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  1. Dave76

    CMB24D with Falcon F16v3

    Yes. It’s at 11.8v
  2. Dave76

    CMB24D with Falcon F16v3

    Yes I can do that. I have a meter. At setup I tweak them to just under 12v. 11.8 to 11.9 Not sure how to do this on the lights?
  3. Dave76

    CMB24D with Falcon F16v3

    LOR, the smaller size ones. RGB
  4. Dave76

    CMB24D with Falcon F16v3

    Yes. I always do this in audacity. It’s only a issue with these DMX floods I’m adding
  5. Dave76

    CMB24D with Falcon F16v3

    Update. Got nowhere after several hours. Reading, searching, testing. Floods light up, I make a brand new sequence in PE, and all I do is add some full on modes with some on/off’s and when I play the visualization is not in sync with what I added. Any ideas?? Please and thank you.
  6. Dave76

    COM / Port / 8002 Error

    Well, I just ran Halloween with no problems. Now I get the 8002 error. I used the USB dongle thing for Halloween, but I’m not using it now. All of a sudden I get this error. Any ideas?
  7. Dave76

    CMB24D with Falcon F16v3

    I have some RGB’s working now, but the timings are off. Any idea about that? Also, effects like fade up/down don’t work. Ideas? I tried saving intensity data and playing in SE also
  8. Dave76

    CMB24D with Falcon F16v3

    I have some RGB’s working now, but the timings are off. Any idea about that?
  9. Dave76

    CMB24D with Falcon F16v3

    Yes Pixel Editor. In LOR I’m using universe 75. I set it to unicast and specified the address of the Falcon. On the falcon I added an absolute address for universe 75. Then switch to tab serial tab where I can assign 75 to any of the four outputs. I tried them all. Back in pixel editor, my test flood light is set to use universe 75 and channel 1,2,3. So the DIP switch in CMB24 I have only switch number 9 set to “on”. is that what you mean by “need to use the LOR DMX start”? thanks!
  10. Dave76

    CMB24D with Falcon F16v3

    Ok Dennis thanks! On the “network Configuration” setup in LOR on the DMX tab I added my universe as normal, and set it to Unicast and put in the IP for the falcon. Is unicadt correct? In the falcon web interface, I have four universes and they are set with absolute addressing and then on the serial tab I set them there. Is that correct? I tried for several hours and many configuration setups and still had no luck. I have the pins setup on both for DMX. Thank you a BUNCH!
  11. Dave76

    CMB24D with Falcon F16v3

    Yeah I’m more confused. Seems like it shouldn’t be this complicated. Unless I’m over thinking it all. Just keep striking out.
  12. Dave76

    CMB24D with Falcon F16v3

    Hi Dennis, ok so all the receiving is done on the initial eth0 hook up on the F16. See I was told to use DMX for pin set up. Isn’t the LOR pin setup if I was going to an actual LOR controller or does that count still for the LOR cmb24D?
  13. Can anyone help me with getting this set up? Im not sure which pin setup I need on each board(they both have it for LOR and DMX). my setup is this: i have a gig switch my laptop is plugged to. The F16v3 is plugged into switch and the eth0 port on the board. The F16v3 has three DMX ports, 1,2,3. Number 1 says it’s for receive. So I have another hookup to my switch going to number 1 on the board. DMX number 2 I connected on the F16v3 to the eth0 on the CMB24D. Is that the correct wiring? On thr F16v3 web interface I go under serial outputs, but I’m not sure what/where to set my universe i have configured for my DMX RGB lights? I’m also unaware if there is any place ekesenon the Software side I have wrong. I don’t believe so. I have this all configured under the “network Configuration” Any ideas? These RGB flood lights have been giving my all sorts of issues. I was using the E1.32 bridge prior and it just wasn’t working correctly. Thank you VERY much. Dave
  14. Dave76

    DMX integrated in LOR

    Yeah. I changed it up and I’m running the USB dongle to them instead and it works. I’m using a DMX E1.31 bridge and that is producing weird results. It works some of the times and not others. Or will work on only a handful of songs. It’s very weird
  15. Dave76

    DMX integrated in LOR

    Right Jim. I'm 99% the interface is multicast. That is how I have it set up and it worked "flaky" like that last year. It seemed to work when or not work when it wanted to. I'll keep racking my brain and maybe get it figured out. Thanks for the inputs.