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  1. Thanks a bunch guys. Why is it that not many people use it?
  2. Are any of you using the windows media player visualization plug in? If so how do you use it? I down loaded it on my show computer but I don't know how to work with it, can you help? Your brother in Christ Jerry
  3. I've got several circuts on three controllers that don't energize. I've checked the the wiring and thats good. One controller is brand new. The others are used four years old. I didn't have any trouble until I started using LEDs. I noticed that some of the LEDs don't quite shut off. My sequencing is all there on the sequence editor so I don't think there's anything wrong there. Any ideas? Your brother in Christ Jerry
  4. Well it looks like I've poked a hornets nest, sorry I asked.
  5. Thanks again Chuck,saved me some frustration! Your brother in Christ Jerry
  6. When I use the easy show builder,it makes the whole week the same show. I would like to have a different set of songs used every night,how do I do that? Also I want to use a specific song to end the night,but not be played until 10PM. Your brother in Christ Jerry
  7. Thanks guys,you've kept me from alot of wasted effort on our part. Your brother in Christ Jerry (PS Chuck, good to see that your still watching over me)
  8. I have an existing wireless network across the street and would like to connect another CTB16PC to that end of the network. When we hook up the controller we do not see it on the network. We are using Engenius EOC2611P one in bridge and the distant end in Access Point but the controller is hard wired to the antennas.
  9. Thanks much I'm in your debt. Your brother in Christ Jerry
  10. My accross the road neighbor and I are doing our display together and I have sequenced his lights to my music for two songs,but time is short now and I won't have time to do all the sequences I'm going to use. How do I move the ones I've done to other sequences? I think I would use export-import but I've never done that before. Can anyone walk me through this? Your brother in Christ Jerry
  11. THANKS FELLOWS!!!! Your brother in Christ Jerry
  12. Okay I have the RS485 adapter, how do I use it? Do I run a seperate cat5 from the adapter to the D-Light unit? On the other end it has a small 5 pin female outlet. Where does it go to? Your brother in Christ Jerry
  13. When I first got started in animated lighting I bought a D-Light kit,but when I saw the lor program,I went with lor instead. Now I'm wanting to use the D-Light kit but the Hardware Utility won't reconize it. What needs to be done or can't it be done? Your brother in Christ Jerry
  14. Thanks again guys,you bailed me out again! Your brother in Christ Jerry
  15. while I was looking at the enable shows disable shows, I clicked on upload lor catorgory and now have lost the light bulb on the tool bar lower right hand corner. How do I get it back? Question #2 I want to test run the shows to see if all is working,how do I do that? Do I need to have the scheudle set for the time I want to do that or what? It's heck to get old, Jerry
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