helped in several of ways. Forgot to hit Submit Reply, might have hit the snoozzzzzzzed instead.
  8. Alan, First off S5 is just kicking my A##. I got to the point that I could see all of different lines in the prop, I could preview one segment at a time but when I tried to do a play back I got a message about needing to be in enhanced mode?? must not have something set up correctly, don't know why that would have changed from S4, but not your problem. Ok so we change channels to sections but where does the 64 lines unconnected come from / to, is this a Super Star term? Still, way Cool but how do you keep your arms around all of it, all the options would take me weeks just for this one prop. Jack
  9. Alan, Are you saying that you took String 1 and broke it down into 4 channels with Channel 01 having the first 13 pixels/nodes, then channel 02 has 12 pixels, Channel 03 the next 12 and channel 04 the last 13 pixel of that string. String 2 would be channel 05 and so forth, or am I confused again. With this being a Large prop and a light frame are you placing on a wall? Also would love to see all the nested groups when you get done. Just getting started with RGB Devices and have LOTS to learn. Looks Great. Jack
  10. Don, Thanks , that’s what I was thinking. A long time ago I took what someone said and not what they meant, ended up with a mess. Thanks Again, Jack
  11. Thanks to the 3 of you for responses. Don, did you mean controllers not channels, I don’t think you could split a controller between Networks? I’m thinking we are both right, I have to change all channels in each Controller effected. I have another question, there are 2 ports in the director, what would happen if I just plug cat 5 cables into both ports and run my Show as one single network, wouldn’t this be the same as 2 parallel runs that split the load? Are both ports active? When you make a show for the SD Card and select 2 Networks does this split the Sd card into 2 portions and different pins, 2 complete shows, one network would get the audio file? sorry for the confusion in my e-mail but all kinds of thoughts are going on like do I have to go thru each sequence and change each channel effected? Or is their a global fix. From what Jr. said I’m not sure this is going to help fix my problem but Thanks Guys, Jack
  12. I need to look at using BOTH Networks that are available in the G3-MP3 Director. I am looking for any Instructions, ideas on where I Start in setting this up, I have the User Manual for the Director and understand on how to set up the SD Card, but, What I need is info on how I should split up my current Controllers i.e. put all AC Controllers on one network and all Pixels on the other but then I run into the 2400 pixel limit to run smooth at 500K per LOR, SO, It looks like I need to run them both at 500K and split up the pixel count as best as possible Where do I need to make the changes?? What other questions do I need to ask? Thanks All, Jack HAPPY NEW YEAR
  13. Jack

    Watch entire show in Vizualier

    I found that the volume from your Visualizer play back will not be the same as when you play your show. I run all my music thru some freeware called "mp3gain" and set my Target Volume to 89.0db then save this to the music file in the LOR software. Hope this helps, Jack
  14. Jim, Between the Help Desk, Matt & yourself I've got the answers. I did bump the speed up to 500K and I' running it on a single Enhanced network , that took care of my issues. I have found that each time I setup a show to the SD card the program reverts to 57.6k as the default, it would be nice if it would stay where you set it because, I KNOW that it will catch me next year!!!! From what I remembered the number of controllers and cat 5, length is well under the max and you confirmed. MERRY HO HO ho, Jack
  15. I finally got my installation problems worked out with the help from Matt from LOR on my new 16D Pixie Tree 100 nodes per string with 1 fold (50 up and 50 down), did some trial runs and tweaked the sequences. Last night I watched my new tree from the street for the first time and lets say I'm not happy!!! Solids, Bars moving up / down, snowflakes, most of the effects seam to be ok, however Spirals are a different matter. The fatter/ wider ones don't look to bad but when you start to use the narrow and maybe slower rotation you notice the issues. They just don't hold together they move in chunks or step up the tree in sections and seem to be worse when it turns one direction verse the other. FYI, The playback preview on my computer looks great SO, here are some questions that I have come up with: 1. What's the limits of thinness and rotation speed to look good? 2. does one direction work better than the other? 3. Do I have an comm. issue, I use cat 5 cable between all devices, this tree is the 5th. device in the chain (175ft away) from my g3 mp3 Director that runs the show. 4. would it help if I split the run and moved the tree to use the 2nd network from the Director, (still would be 150ft away) don't know what's involved in this option. 5. number 1 strand should be on the back side or away from the street view, correct? 6. how many devices / controllers can you put in a daisy chain and still work properly? Thanks, Jack