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  1. By any chance could someone send me a copy? I just got lightorama this year and have been trying to focus on christmas and forgot all about halloween. I grabbed a few last night but this song is one I was datydreaming about today. I would greatly appreciate it if someone can NWGRAPHIX2@yahoo.com Any help would be great! Thank you guys
  2. Ok everyone, so I am only a tiny bit familiar with making the sequences... since I have been practicing only a couple weeks. I made a few (easy) songs but There is one song I just can not seem to tackle. I have spent over a week on it and have grown frustrated because I feel like my sequences are all doing the same thing. I am new to LOR this year and only have the 16 channel starter. Honestly I am just stressed and between the Mrs upcoming surgery, the stress of the kids and work I just cant seem to focus on this one song for some odd reason. I know this is a learning process but other songs are fine, Just this one I am having the hardest time on and looking for maybe an outsider to make a few bucks and design it for me. Nomatter what I just cant figure out what I want to do on this one. My question is Is there anyone who custom designs sequences that is willing to trade a fee for their creativity using my channel export / animation? I have the layout but am having the hardest time trying to come up with something for Wizards in Winter by Transsiberian orchestra. At this point I am just out of ideas and figured maybe someone up to the task with more knowledge would offer their services for a fee (i dont mind paying at this point) I just really need an outsiders prospective on this one. Sure I could buy one on ebay but I am not able to change channels and visualize yet. As I said I am still new and honestly just getting overwhelmed with this so I need to take a step back and ask for help and someones vision. In all honesty with her surgery coming up I just cant seem to focus right now as my nerves are on edge and the easy songs I can do I just cant seem to have a vision for this one song. So I am trying to find someone with knowledge and ideas to take creativity and come up with something. Again, I am not asking for a hand out, Im offering to pay you for your time. I just have a lot on my plate and having a hard time with this one song. I am still a novice so I am not familiar with visualizing it all just yet. I can for easy songs but I am just not getting this song at all and the Mrs wants the song period. If anyone can point me in the right direction of someone who designs custom sequences, I would greatly appreciate it. I have the channel layout file and the animation so maybe someone can get creative for me since I have just about given up on the hard stuff since this is my first year and I am too busy with the doctors visits and such and then I will be trying to get Halloween done. Either way thank you for taking the time to read. Hope this isnt a forbidden thing to ask on here. I'm still new so forgive me if it is a no-no
  3. Thanks. I realized it tended to only be doing it to one song I had. Hasnt done it on others yet. The advice you all gave has really helped me. The video tutorials were a HUGE help. I messed up a bit and am not happy with my sequence but I am reworking things and opting for a few pre done ones for now until I get bettrer at it. After reading the forums it seems many favor the tapper so I may have to start researching that as well. I got my 1000' of wire and all my clips today and LOR just shipped my order so this was a good jump on learning before everything got here. I just have to focus on how to edit channels. I opted for a couple premade sequences by someone else to get me more familiar with the lor. If you guys have any "editing" channel sequence links please let me know. Once again you all have been a great help with your suggestions. Cant wait to master this!
  4. Thank you for the advice everyone. I am finding it difficult to work with the beat wizard timing and am currently watching some videos on it. If you all have specific videos for timing and adjusting in between the beats (for sounds and shrinking ) please dont be shy to share them. I am wanting to learn and having a hard time finding the right videos to give more of a one on one approach in newbie terms. My timing between beats is the problem. Too bad they dont have an automated feature to do it all for you lol. I'm sure it will come to me I am just having trouble with timing certain things in the music for the channels. Not a program error, just my lack of understanding. I REFUSE to give up *** On a side note, I tried two different computers and when editing I keep having an audio hiccup. I am not sure why because none of the other videos seem to show anyone having this problem. When I highlight a section to play it, it pauses for a second or two, then plays but right at the end of the selected area, it cuts out sound for another second or two then plays like a half of a second audio from the end of the section. Both cpu's are running Windows 7. One is Windows 7 professional. Is there a reason for this or something I can adjust to stop this? It did it on multiple songs I tried just to see what was going on. I thought it was hardware but two different computers did the same thing on the newest version of the SE --- Any suggestions? Once I get past that I might be a little better. It's just hard to hear the audio portion with it having hiccups. Are there people that do custom sequences for hire if I provide the layout? I am not sure if I will have time to work on this and perfect it before christmas this year. I think for the first year I am going to have to learn the guides then focus on programming next year. It is still new to me so I feel like a kindergarten kid doing high school work HAHA! I appreciate everyone taking the time to respond
  5. Thank you for the links. I will browse through them today. Hopefully they have something for changing the little beats within the presets in the wizard. Thanks again and any more suggestions will be greatly appreciated. This is something I have looked forward to for years! I dont even have the box yer as I bought it in the summer sale but getting a jump is making this even more exciting. One thing I am loving is the possibilities are endless. (within financial limits) lol
  6. Hello everyone. I am new to all this and have been displaying lights for many years but only had a Mr Christmas Wireless 4 channel. Over the last 2 years I upgraded my entire display to led lights and got rid of the incans. I finally jumped on LOR this year and am super excited. I know this will take time to learn but upon ordering last week I was able to download the software and use the license key I was emailed. I purchased the package that had the plug and show sd card and 16 channels. (just the starter) I have had fun the last couple days with the software but I feel like I am needing more options. I think I am using the wrong sync. I am familiar with audio editing so it makes this a little easier to understand. I watched a few youtube videos but not really seeing many for newbies. Most are a bit far advanced. I was able to play around with the software, add my channel labels and use beat wizard but I just feel like it is not what I need. The beats seem far apart and missing the little in betweens I would like to edit. Basically like symbols sounds and things like that. My question is what wizard do you all use? Is there a way to zoom in on the audio track I am syncing to? Again I am new to this so please keep that in mind. My other question is how do I add the picture to the software so I can set up a visual? I do not seem to see how others do that in the videos. I took a photo of my house and want to add it in so I can watch the animation as it goes. Right now I just am watching the channel flash on the sequence screen but it would help so much to add the house image and save it so it is always there to visualize the syncing. I am a fast learner but want to make it a bit more advanced on the sequence editor and add in more than just the beat effects. I am not sure if I am using the right terms to describe it but I watch others shows online and see they are not just synced to the beat but more synced down to the sounds in general. What should I use to do this? Also, Any links tp "how to videos" for a newbie just starting would be great. The one thing I am adding is small arches and looking to find the best way to add them this year. Just simple 5 channel ones til I upgrade next year. So pointers on that will help as well. I have an urge to learn and see another 64 channels coming next year. The addiction has started. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I just need pointers and I am hoping to make a few friends in the community who can offer their wisdom and advice. After all we all got to start somewhere. This is my display from last year. It is approx 25,000 led and yes, it was running off only 4 channels and never had issues on one outlet for the mr christmas so this should not be a problem with LOR controllers The only difference is I am adding 8,000 more led's this year to add a switch between blue wall and green wall and adding a second color to the roof as well. Pardon the griswold style lights but hey it's just me...
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