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  1. Hi all. anyone have a CORO setup singing tree outline for visualizer thanks in advance Racerc20@gmail.com
  2. Light Type Where?

    mphsgal... I'm relatively new also what I have found is most co are going away from mini or led strings boscoyo has some stuff and is open to taking custom drilling on props they already make. don't be afraid to ask james and Shannon from boscoyo if there is something you want drilled for mini/led, all they can say Is no. great customer support they have yet to say no to a cpl requests I had.
  3. RGB Floods -- what do you do with them?

    Accents Accents Accents for me. Also some illumination.
  4. Ok quick question. I have all the sequences ive done in SE up to this point w no pixels. Now that im dabbling with pixels do i just open my current LMS file do my pixel props save it as the intensity file and then it will put the intensity track into the old SE non pixel file? TIA
  5. S5 install

    I have heard that an install of S5 beta on a machine that has s4 will convert files and mess up the old files. If i created a seperate profile and only installed the S5 there will it affect the files in the other profile. I am thinking it will. Thoughts.
  6. PROP Sizing in PE

    So I made a prop in Viz. I then brought it over into PE put my house background in, but I cant resize the props made in VIZ. I made a matrix in PE and that lets me resize it by dragging the corners... The angels from Viz no good. any ideas... Carl
  7. Prop File

    Has anyone created or assembled a public "prop" file for use in the pixel editor? The other software group has done this. I just sat through the one hour lor pixel editor tutorial and it was very informative. Now i want to make some real props. I have the boscoyo mini angels that id like to mimic. But not sure of my pixel drawing skills. Lol. Well just thought id ask. Carl
  8. Prop File

    I like it. With all the LOR users who have not migrated elsewhere. This would be a great and valuable resource. I did a coro mini angel. Everyone would have to dbl check pixel placements and such but at least it would be a start. Maybe an admin can chime in here. Maybe we are missing a post somewhere else.
  9. PIXIE 4

    I just received my Pixie 4. In the manual it talks about a 1st edition and vs a 2nd edition. After matching mine up It is a 1st. Not sure when the 2nds are being made avail but it is a huge difference in data distance between the two units. was just curious if anyone else has received a 2nd edition. before I start messing with his one. Thanks Carl
  10. Prop File

    What no props.... Lol.
  11. SE Advanced to SE PRO

    I have SE advanced... trying to learn pixel editor. I made a prop in viz built out of a 100 ct string. I followed storms video... everything seems to match when I press play in SE nothing happens on the prop. is that because I'm in SEc Advanced and not SE pro?
  12. SE Advanced to SE PRO

    I love you guys...it was control panel and enhanced network..... now they are responding to the intensity file.... wooo hoooo.
  13. SE Advanced to SE PRO

    ok fixed the setting for the unit IDs' dumb but fixed. I also was able to save the file as an intensity file but when I press play in SE nothing plays on my pixels... Test mode works in HU so I know I am getting communication from the laptop to the pixie Arrrgh so frustrated... I know its something easy.... LOR needs noob school...
  14. SE Advanced to SE PRO

    Yes it is a first gen. I received word from LOR spt that the 4 2nd gen is not produced. 8 and 16 are shipping 2nd gen. I was able to see the unit in HU. It only showed me the option of unit IDs 1 to 5. I set it to 5 as I already use 1 to 4 for incans and dumb rgb. I was able to make some fades and chases and i need lots of practice with that and I was able to make all four ports react to SE. I then was in PE. I made the coro mini angel prop its a hundred pixels. Got it to do some simple sequencing and I could see it in the preview. How do I get it into SE ?
  15. SE Advanced to SE PRO

    ok dropped another 50 on the upgrade to pro now I get an error message saying my display adapters are outdated and the preview will not show... I got the pixie 4 configured. it only let me pick id's 1-5 does this mean I will need to reconfigure all my existing sequence controllers away from that. I do plan on adding other pixes. will they only be set on 1-5. I was able to set up a quick sequence and do test fades and chases so Sequence editor can communicate with the pixie and the pixels at least 4 strings of 50 work. guess ill be watching johns video again. on making the prop... he did a snow flake I wanted to do the mini angel... Angel Mini.lpf
  16. PIXIE 4

    For 20 dollars more the 8 seems a better deal. As this is my first batch of pixels and dabbling small is better for me to work with. I bought 500 pixels. The pixie 4 can control 400 thats plenty for me to start with
  17. PIXIE 4

    Fyi got an answer back from the help desk. Pixie 4 2nd gen has not been produced yet. Pixie 8 is 2nd gen and is shipping now. Guess the 4 will not be bad to play with and i can keep it close to the windows or the props ill associate with it.
  18. PIXIE 4

    I ordered it last tues and received it thur. I would much rather have received a gen 2 but this more for testing and learning. Plus my yard is so small 40 ft is good for one side 80 wouldhave been good to run to the other. Remember that this is only for the data. You may be better off with a seperate weatherproof power supply at the light/pixel starting location. Gonna play with runs and lengths long before putting a single pixel on a prop. Gonna by a roll of 3 wire 16 ga and test from the main board out 20 30 40 50 feet runs. To see. The data is supposed to go 40 on a gen 1. But we shall see. Was hoping DevMike might pop in here...
  19. I have my show running from my mini director. If I add a pixie or a pixcon will i need to use my computer or my mini director or my G3 Director. Ginna begin dabbling in pixels... With 3 small boscoyo 70 pixel angels. I presently have 3 LOR ac boxes and 2 cmb24ds... Carl
  20. guess he hit the max viewers cant get in
  21. What do I need to start?

    I like kicking ideas around.. will photoshop the house and get some stuff drawn in,,,
  22. Ok im preparing for next year... My current setup is 4 lor 16 channel controllers. A LOR CMB24D RGB flood kit. And a second CMB24D that I built to run strips. I also presently run a mini director and Fm xmtr but i have a G3 show controller also. I want to buy 8 to 12 Bosco Hex Trees and add Smart RGB to my show. Each tree takes 20 smart pixels. Can somene point me in the right direction with regards to what controller? What protocol? Power supply size? Will power injection be necessary? And so on? No rush as this will be a project for next year. Thanks in advance Carl
  23. What do I need to start?

    Maybe time to break out the pad and paper and pencil and begin laying out 2018...
  24. What do I need to start?

    Twin runs of 5 or 6 trees along path to house. Close to each other. May wind up being 4 per side of path. The killer seems to be getting the controllers close to the start of the runs. Or do i just do dumbs. Since the colors of the indvidiuals dont matter since they will.be in the glow trees and you wont see the individuals. Then i can put a cmb24d on either side of the yard and control floods and trees from half a controller each...hmmm always good to bounce ideas... But i still want to dabble in some pixels. I have 3 coro angels drilled for pixels.... That i can use to dabble.
  25. Cant Stop Feeling and Hot Chocolate

    Anyone here have Cant Stop the Feeling from Trolls with singing faces...