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  1. May I please have a copy? Thank you in advance tvincek@twc.com
  2. I have been trying different pictures or GIF's and insert the picture and size it in the editor and am mostly happy with my results (16X60 mega tree) although I do not have the pixel density to do crazy good resolution - it's OK for me. I am doing a 64" by 40" matrix (20 by 32 pixels on 2" - 640 total) this year and have yet to build it, but what I can see on the screen look promising.
  3. Hey guys just FYI.. I also had Scooter Paschall, Drew Hickman and Jim from sandevice helping me... just a shout out to them and all of you to say:THANK YOU! Top notch group of folks! I hope I can help someone as I have been helped! Blesssed!
  4. i changed the port to 5568. and stopped because: IT WORKED!!!!!' THANK YOU!!!!!!
  5. It will be another day or so for me to try these. I will report back. THANKS!
  6. I had no sequence in the editor when the comm was down. loaded a text pixel sequence and the block turned blue. Said comm:good I can see the network lights flashing in the controller... no pixels lighting up
  7. HP laptop HP Palilion dv4-2049 win10 Print route attached wifi off no other netwok static IP subnet controller is switch TPlink TL-SF1005D status block Comm: DOWN Regular - attached wire shark attached I could let you remote connect to this PC on Wednesday evening- PM me if you can thanks!!
  8. Update: I tried this set up on an older Dell and with the same configuration I have on the controller... LOR works fine controlling the pixels! The Older Dell will not support LOR Pixel editor due to the graphic limitations I am still trying to get this 64 bit HP pavilion to corporate. AMD Turion M620 2.5 GHZ Realtek NIC I have updated the NIC driver - it does work. I was able to get out on the internet and such. I can ping the E6804. Firewall disabled, reinstalled LOR and still the damn HP will not control the pixels. I compared the Dell setting to the HP... all the same any ideas??? (besides buying a new PC)
  9. thanks guys. Turned off fire wall. Still no go.... I wonder if I should I un-install LOR and reinstall.... I can see the network lights flashing on the controller... comm control panels says connected...but no pixels come on.... it's just odd. Web interface- works... xlights - works....Sacnview-works...pings fine.... LOR no go... However it does work with my ctb16pc on the LOR dongle..
  10. I set the NIC to the subnet mask defaulted to I updated the controller to subnet default of tests fine from web interface and Xlights - still nothing in LOR I am working with Scooter Paschall, he remoted in - he is stumped too.
  11. Yes- test fine from the web interface... I also loaded up Xlights and ran a test in Xlights and they work fine from Xlights. I want to use S4 though...
  12. Here is where I am at this morning: ran Ipconfig all: my PC is 169.254.124.xxx (see screen capture) I set the controller to (tests just fine from web page interface universe 1- 20 pixels) LOR dongle connected removed all previous network configurations in LOR - shut down and restarted LOR made 1 new universe in the network configuration - from the control pannel shut down and restarted LOR opened the control panel and verified the listener was running opened the sequence editor inserted below a new device with 1 universe 20 pixels (to agree with my E6804 settings) told all 20 pixels to turn white - 20 seconds saved the test sequence made sure CONTROL LIGHTS IS ON made sure allow DMX editing is checked still nothing - I can see the network lights flashing on the controller, but no pixels come on I can see the network lights flashing on the controller, but I get no lights. still stuck
  13. Thanks guys! Will try several of these and report back tomorrow
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