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  1. all 3 of my controllers are CTB16PCg3. My license is version 4.8 level 2000 Basic Plus It runs on the old laptop but in moving to the new laptop I seem to have file problems. nothing shows up in the available files for the Show Builder. Old system was Comm 3, new system is Comm 4. I can get an individual song to play thru the Sequence Editor but only 1 at a time.
  2. I am updating my LOR system from a Windows 7 laptop to a newer unit. Also the screen is broken. I have spent the last several months moving all the songs and sequences over to the new laptop. I am still having difficulties and have reached my limit in both patience and abilities. Is there someone is the Central Florida area that can make this work. I would be willing to ship the laptop to you or deliver it. I currently run 3 16 channel controllers on the old laptop but cannot get them to run with the new machine. Please HELP. BobRogers32725@yahoo.com 386-748-3153
  3. I run my 3 controllers from a laptop but the screen has gotten broken. I need to move the software and all files to another machine. I have been working with LOR Helpdesk for several hours and very little success. I need someone in the Central Florida area that can make this happen.
  4. Looking for 1 or 2 used but still working LOR controllers to expand my current 2 controller system. I Have not gotten into RGB yet but have converted all light to LED. any offers please call (number removed) Mod Edit: I removed your phone number for your protection. Instead, please ask for Private Messages where you can arrange a call that way (and not give your phone number to the world).
  5. Do you have any of the controllers left? Please call me (number removed)
  6. Do you still have the controllers? please call me (phone removed) Bob Rogers
  7. Can I get a copy Please. I'm a newbee and need all the help I can get. only have 2 controllers so 32 is perfect. not into RGB's or ribbons just basic led lights. Thanks
  8. I am fairly new to this addiction/hobby but would like to find a few sequences set to the more classics like the 60s and 70s. lBing Crosby, etc. I know I am old fashion but... Also starting to build 4 singing faces. I have little experience with the sequence editor so far. bobrogers32725@yahoo.com
  9. l am thinking about building 4 singing faces (like trees or bulbs) but would also need the sequences since I do not know how to build them just yet. I recently purchased a new 16 channel controller for these but need the seq. and song material. any ideas?
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