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  1. Forgot to add my email. Gil7858@yahoo.com
  2. Hello All, Im looking to add a few more songs to the show this year but I am horrible at doing the singing faces. Could someone please share the singing faces for: - Ghostbusters -Addams Family - LMFAO Sexy and I know it - Grim, Grinning Ghost - This is Halloween Or any other ones that you think are cool and should be included in a show. I appreciate any and all responses. Thank you!!
  3. can I please have a copy of ghostbusters with singing faces? Gil7858@yahoo.com Thanks!!
  4. could I get a copy as well please? gil7858@yahoo.com thanks!
  5. Does anyone have a good singing face to thriller they can share? Thanks!!! gil7858@yahoo.com
  6. Can I have a copy as well? Thanks gil7858@yahoo.com
  7. Can I please have a copy also? Gil7858@yahoo.com thanks!!
  8. Hello all, Does anyone have any house outline RGB sequences to any Halloween songs? Thriller, nightmare, litem up, party rock anthem, dragula.... I would really appreciate the help, I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Lol. for info, I'm using the brilliant smart RGB bulbs from holidaycoro using e1.31 and LOR advanced S4. Thank you! gil7858@yahoo.com
  9. Rover could I get a copy of Lite'em up? I just have DMX for my house outline this year and I think I've bitten more off than I can chew. Thanks gil7858@yahoo.com
  10. Hello all, Ok so this is my first show and slowly but surely its coming together. My question is, I have two tracks one for my singing face and the other for all the background lighting. Is there a way to be able to adjust the timing in one track without it changing it in the other? When I try to correct details in the faces track in affects the timing in my other track (floods, strings, so forth). Thanks
  11. Thank oilmoney, I finally started figuring it all out. any tips of trying to do singing faces? I wanted to just buy it done already but haven't found any for Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare. Thanks again!
  12. hello all, This is my first attempt to putting together a sequence. I have a regular 16 channel controller and also bound the 8 pack of 10w dumb RGB floods with the 8 channel controller and the basic plus S4. My question is, how do I set up 8 channels in order to control the RGB floods? Ive looked at the tutorials and it doesn't seem to be mentioned at all. The videos I've seen on youtube are Chinese. Thanks in advance
  13. Looking for a thriller sequence with a singing face and also looking for (with no luck) a sequence to Avenged Fold Seven -Nightmare sequence that you wouldn't mind sharing. This is my first show and I'd like to make it as cool as possible. My email is Gil7858@yahoo.com. Thank you in advance!!!
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