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  1. Do you hear what I hear Grandma got ran over by a reindeer Frosty the snowman Rockin around the Christmas tree Your are a mean one Mr. Grinch Rudolph the red nose riendeer angie.whitecotton@gmail.com ' Thank you!
  2. Hello can I get copy of this too please!! angie.whitecotton@gmail.com Thank you
  3. Hello can I please get copy too!! angie.whitecotton@gmail.com Thank you!!
  4. Ok so we finally have it up and working!! Let me know now what you think???
  5. Well blonde moment I didn't take the ad card out..... lol all updated hopefully that fixes it
  6. I was told to update firmware again. How long this normally take? Been loading for 15 minutes now...
  7. well its now playing songs and not the lights on few of the songs.....UGH! our local light contest starts tomorrow too....
  8. Ours is new as well. That's exactly what mines doing!! It plays fine then skips and then is fine again. I did open a ticket
  9. no Sandisks I did see that when reading about cards. I couldn't find the Kingston local but got lexar professional card
  10. we've been having the system skip songs and mess up in the middle of songs. I bought a new better SD card thinking that would help. Any ideas what causing it??
  11. I have the sd card they sent but not using it, I have songs loaded on new card
  12. OK I have figured everything for the most part out BUT how to make breaks between songs. We have the starter package with the minidirector. Anyone know how to do that?? Thanks
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