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  1. mooreryanj89

    Now Sharing ~ Zombie ~ Bad Wolves singing faces

    May I get a copy : mooreryanj89@gmail.com Outstanding job guys and great purpose for it!
  2. mooreryanj89

    Halloween 16 channel

    If possible and greatly appreciated. mooreryanj89@gmail.com
  3. mooreryanj89

    First Time 2016

    I started this crazy hobby last year around middle of July 2016. I had a bright idea to hand make all of my yard decorations and try to have a light show. Luckily, it turned out way better than expected and it helped that I was the only house in the neighborhood that went all out. Home Depot gave me ruined wood for 80% off including my military discount, which allowed me to create the broken fence. I used monster mud to make the tall grim reaper, which turned out to be quite fun and gave me plenty of ideas for next year. I bought the Axworthy Ghost, but never got it to stay on the pulley system, disappointment. Had the projection from AtMos FX, which the kids loved. We live in military housing, so we got the reputation as the "Halloween House". I just want to say thank you to you all for being so patient and kind when us newbies invade your forums for dumb questions. The Whole House: https://goo.gl/photos/GuyXUNNekViTTMxN8
  4. Ya'll said that I had to do it one by one but after playing/ searching what intensities is, it looks like changing the intensities works
  5. I'm new to the RGB and I was wondering if we now know how to change a previous rows color without changing the effects?
  6. mooreryanj89

    CCB sequencing/Change Color

    I now have more respect for ya'll than you will ever know. I see the light and I seriously want to run away. Ha Ha
  7. mooreryanj89

    CCB sequencing/Change Color

    So I finally look up and I see that I'm only 1 color in and it is only on the 20 second mark...I been at this for like 1 hour haha. I was wondering if you can select an area then place a color down that doesn't mess with the effects, only changes the color? If not does that mean, I have to change every single colored cell to the color I want?
  8. mooreryanj89

    CCB sequencing/Change Color

    I know that I used up all my questions for the day but if I can get a freebie, how do you see what color you changed it to? So I don't keep using the same color fades and lose my place? I know, I like the last minute rush feeling, plus desert wind isn't helpful when trying to hang lights and do props.
  9. mooreryanj89

    CCB sequencing/Change Color

    Seriously you just made my day for a newbie! Thank you so much for your ongoing help!
  10. mooreryanj89

    CCB sequencing/Change Color

    Ok cool, now if I always do color fade, will it always do fades? Example, a part of the show shimmers, if I do color fade, will that mess up the shimmer?
  11. mooreryanj89

    CCB sequencing/Change Color

    I bought a pre-made sequence and I'm getting used to Sequence Editor but that doesn't allow me to change the color of the bulbs, so I'm guessing I need to open either Superstar or Pixel Editor to change the colors? Whenever I open up Superstar, it allows me to open up the audio file but never the sequence I have downloaded. I'm trying to change the bulbs to halloween colors instead. Any advice and help is greatly appreciated.
  12. mooreryanj89

    Light em up sequence

    Would love a copy if possible. Thank you! mooreryanj89@gmail.com
  13. mooreryanj89

    32 channel Maroon 5 "Animals" up for grabs

    Love the whole display! Please and thank you! mooreryanj89@gmail.com
  14. mooreryanj89

    Anyone Want Halloween 16 Channel Sequences

    If possible, would love a copy! mooreryanj89@gmail.com
  15. mooreryanj89

    5 Halloween Sequences

    mooreryanj89@gmail.com please and thank you!