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  1. Time to start

    That’s super cool. How did you manage the matrix display with the video animations?
  2. Pixel Lights Stay White

    Yes. All works good in any demo mode. It’s only when I hit full white during a sequence it goes off.
  3. Pixel Lights Stay White

    I read on the forum some people dropped the voltage and then it solved their issue. I did get them working this afternoon, and then tonight, the same issue but this time the out doesn’t light up anymore... i messed up also, I meant I used 1-1,1-2,1-3. I moved it to 3-1 output and started working. But like I said, tonight it hit whites and then turns off? No clue
  4. Pixel Lights Stay White

    I cranked my PS down to 11.67 (lowest it would go) and no luck. So I moved the output to a different bridge of outputs (e682 have the three groups of four) I put it on output 1-9 and nothing on 1-10, 1-11, or 1-12 and it worked. So I’m stumped other than the other 1-5 through 1-8 where it was originally is doing something funky. Though it worked for three weeks till now
  5. Pixel Lights Stay White

    Just replaced the output pixels with brand new ones and same result...
  6. Hello, up until a couple evenings ago my show has been working fine. Three nights ago, one output ended up staying full on white, during sequence, after sequence, after show stops, and even when I run a demo mode. If I unplug and plug back in, it works fine until it hits FULL white again. Any ideas what’s going on? For three weeks it worked fine. Thanks!
  7. **UPDATE** I may have it figured out. Believe I need to disable the LOR in the network hardware. Please I need some help. I'm currently running all Smart pixel controllers, no traditional 120 controllers (e682, Falcon, and dumb RGB). Everything works fine except I can't schedule shows! I tried Show Editor, I tried simple show builder, and when I go under the red light bulb and enable a show I "Shows cannot be enabled because of an ERROR with the serial port" Error (8002) Open of serial port failed. I"m not using the dongle, I shouldn't need it right? No idea how to get around this, I have tried EVERYTHING. I'm manually sitting outsite and running my show. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Pixel Editor or Sequence Editor

    My sim in PE appears to be right on, so hope that means I’ll be ok
  9. Pixel Editor or Sequence Editor

    Is all this based on actual lights lit up or the simulation in the virtualization???
  10. Pixel Editor or Sequence Editor

    I have not tried. But I question it also. What if I do all my smart RGB in PE then go back and add/change non rgb areas? Is that still bad and will mess things up? For example, was planning on going back to PE to add my tune to sign. Any thoughts anyone? Thanks
  11. Pixel Editor or Sequence Editor

    This should be an easy question.... In PE, I have made progress. I'm having some issues with colors. When I turn on pixels with effects generator the colors work just fine. However, if I want to change them after the fact, (or from copying from my old sequences), it is not recognized in the preview when I play it. It shows the color when inside the Effects Generator, but when I go back and click play, it will not show them on my house preview. Again, if I make them from scratch it will. But if I cut and paste or if I want to change an existing color, I am not able to do it. Well I am but it doesn't show up. Ideas? Thanks
  12. Matt!!! Thank you so much. That did it for me. I could not find that answer anyplace. Thank you.
  13. Pixel Editor or Sequence Editor

    Hi Yes, I have tried this a few days ago. My thing is, all I had last year were the LOR 110 devices that turn lights on and off. I"m trying to be able to copy and past those beats I established into PE. Under migration tools, I only see my new Props I made in PE, none from SE I used last year. I read that the SE channels will only be imported is their physical settings (network, unit, universe etc) match that of the PE. Well that is not possible as I mentioned these sequences are from 110 LOR traditional sequencing. So would I really have to go in and edit each channel to map to the new prop? If that is the case, that may not work for me... Thanks for the pointers. Please let me know if you think I am going about this all wrong.
  14. HELP please, Matt when I follow your directions/steps, I don't have anything listed in my "Other" channels section. Thoughts please. I"m struggling with this part. Thanks!
  15. Following, I have a similar issue. I am just trying to be able to copy (or open) my sequences done in SE into PE. SO I do not have to place ALLLLL the beat marks again.