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  1. crazyboy01

    Comm Listener Ports

    I think the problem was from my older installation of LOR. I just updated to the newest version and then changed the ports to none and then set them to the ports I wanted it to use and it is working again. Whew.
  2. crazyboy01

    Comm Listener Ports

    I am noticing that my comm listener is trying to open ports that I haven't defined in my network settings. Where do I go to define which ports the comm listener should use?
  3. crazyboy01

    CCB controller problems?

    I have noticed that one of my CCB controllers are not working correctly. Sometimes it works just fine and then other times I get random sections of lights turning on. I shot some video to show what's happening. I have noticed that this controller disappears from time to time in the hardware console. Could it be that the controller is bad?
  4. crazyboy01

    CCR won't play in SE

    I had this issue as well. I updated the CCB firmware to the latest version to fix this issue. I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out why the lights were not responding to the SE.
  5. The sequence editor will keep playing for 10 - 20 seconds after I press the stop button. This is happening when I have the control the lights option turned on. The sound stops immediately when I have turned off the control the lights option. I am also noticing that the lights do not turn on if I set the software to play what is visible on the screen and I am in the middle of the sequence. If I play the sequence from the beginning then the lights will turn on.
  6. crazyboy01

    IDMX shipping?

    I asked them via e-mail and they are shipping in 8 days.