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  1. Constant on

    Is it possible to set a constant on during my show. Say I do 20 mins of show then want 20 mins of all white lights on then another 20 min show. Can I accomplish this?
  2. Elf on a Shelf by Jelly of the Month

    Thats a fun little jam. Would love to see if I could make it work in my show. Bradick@gmail.com
  3. Frozen- Let it go sequence

    James buddy! As always you're a true asset to this community! I am always thankful for your gift of giving. Bradick@gmail.com Thank you again!
  4. Could use a Copy. Thanks bradick@gmail.com
  5. I am looking for Andy Williams Silver Bells Sequence. I have been working on my own but I haven't liked the outcome multiple times. Anything you might have would be great. bradick@gmail.com Thank you
  6. Nuttin For Christmas - Plain White T's

    would love to have a look as well Bradick@gmail.com
  7. I am looking for the christmas vacation song sequence

    would love copies of any of these as possible. bradick@gmail.com Thank you in advance
  8. run run rudolph luke bryan

    James! is the Man! Would love a copy of this too. Bradick@gmail.com
  9. First Snow By TSO

    Would appreciate a copy! Bradick@gmail.com Thank you
  10. Would love a copy. Thank you bradick@gmail.com
  11. Audio Troubles! please help!

    First, Thank you all for the guidance. I have found a temporary fix for halloween. It's seems to hold up. Ryobi makes a decent bluetooth work radio that will bail me out until I order the fm transmitter. As Enuechner said I'm going to get more for my money with the fm transmitter and a set of outdoor speakers. I'm going to go ahead and order the transmitter that you recommended Sarge Again, thank you all.
  12. Audio Troubles! please help!

    If I use an FM transmitter would I have to use the LOR transmitter?
  13. Audio Troubles! please help!

    - I just attempted a phono pre amp that I have from a record player and it works better but only if Audio is being pushed to one speaker. - Also attempted a second computer for the my sanity same results. ** Store time.
  14. Audio Troubles! please help!

    Well I am running short on solutions. I have just tested running the computer to my home receiver with the 3.5mm jack and I am still getting low audio. - I took an RCA and split with the audio jack and ran that into one of my Home Stereo inputs. Results were louder audio but maxed out I could barely hear it mid way down my driveway. I was hoping to make use of what I had for this season but It looks like im going to have to purchase a set of PC speakers with an internal amp as recommended by Bob. I hear an FM transmitter or blue tooth speaker calling my name for next season.
  15. Audio Troubles! please help!

    Bob Thanks for the reply. The speakers are an old set of indoor home audio CD player system that I had stored away in the garage. I tested them with my home receiver and they sounded just fine. I do not have amp hooked up, I considered this may be one of my volume issues. What I have is a 3.5MM headphone jack wire spliced to speaker wire and run thru my attic. All system Apps have been muted to prevent any unwanted sound or interference. My theory is that my computer just cant push a very loud volume to the speakers without some amplification. The Max computer speaker or headset volume is deafening when isolated to your ears but when playing in the open the sound is distributed more widely and has a lower volume.