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  1. DevMike- I got the spare chips and they work great. Thank you again for your help!
  2. Thank you. What kind of trickery are we talking about? Do I need to sell my soul?
  3. Is there a way to have a non-musical sequence in s4? The tutorials are great and very helpful, but I really want to create a show with 3 or 4 different sequences that are not timed or can be manually advanced. For instance, let's say I wanted to create a effect for 1 minute knowing that I may only want it to play 30-45 seconds. But because I don't know the exact time, I would like to manually advance to the next effect. I hope that makes sense. Thanks for you help!
  4. great thanks. i opened a helpdesk ticket last night before coming onto the forum, but i never received an email confirmation. should i open another help desk ticket?
  5. Thanks for your responses. Using a volt meter, it looks like we have a short. There was voltage coming back down the data line. Anyways, since I have two pixcons, can I 'rob' one of the chips off one of the pixcons and resolder it on the other? Are all of those chips (u8, u9, u10, etc) the same? Or if I could buy one of those chips in my town, can I just solder it on? Does it need any programming?
  6. I just burned through two pixcon's. The u9 chip started smoking and now one whole bank (1-8) doesn't have any control. We can still control one bank (9-16) using the pixel editor just fine. Then we thought maybe it was a bad chip and had a second pixcon laying around so we tried plugging that one in and burned up the U9 chip on that one too. It started smoking so we unplugged it. Our power supply is a 33amp 12volt. We have one for each bank. What do we do?!! We need the lights working by sat!!!!
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