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    I watched a youtube video and saw people doing their own light shows about 3 to 4 years ago. i wanted to get into it one day and started out small until i saw the crowd i would get during the holidays.
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    Christmas and halloween
  1. Im using verson 3.14, as soon as i click load or save to clipboard i get an error. Failed to open file.
  2. Hello, I have new songs to work on this year but most of them i was going to making copies of particular sequences from previous songs on the clipboard. Now the clipboard says its failed to open under my C/ drive, so i cant copy big sequences, i tried to locate it under where the error was and it does have a clipboard file in the area. so i thought maybe it was a program issue so i re downloaded the ss program and put all the files on desktop and still failed to open. im not sure what to do. Is there a fix?
  3. I have upgraded to the 4.3.14 when i was in an older version that was about 3 years ago. So what happened is the visualizer for my drawn house in the superstar editor is saying its unable to get my file. i click to import my visualizer file and which it does, but then after i am done importing, only half of the drawing is not working. When i check my preferences in sequence editor all my settings are fine for dmx so i cant find the problem.
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