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  1. Looks great. How do you get the semi-animation pictures on the tree? I'm done static images only. And what are the specs on your tree. Do you have any actual video from your show? Again real good job.
  2. Shoot, so week 4 is coming up? I have been out of pocket for a little bit, is each week to week progressive and I'd be completely lost if I start now?
  3. Anyone that may have some to share. Don't run out of upload space though on my account.
  4. Thanks for all the input and ideas. DO you happen to have any pictures to go along with your setup? I also have limited storage space so I try to make builds keeping that in mind also.
  5. Not sure. Maybe send it to my email?
  6. Do you happen to have a picture? Thanks
  7. Hey Keith, sorry if that read confusing. My current smaller tree is the one that will be on half lawn, half driveway. By independent, I meant less dependent on the ground for securing. Something that can potentially free stand with adding each leg staked to the ground.
  8. My current big tree isn’t so mega, it’s 12’. 16 strands. I have a pipe on a wood mount and use four guy wires to secure the pole to ground with stakes. The 16 strands are each stakes to ground with adjustable buckles. This allows me to tighten as needed. There are constant tensions on the straps and the I assume stretch some and expand in the sun (South Carolina). It’s not the best setup. what I want to do is put a 20’ tree in its place and also move the current one to the over side of my property. Potentially half on driveway and half on lawn. I really want to make both better, and less dependent on attaching to ground. If I could somehow make them independent would be great. Anyone have any ideas suggestions? thanks!
  9. Couple questions. Do you use a single projector for your entire house? Do you have any recommendations? Where do you find video clips? I started looking into video editing and projection a couple months ago. Do you gave and finished videos with audio? thanks!
  10. I would like a copy sent to sh00ter76@yahoo.com (non Super-Star please) I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share. Thank you so much!
  11. Do you recall which version you use? ThaNKS
  12. Yes I am using 1-24. In LOR network Configuration I go to the universe I have my props assigned to in pixel editor and I point that universe to the IP of my falcon controller via E1.31. Then on my falcon I configure the port I’m using to hook up to the cmb24 to the universe # I set the props to and under network Configuration. The Falcon talks to Cmb24 on dmx.
  13. That sounds like what happened. When I ran a test sequence, the flood lights were flashing to my universe 1 prop which is channel 1-180. Since then, I’m back to square one and can’t even run the test mode with the floods. Grrr. It’s so frustrating
  14. Will PayPal someone who can help me. Thanks
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