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  1. Did you try the clear on any lights?
  2. Interesting. Did your strip lights end of life because of the sun you think? Six years is pretty good in my book. I will look into this spray. Maybe try it on a test set thanks
  3. Very true. I’m not too concerned about appearance. I guess I’m also thinking they must be getting pretty warm in the South Carolina sun also.
  4. Still work, I did have a few dead this past year. I’m definitely worried about longevity. i know there are others in Places like Florida and if they experience similar or if there are any good ideas on shielding them. I’m fairly certain it’s UV
  5. For people in high winter temps and lots of sun, how do you protect your pixels? Mine are mounted on pvc as seen in pic, and two seasons in they look rough. ideas??? Thanks!
  6. Couldn’t figure that one out. I’m looking at Movavi now. It’s $40
  7. Awesome thanks! I think iMovie is a Mac utility? I’ll check both out. Thank you
  8. Looks great! Is that the audio playing out side or did you video and then add the song after? If so?m, how did you go about that? Thanks! And nice work
  9. Yes sir. Each has its own connection and labels unconnected. I did see the blue connector box is indeed on top. I noticed the blue squares are I top(no clue why I did that) but when I’ve done others this way, I change the starting point and the software recognizes and started from the bottom. Either way to make it correct, I’m changing it to blue square at bottom. Also, when it’s a group prop of 16, I was using “use view” but thinking maybe it should be changed to “vertical stack”? im going to test and hopefully get it worked out.
  10. Hello, my pixel tree is 16 strands. They are individually assigned and then I group them into a single prop. When my image displays it’s upside down. I tried changing the start location for each leg but still shows upside down. This only happens when I control the actual lights. In preview mode it appears as it should. Anh ideas?? thanks!
  11. Yes I can do that. I have a meter. At setup I tweak them to just under 12v. 11.8 to 11.9 Not sure how to do this on the lights?
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