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  1. Since I'm currently batting 0-for on my other requests, why not pull out all of the stops! Thanks! cjglover2001@yahoo.com
  2. Thanks! cjglover2001@yahoo.com
  3. May be a long shot but I'd love to see if anyone has sequenced it. Thanks! cjglover2001@yahoo.com
  4. Apparently my wife doesn't feel the same sense of urgency and rush to get things completed that I feel, so she's come up with yet another project for me to complete for this year's show. She would like to see a "Letters for Santa" mailbox placed somewhere in our yard. And as any good wife would suggest, a regular old mailbox just won't do. Does anyone have any thing like this in their display or have any plans or suggestions to share?
  5. Looking for "I am a Gummy Bear"

    Thanks so much! Haha..I know what you mean. I actually had the ultra sappy "Beep Beep" in my show last year! The things we do for our little loved ones!
  6. Looking for "I am a Gummy Bear"

    Thanks! Purchasing the sequence may be an option down the road. For now though, I'll just see if someone has it to share.
  7. Yeah yeah..I know. Our displays aren't always what we'd like anyway. cjglover2001@yahoo.com
  8. Will I be able to?

    I actually used 2 different spotlights in my show this year. One on a manger scene that only was used during Linus' speech and one on a realistic Santa Clause on our porch during Springsteen's "Santa Clause is Coming to Town". That is definitely one of the easiest things to sequence and a pretty good effect if you have channels to spare.
  9. Sound coming from Computer during show

    There's no sound to it, just the normal windows screen saver. You are right though, I don't need to have anything going that will possibly affect the show. I'll go in and disable everything. Thanks!
  10. Stupid teenagers ruining it for everybody.

    Someone mention "beep beep"? ?
  11. Sound coming from Computer during show

    I reverted back to the simplest trick in the book, I restarted the computer. The show ended at 10 so I did it immediately after. Once it was up, I ran a sequence using SE and it worked as it should. Weird. I did notice that the screen saver never would come up after 5 mins either so something screwy is obviously going on. Thanks again ItsmeBobO! Once the show kicks off at 6 tomorrow night I'll know for sure.
  12. Sound coming from Computer during show

    yes I am..it's been plugged into the speaker out since day 1. The outdoor speakers and FM transmitter are working correctly, we just have the added benefit of hearing it inside now.
  13. My show has been up and running for 2 weeks with no issue. A few minutes ago when the show started I thought that the volume coming from outside was louder than normal. Turns out that it was coming from the computer's internal speaker. I checked the 3.5mm connection out and it's fine and it is transmitting over the FM station. When I clicked the computer volume icon..it shows computer volume and LORMonitor volume too. They are basically the same volume control and can't mute one or they both mute. I haven't touched the computer so what could have changed? The show is going on fine it's just kind of annoying hearing the music in the other room (trust me, I heard most of this music enough during sequencing!)
  14. Which Radio Transmitter?

    I have the CZH-05B as well. It works great out of the box. One caveat though,their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. I did purchase one that was never used from an individual and it lost its mind the week before Thanksgiving so I went ahead and ordered a new one from Amazon. I called customer service and left a message. Still waiting on that call back lol. Just playing devil's advocate here, with the $100 and some change I paid for the new one plus the cost of the other, could I have bought a more reliable one?
  15. For all of you Zara experts....

    Yes, it's connected properly. I don't have any issues with my show, iTunes, or any other program. I'm even currently listening to Otis Redding sing "Merry Christmas Baby" as I write this. We're all good there.