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  1. I can't believe I'm asking this...but can I get a copy as well? lol Song choices change when little ones are around. cjglover2001@yahoo.com Thanks!
  2. I think somewhere we've made a wrong turn at Albuquerque ?
  3. I care because I have an interest in the hobby and also ways to improve my own show. When I saw the contest, I wondered which of the options would make the greatest impact and also because I know little to nothing about pixels. Bottom line, it was just a bit of daydreaming and a bit of boredom combined. I didn't realize it would ruffle feathers.
  4. Very nice camera work and editing too! Awesome display! I tried taking video from the car, on a tripod with the external speakers turned way up.? I give up! Lol
  5. So with it being my "break time" after all the decorations are put away (ok..well mostly put away!), I thought I'd get some input from y'all. Let's assume for a moment that you had a basic 32 channel Light O Rama AC controller setup (which I do) and you entered the video contest on Wowlights (which I didn't). Which option would you choose to add the most impact to your show? According to their website, these are the prizes: Winners will receive your choice of Light-O-Rama CTB16PC 16 channel light controller (value $259.99), WowLights Dumb RGB Controller (value $289.99), or WowLightsIntelligent E1.31 RGB 4 Output Controller (value $299.99). One day when I figure out how to actually video my display I might enter these contests ?
  6. I found it very difficult to try and video my display. Unless I hire a drone cameraman, what methods have y'all employed to best capture your display. My display is just too wide. I'd have to stand on my neighbor's porch to capture it! ?
  7. Will do! I work with your neighbor and I had to see his Giant Santa first hand too! ?
  8. Stopped by your display last night. Wow! Amazing! Impeccable timing as well. I obviously have a lot to learn! Lol
  9. Since I'm currently batting 0-for on my other requests, why not pull out all of the stops! Thanks! cjglover2001@yahoo.com
  10. May be a long shot but I'd love to see if anyone has sequenced it. Thanks! cjglover2001@yahoo.com
  11. Apparently my wife doesn't feel the same sense of urgency and rush to get things completed that I feel, so she's come up with yet another project for me to complete for this year's show. She would like to see a "Letters for Santa" mailbox placed somewhere in our yard. And as any good wife would suggest, a regular old mailbox just won't do. Does anyone have any thing like this in their display or have any plans or suggestions to share?
  12. Thanks so much! Haha..I know what you mean. I actually had the ultra sappy "Beep Beep" in my show last year! The things we do for our little loved ones!
  13. Thanks! Purchasing the sequence may be an option down the road. For now though, I'll just see if someone has it to share.
  14. Yeah yeah..I know. Our displays aren't always what we'd like anyway. cjglover2001@yahoo.com
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