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  1. Pixel Editor or Sequence Editor

    This should be an easy question.... In PE, I have made progress. I'm having some issues with colors. When I turn on pixels with effects generator the colors work just fine. However, if I want to change them after the fact, (or from copying from my old sequences), it is not recognized in the preview when I play it. It shows the color when inside the Effects Generator, but when I go back and click play, it will not show them on my house preview. Again, if I make them from scratch it will. But if I cut and paste or if I want to change an existing color, I am not able to do it. Well I am but it doesn't show up. Ideas? Thanks
  2. Matt!!! Thank you so much. That did it for me. I could not find that answer anyplace. Thank you.
  3. Pixel Editor or Sequence Editor

    Hi Yes, I have tried this a few days ago. My thing is, all I had last year were the LOR 110 devices that turn lights on and off. I"m trying to be able to copy and past those beats I established into PE. Under migration tools, I only see my new Props I made in PE, none from SE I used last year. I read that the SE channels will only be imported is their physical settings (network, unit, universe etc) match that of the PE. Well that is not possible as I mentioned these sequences are from 110 LOR traditional sequencing. So would I really have to go in and edit each channel to map to the new prop? If that is the case, that may not work for me... Thanks for the pointers. Please let me know if you think I am going about this all wrong.
  4. HELP please, Matt when I follow your directions/steps, I don't have anything listed in my "Other" channels section. Thoughts please. I"m struggling with this part. Thanks!
  5. Following, I have a similar issue. I am just trying to be able to copy (or open) my sequences done in SE into PE. SO I do not have to place ALLLLL the beat marks again.
  6. Pixel Editor or Sequence Editor

    Thanks Vince, Had some time to work on this. I'm going to do all the Smart Pixel E1.31 smart RGB sequencing in PE. I tried to open my old SE sequence in PE, but there was nothing there. I even tried saving is in SE as a .las and then opening in PE and still nothing. Would be so much easier if one could cut and paste from SE to PE. Any suggestion what I'm doing wrong or why it's not working? ANYONE out there. THANK YOU.
  7. Pixel Editor or Sequence Editor

    Ok understood. (Kind of) I know I do all of my RGB and LOR 110 controllers in SE, so say I sequence my flood lights and singing faces there. Then I bring that over to PE and program my smart pixels. And I understand the export "save intensity file". questions: 1) channels aside going from SE to PE, say I had a dummy channel from my old sequences which identified the beats, and music tone spots, can I open that in PE to see where my editing marks are for sequencing? I spent a LOT of time last season figuring out best marks. Would hate to have to start over. 2) is the saved intensity file once created in PE then opened in SE and that is the file used in the show? Thanks
  8. Now Sharing ~ Shiny ~ Moana singing faces

    Could I PLEASSSSSSE have a copy of this? My son and neighbors will love it. Thank you. sh00ter76@yahoo.com
  9. Pixel Editor or Sequence Editor

    Ok. thanks! sh00ter76@yahoo.com So I am moving EVERYTHING from slandered LED/INCAN to smart pixels. They only thing I am WISHING to do is be able to use and take advantage of all the timing grids, beats, etc from the old sequences. I spent a lot of time figuring that out. What is your advice on this? As for the new Dumb RGB and old (but new sequenced) LED's for singing faces, I still have to use SE for those. SO how I understand, I do my sequencing in PE (again hope to use the timing marks I have already established), for the smart pixels and once I have that set, I save and then open that in SE and it appears below the SE pieces for the dumb RGB and LED's. Is that Correct? Advise/Advice? Thank you!
  10. Pixel Editor or Sequence Editor

    I did here there. I am currently on S4, was waiting till S5 comes out of beta. TY
  11. Pixel Editor or Sequence Editor

    Awesome. That is what I'm planning on doing. Just using SE for my 110 LOR controllers. Hopefully it goes well. You are able to have full functionality and control with no problem and able to perform the sequence types I described? Do you have an example PE sequence you could show me? Thanks.
  12. This topic is similar to others, but I didn't find a good answer (nor may I). Anyways, brand new to RGB Smart Pixels. I am starting basically from scratch on my sequences and have been using the Pixel Editor. I have played around with it and know it's great for making effects on props. However, before I get too deep in and need to back track I want to make sure I am doing this the best way possible. My question is, I see a lot of people setting up smart pixels in Sequence Editor, I assume this is fine, but is it true that it could be more work to sequence roof-lines and window borders this way? Should I instead be doing this in Pixel Editor by creating connected lines? I do not have SuperStar, as Pixel Editor effects will suffice (at least for this year). I want to be able to perform whole house washes, light chases, alternate colors, etc,etc. Any guidance or suggestions? Do I do simple single string roof lines in Sequence Editor or PE and create them each as a prop?? Thanks!!!!
  13. S4 Pixel Sequencing Question

    It's great info thanks. At this point, I"m trying to avoid power injection the best I can. The small squares are output delivery points, and the small circles represent small jumper extension connectors so I can break the pieces down for storage. I was more concerned with the sequencing part. Being new to the pixels can be rather overwhelming when trying to account for everything. Distance on runs, power, pixels counts, sequencing, etc.
  14. S4 Pixel Sequencing Question

    Jim, Outside of power issues, would this be OK to do with sequencing or is it spelling trouble. What this is is three outline pieces of the house all on one output (25, 30, 25 pixels). At one point I had planned for the 55 pixel window also. What would you advise?
  15. S4 Pixel Sequencing Question

    Wow great information thanks. I have all WS2811 and I am using the E682 also. I will run a couple tests. I'm struggling building the props though with delivery point and so forth. I know it would make life easier to have each prop/fixture on it's own run, but it just doesn't make sense to me to burn outputs for super small runs. So I will have a bit of more issue with the sequencing. Thanks again!