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  1. it wasn't the preview that screwed with me as much as trying to the individual strings and then the pixels all in the same screen. I have been doing the separately in the different editors and doing pixels in the sequence editor confuses the hell out of me. I really need a tutorial on how to do it in that screen. I also need a tutorial on how to do the speaking faces for pixels for speaking parts of my display that I want to add. sorry for the late reply
  2. I downloaded the beta S5 today. It confused the hell out of me. I have both regular controllers and Pixels. So when I opened up one of my projects the channel layout was different. Sections of my banner and tree were just thrown anywhere. Maybe I need more time to look at it. Already this late in the season it is difficult to switch over software. I know that it is beta and full of bugs. Maybe I need a tutorial for it. but honestly has it confused anyone else?
  3. Samf


    Does anyone know where to get some basic animations for the pixel set. I recently purchased the 16x100. I plan to double it so it would be 32x50 and I have zero clue on where to find basic animation i.e santa, snowmen dancing or anything?
  4. I am having an issue my pixel tree (pixel8) I am using mini director and all gen3 controllers (4 of them) then the pixel tree controller. I have the sequences all set up and it all runs according to the pixel visualizer. I then use the simple show builder and load it on to a SD card. I then go put it in and all sequences run accordingly except the tree. I have followed all steps and set the unit ID to 5. I have even used the hardware utility to work the tree changes colors, shimmer, and twinkle have all worked. It just doesn't work when I have oit connected to the rest of the controllers. Only a few white leds and 1 red one come on. Please help