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  1. Some Elements are too bright

    just try dropping the intensity of the foreground or select the pieces and drop it 25% at a time
  2. DropKick Murphys Seasons Upon Us

    I Did the faces with Papagayo I also editied the song to make it kid friendly theres a cpl of parts that have language that could be considered rough for some. THe editing wasn't bad not perfect... James do you want to review it... Ill send it and you can look at it at your leisure... Carl
  3. Can I cut a 50 set of lights down?

    So there is going to be a problem cutting 8 or 10 or 14 or 26 lights out of a 50 lights set and putting a male plug on the end. I Understand how to cut out the third wire and how to join the end of the run but it seems like with the small number of bulbs i need for certain face features i would need a resistor. I trimmed a 35 light set to 20 is that going to be a problem?
  4. Can I cut a 50 set of lights down?

    What about a set of incandescent bulbs. Those I have and are cheap if I mess up. Do I still need resistors ? CArl
  5. Can I cut a standard 50 count strand to 41, 26, 14, 10 and 8 light strands? I just did a 35 set to 20 andam noticing they are a tad brighter than the whole set when plugged in. I have the boscoyo 30 inch c9 bulbs and they are drilled for led/incan m5 sizing but the mouth movements and eyes are real small bulb counts. Any help before I melt the thing down? LOL Thanks Carl
  6. Hello all, anyone have a singing face We Wish You a Merry Christmas they wouldn't mind sharing. Thanks Carl racerc20@gmail.com
  7. terp link to the amazon music pls so I can purch
  8. OOOOHHHH a copy please Thanks Carl
  9. CORO Products

    Thanks guys when I said big two I meant bosc and holi JR I have plenty of coro maybe I will tackle a new holiday face... Thanks
  10. CORO Products

    Is there anyone else out there besides the BIG TWO doing coro designs, still need coro drilled for incan or LED M5 sizing not ready to move into pixels yet. Thanks Carl
  11. Does anyone have this sequence either with faces or not... Thanks Carl
  12. Hey bud, can I get a copy please. Carl Racerc20@gmail.com
  13. Controllers at the prop locations

    Thank you all I hung one from in the center of my pseudo mega tree and one behind the pvc frames for the singing Christmas trees. much better than running zip cords throughout the yard. I did cave and cover them with black plastic on the top...one extra protection for that top seal.
  14. Anyone have a fool proof method of putting the controller at the prop so it is protected from the elements. I normally have my controllers in a shed. but for Christmas this year 2 of my 3 ac controllers will not be in the shed. 1 will be by the two singing Christmas trees that will be elevated. I can probably hang the controller from the face stands. the second will be in the middle of my 17 ft LED tree. don't want to clamp to the pole... its a new flag pole...lol Thanks Carl