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  1. Halloween singing face rock songs.

    Hi james. Can you drop me some rock songs for halloween please. Thanks
  2. SPT-1 and C9 Spools

    Reinders.com has the best price on wire.
  3. Can someone point me in the direction of a vendor with the best pricing for vampire plugs. TIA Carl
  4. Hi all. anyone have a CORO setup singing tree outline for visualizer thanks in advance Racerc20@gmail.com
  5. Summer Sale

    yes I believe I am but I haven't seen anything yet been super busy at work preparing for details and events. todays the first day I have to even think about Halloween and Christmas lighting.
  6. Just did controller 3. Same problem. Any ideas.
  7. Well we have a situation again. And before i call wow on monday i thought id throw it here again. After resetting both new controllers the fades on all 32 channels worked fine led and incans plugged in. I built a test board of 16 c9 bulbs to help visualize and see the lights. More fun than watching visualizer well lets just say helpful. Visualizer is mega.cool. anyway i noticed that 1 thru 8 were not fading in or out but 9 thru 16 were working fine. I unplugged and moved the reset jumper waitied for the fast flash unplugged and moved jumper back. Still not right. Heres a link to a vid. any ideas guys and gals. Carl
  8. Single Coro Pumpkin Face Sequences with patch

    Got it bill.
  9. Hi all, Looking for Time Warp, Addams Family, Monster Mash and Star Wars Imperial March with a singin face setup. the Imperial march I have what I and my dau made last year want to compare it to someone elses. I am using a Coro 4x4 pumpkin with the 8 pumpkin patch from coro as the main props in my holiday display. I have upgraded to 48 channels this year. Still utilizing incans and led strings no RGB yet. next year unless their is a last minute addition of hardware. lol. Thanks in advance. racerc20@gmail.com Thanks Carl
  10. E, I saw and have read about the dimming curves in the hardware utility. When i looked at them they were all set the same. Thanks for helping out. All information is greatly appreciated.
  11. Im a donkeys behind. JR you were 100 percent right. Reset them manually via the jumper and now all channels normally. Thank you guys.
  12. No i did not reset. The fades did not work in a sequence or in the hardware utility. Its just weird that both controllers are doing the exact same thing.
  13. Ok all i assembled two boxes from WOW. In the hardware test utility channels 1-8 on both boxes when fade up is clicked. the LED and incans on those 8 channels light up as if steady on was selected. on channels 9-16 the on both boxes the fade works with both incans and LEDs. Any ideas what to check next? And why half the box is working that way?
  14. I will move them to the bank that is fading and see if there is a change.
  15. On channels 1 to 8 the lights light steady on, shimmer and twinkle no problem. There is just no fade. I check fuse but that cant be the problem.