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  1. Quiksand

    RUN-DMC - Christmas In Hollis

    I think I could use this as well, if possible? bradick@gmail.com Thank you in advance
  2. Quiksand

    Bruce Springstein - Santa is Coming to Town

    Seeing we are digging up old threads for great Christmas Sequences. Lol I would love a copy too James! Bradick@gmail.com
  3. Quiksand

    Constant on

    Is it possible to set a constant on during my show. Say I do 20 mins of show then want 20 mins of all white lights on then another 20 min show. Can I accomplish this?
  4. Quiksand

    Elf on a Shelf by Jelly of the Month

    Thats a fun little jam. Would love to see if I could make it work in my show. Bradick@gmail.com
  5. Quiksand

    Frozen- Let it go sequence

    James buddy! As always you're a true asset to this community! I am always thankful for your gift of giving. Bradick@gmail.com Thank you again!
  6. Could use a Copy. Thanks bradick@gmail.com
  7. I am looking for Andy Williams Silver Bells Sequence. I have been working on my own but I haven't liked the outcome multiple times. Anything you might have would be great. bradick@gmail.com Thank you
  8. Quiksand

    Nuttin For Christmas - Plain White T's

    would love to have a look as well Bradick@gmail.com
  9. Quiksand

    I am looking for the christmas vacation song sequence

    would love copies of any of these as possible. bradick@gmail.com Thank you in advance
  10. Quiksand

    run run rudolph luke bryan

    James! is the Man! Would love a copy of this too. Bradick@gmail.com
  11. Quiksand

    First Snow By TSO

    Would appreciate a copy! Bradick@gmail.com Thank you
  12. Would love a copy. Thank you bradick@gmail.com
  13. Quiksand

    Audio Troubles! please help!

    First, Thank you all for the guidance. I have found a temporary fix for halloween. It's seems to hold up. Ryobi makes a decent bluetooth work radio that will bail me out until I order the fm transmitter. As Enuechner said I'm going to get more for my money with the fm transmitter and a set of outdoor speakers. I'm going to go ahead and order the transmitter that you recommended Sarge Again, thank you all.
  14. Quiksand

    Audio Troubles! please help!

    If I use an FM transmitter would I have to use the LOR transmitter?
  15. Quiksand

    Audio Troubles! please help!

    - I just attempted a phono pre amp that I have from a record player and it works better but only if Audio is being pushed to one speaker. - Also attempted a second computer for the my sanity same results. ** Store time.