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  1. Dave76

    Fog machine relay

    Thanks WoodinvilleJohn. One last question. Any recommendations on FOG or are they all about the same? I know I want to get one that is 400w compliant. Thanks!
  2. Dave76

    Fog machine relay

    For my implementation, I don't need to have precise fog hits. I obviously don't want it coming on at the end of the song though. 🙂 Are the foggers themselves waterproof? I want to say no, and especially the cheaper ones. If not, are any of you storing them say in a tote? Or would that not work? No idea what a fog chiller is. I need to look into this. Great idea using a hose to disperse the fog.
  3. Dave76

    Fog machine relay

    Awesome video thank you!
  4. Dave76

    Fog machine relay

    I’m wondering if it can go in the fog unit? i was hoping I didn’t need to get another enclosure just for this. Unless I can get a small one maybe???
  5. Dave76

    Fog machine relay

    All, thanks for these updates. Very helpful and I hope others can benefit from this post also. Thank you! next I need to decide on a fogger also.
  6. Dave76

    Fog machine relay

    Where do you end up mounting this?
  7. Dave76

    Fog machine relay

    Any luck and update on accomplishing this? I am looking to do the same. Does not seem that difficult but want to ensure I’m doing it correctly. Most the forum info is from 2009-2011. I found your post and was hoping to find some good steps to follow. Thanks!!!
  8. Dave76

    Whole House Effects

    Thanks you me also!
  9. Dave76

    Sequence Light Sweep

    This isn’t an annual renewal license is it? And say I only wanted to do all the lights on my house, anc not the on ground ones, I can control just those ones with the SS and the other ones regularly? Would that require my to sequence in SS, PE, and SE (if I had 110 controllers)?
  10. Dave76

    Sequence Light Sweep

    Thanks Mr P. I kinda got the breakdown from looking on LOR store site. I guess I didn’t get the CCR part. Didn’t realize one CCR was only 50 pixels. Yikes.
  11. Dave76

    Sequence Light Sweep

    Do you have a sample clip of this just so I know we are on the same page?
  12. Dave76

    Sequence Light Sweep

    Ok. So count pixels multiply by three and that’s the level I need. Got it. CCR’s are controllers right? Do they need to be LOR?
  13. Dave76

    Sequence Light Sweep

    Currently don’t have Super Star. What level of SS would I need? Thr SE option seems difficult if I wanted to do an entire house.
  14. Dave76

    Sequence Light Sweep

    For example, I have a window prop, and I want the window to turn on from left - to - right, one pixel at a time. The far left entire side will turn on and then the horizontal top and bottom one pixel at a time sequentially and finally the right side all on. Would what you explain do this? Then ultimately the same line going from left to right would turn on the same point of other props like the roof line etc.
  15. Does anyone have information on how to do the light sweeps I see in videos? They can go vertical, horizontal, diagonal and turn on/off or change color in a nice fluid motion. Can it it be done with SE/PE? I’m using smart pixels which I’m sure is required. All my lights are prop associated. Any insight are helpful hints on how to do this? Thanks!