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  1. I'm sharing the song "How many Kings by Downhere." This is my first time sharing as a way to sort of give back to the community that has given me so much. Just know that it is a simplistic type sequence (i.e. Mostly chases) compared to other ones that I usually do. Surprisingly enough, it has gotten a lot of compliments. That either speaks to the pleasures of a simple sequence or either reflects on my poor sequencing ability in other songs! Haha. I chose to only use white lights during this song so there is only 16 channels, with one being a spotlight on the manger scene and 4 RGB channels. I think the easiest way to share is to just email me, I check it a lot more than I check this board. cjglover2001@yahoo.com
  2. Update. It was honestly like spinning a roulette wheel when I would refresh the network. Luckily I happen to love roulette. Sometimes finding 3 units, sometimes 4, and even once 5. Still scratching my head on the 5 units. Apparently it even detected my new LOR1600 still in the box that I never got around to incorporating lol. Long story short..whenever I had 4 units showing, even though one was unknown, I set the appropriate unit IDs and started my MIIP show. All worked well. At this point, as long as it's working, I'm OK with not understanding it. Thanks for the help guys!
  3. Ok, I'm posting this here because with this issue, I do feel like a newbie. I've added two Cosmic Color Pixel controllers this year to go along with my 2 LOR1600Ws. When plugged up beside the computer, the network found both CCPs just fine. I was able to see what the sequencing looked like. Fast forward to installation. I daisy chained each unit with the Cat 5 cables and when I scanned the network, it only shows 3 units. My 2 AC units and it varies from finding one Pixie unit to finding an unknown device with 32 outputs. Once when I rescanned, it found all 4. When it showed all 4 (only that one time) I changed the unit ID on the first one but was unable to change the second one because it could no longer find it. Any thoughts? TIA
  4. I was updating one of my old sequences to include the new pixels. Everything has been going fine until this point. I was reaching the end of one particular sequence and for the big finale I copied/pasted a particular color that I wanted to use with a definitive start and stop. When the sequence played back, the pixels continued to flash even when the channel isn't showing anything in the grid. When I tried to expand the channels out, I get a pop up that says "Channel group expander error" with the text "unknown expander node map key". Any thoughts? Just when I thought I was getting it! lol
  5. Yeah, the paste multiple function has been my friend. In my laziness, I was just hoping there was some sort of magic function that could just change the color of the whole pasted section for me. lol Thanks
  6. As usual, I may have overestimated my ability and underestimated my time with getting things done. This is my first year with RGB lights. After much trial and error, I've figured out a few tricks with copying and pasting. The only thing I can't figure out, and I'm not sure if it's even possible, is how can I copy a section of the sequence from one RGB controller and paste to another RGB controller and then change the color of the entire pasted portion of the sequence? (i.e. Red in controller 1 and Green in controller 2).
  7. I can't blame you guys in the least. It is a little disheartening. You two were handling the lion's share of the requests after all. I'm sure with the intellect that exists around here, we can come up with a better solution. Maybe even a swap or exchange program? Someone once told me that when people have to invest in doing something (whether it be time or money), they'll take it a lot more seriously than they would if they were only given something at no cost to them.
  8. Man! It must've been an eventful week. I really need to check in more. Kinda hate I was busy sequencing and building props. ๐Ÿคจ
  9. When it comes to MIIP, I may be ๐Ÿ˜‰
  10. After taking way too long to convert mm to inches and comparing numbers, it looks like shipping from Australia and the price of McMaster would be a wash.
  11. Haha..no worries! I'm at work too, albeit I'm on the other end of the busy spectrum. lol
  12. Interesting. I've only heard of people using the PEX, not PVC. Do you have any issues with the PVC being too dim?
  13. I realize this topic has been discussed at great length in the past, I was just wondering if anyone has found any other suppliers of the 2" OD tubing besides McMaster-Carr? I contacted them and got a quote for $10 shipping so I ordered a 10' foot section just to test it out and see if I liked it. To my surprise, the shipping actually was going to be $65 for the one piece of tubing. (I knew it seemed too good to be true!). If no other suppliers are found, I'm guessing a road trip is in order.
  14. I also would love a copy too! I've been watching and waiting to see when the new music came out. Thanks cjglover2001@yahoo.com
  15. So....please excuse me, I'm at work with too much time on my hands. I never really explored the 50w RGB flood option until now. So if I'm looking at this correctly, I could just buy a couple of the 50W RGB floods and bypass the potential aggravation my ignorance may cause trying to Connect the CMB24 to a power supply and mounting in an enclosure?
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