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  1. May I get a copy. Thank you reospd1@yahoo.com
  2. Would love a copy. Thank you. reospd1@yahoo.com
  3. BEC56

    Let it go

    Would like a copy reospd1@yahoo.com Thanks
  4. Would you send me a copy. reospd1@yahoo.com Thanks
  5. I would like a copy too. reospd1@yahoo.com Thanks
  6. Would appreciate a copy also. reospd1@yahoo.com Thanks Bruce
  7. Got it! A little further research led me to the network, again. When I loaded the USB driver for the (Red USB adapter) it installed itself in the enhanced mode. The 2 new controllers have the newer version of firm ware. While in enhanced mode (if I understand it correctly) the signal runs in reverse. Took it out of enhanced and all is well. I will have to upgrade the firmware in the other controllers. That's for a latter date.
  8. Status lights are steady when HU is connected to them. I checked a few Sequence channel assignments. The pop up window (Channel Settings) show they are assigned to the specific channels. Device type,( LOR),Unit, Circuit, Network(regular). In that window there is a line that states Sequence, It shows blank and I do not have access to it. Checked to make sure 5-6 matched 1-4 in the window and they do.
  9. Problem: When I try to run any sequence they will only control (2) of (6) controllers. CTB16PCg3. All was well the past two seasons but this year not so good. The only things I believe I have changed is the level of licensed software to the current 4.4.2 Pro. I upgraded the USB485B to the High speed (red) adapter. I have tested all the Cat5 cables, they all test out fine. I have individually reset all the unit ID#s. Did this as a process of elimination. While in HU I manually set comm port #6, only one available. When you refresh it, it locates all (6) controllers. You can test all controllers in HU mode and everything works great but when you active any sequence, show, show on demand controller 5 and 6 are all that will operate. Controllers 5 & 6 are not together at the end of the daisy chain. Chain goes 5-3-1-2-4-6 I know HU is basically a back door into the program. I exit HU , enable the schedule, blue light on and just 2 controller operate. I used the sequence verifier to check a few. It originally showed a few errors that were common to all I checked. One recommended correction was to uninstall and reinstall the LOR program. Soooo I did this. Thought I might have accidentally cleaned something up I shouldn't have. After I reinstalled it I again verified a few sequences errors gone, (must have) all looks good now. Past seasons the USB485B operated on comm port#3. Firm ware version of the controllers 1-4 is 1.06 and 5-6 is 1.09 I know everyone's busy. When you get a chance, take a read and let me know if you have any suggestions. Bruce
  10. JR, is one of the best. After taking time to assist me, problem was solved. Had to go get the Rubbermaid container from the curb and place it back in the shed. Thanks to all that sent me in the right direction and helped. Bruce
  11. I did something really stupid this season. I decided I wanted to add a Pixel tree. I have 2 mega trees, no problem, 2 spiral trees, no problem. But this Pixel tree is kicking my butt. Here's where I'm at. With Sequences loaded you can watch them in the Superstar visualizer. They operate in the sequence editor. But when you attempt to have them operate the controller they will not. Here's the specifics: License 4.3.34 PRO, Firmware 1.03, Controller LOR Pixie16D, Red usb 485 HS adapter, Pixel tree 16 strands 50 pixel each. The controller recognizes the program by observing the red led circuit light. Hardware utility Controller # assigned by using dip switches. Checked all strands, they have 12V (dc) at what I call the terminal ends. In the hardware utility you can activate each strand individually or as a group and they will operate fine. This includes color change, shimmer etc. I have placed the pixel (superstar) sequences in a show schedule separate from the other shows, set a start time and the sequence will activate on the computer but not the controller. Wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if so what you did to over come it. The new Pixel tree is one step from being placed in a rubbermaid container. The one you place at the curb. Thanks Bruce
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