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  1. Hello all, I am trying to configure a pixcon16 controller to be used in ELOR mode but it will not accept the firmware update. I'm using the latest S4 software (Version 4.3.14Pro) with PixCon16FirmwareShowtime(S4)-V1.4.8.nhx. I've adjusted my computer's IP address and it sees the address of the controller just fine. The status lights confirm I'm in 'bootloader' mode. After pressing download in the network configuration program, the progress updates, shows as finished and just sits there idle (Still showing finished). During the download, the Ethernet lights and the lights on the controller respond in the following manner: Initially, Ethernet lights (yellow and green) are both on - Controller lights (red status/green power) confirm bootloader mode After depressing the "Update Firmware" button in the network configuration program, Ethernet yellow light flashes (communicates), green remains on - Controller lights go off simultaneously Ethernet yellow light stops flashing (green light is still on) Both controller lights turn on simultaneously and flash simultaneously 5 times Ethernet yellow light remains on (no flashing), green light turns off and remains off - Controller power light turns on briefly then turns off then the red status light remains on The final configuration of the controller lights should be the status light flashing and the power light fully illuminated. The power light is off. To end the download, I click done and the card can no longer found by the network configuration program. Has anybody out there experienced this?