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  1. Does anyone have a sequence for the George Lynch Wizards in Winter version? Thanks Carl
  2. Sharing HandClap faces and beats.

    May I have a copy good sir? racerc20@gmail.com
  3. Cmb24d dongle pin out.

  4. I want to add some dumb rgb strips to my cmb24d rgb board. Does anyone know the correct pin out on the dongles on the board. Or do i have to break out the multimeter. Lol. If i am holding the connector with the guide pin or slot at 12 oclock what wire goes where. TIA. Carl
  5. Sequencing faces.

    Ok Bob and JR. Here is a PAPA version of of CB and Linus meaning of Christmas I just did. Thoughts criticisms, comments. took me about 2.5 hours. Tear it apart I wanna learn. I re-watched your videos 2x bob and it cleared up a few things. Carl CB and Linus CRC 2017.lms
  6. Sequencing faces.

    Bob, and JR, Thank you both for your time, dedication and expertise to our hobby. I know that with both of your styles and techniques I will be doing faces with more ease in the very near future. Your guys generosity to us all is an unheard of trait in todays get rich quick society, I thank you both, I will be questioning, asking screwing up and moving forward. Thank you again. Carl
  7. Best software for phoneme sequencing

    I don't know just ordered 16 strands of LED's for my version of a mega tree...LOL carl
  8. Ok whats the best software out there for face sequencing and is compatible with LOR? TIA Carl
  9. Sequencing faces.

    Wow not one reply did make someone mad? 😠
  10. Sequencing faces.

    So i just spent 6 hours. Sequencing my first true face song. Picked an easy one. Grinch. Using papagayo and audacity. A little rough at first but i got it worked out. Then i found bob o page and used his trees and it looked good in papagayo. Export then open in the lor converter. Send to clipboard and after pasting into the mouth sections. All i get is two solid lines in top mouth and in bottom mouth. Arrrrghhhhhh any ideas.... Goimg to sleep will check back in am. Carl
  11. CMB24D 12 V ports/outputs

    ahhhh hmmm you may have just made my night.
  12. Can you double connect on an output of the board. IS there enough power or is the board robust enough to say handle a 10w rgb flood and a length of strip light. I cant invest in another controller right now... I have two rolls of 16 foot rgb 12v tape Id like to use. I am presently using all 8 outputs with floods at the moment for Halloween. for Christmas it might be different less floods and more strips.. Thanks In Advance Carl

    rory it is the lor kit
  14. G3 Mp3 powering up the fm xmitter

    Thanks I have that. When i read through it it wasnt to clear and it seems i might be missing the term block that goes into the aux header. The fm xmtr manual i am looking for.
  15. I recently acquired a used g3mp3 director. It is replacing my showtime central mini director. I like the timing features and the 2nd network for expansion. My issue is... I cant find my fm xmtr instructions and It was powered from the mini director. Does anyone know which pins on the g3mp3 header can be used to power the fm xmtr or should i just power it continuously. TIA. Carl