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  1. JR, K6CCC Thanks for your help, as it turned out I did have gen 3 controllers, I was reading the Ver 2 off the circuit board and not the firmware. I found a support article that the Gen 3 controllers will handle 500K enhanced network if they have the latest firmware so I check and 3 of the 4 controllers were 3 versions behind in the firmware. So I update the three individually one version at a time, so all four are on the latest firmware version. Moved everything back to the Regular network 500K Enhanced. Problem Solved, the sequences run as designed. Thanks again, I Hope this
  2. Update #1 No Joy, I went into the Hardware network con fig and set the Regular network to 57K Non enhanced and Aux a to 500K Enhanced , then into S5 Preview and Traditional light controllers Unit 01 - 04 and all the traditional channels then set the Pixie Tree to Aux A Unit 01...... .Then I opened each sequence to ensure that the sequence had the changes, Saved the file and recreated the play file. I noticed in the G3 MP3Director only Class 4 SD cards can be used so I ensured the SD card was a class 4, using the Hub application I added the updated sequences then used the advanced option to c
  3. Thank you for the replies The G3 has 3 outputs two normal JR45 connections and 1 Aux RJ45 . ill move the traditional lights to the Aux a network with the 115K and non enhanced. The only problem I for see is the Pixie II is 18 feet in the air and I hard set the dip switches but I can live with that for the season I will post a reply tomorrow with the results. Thanks again
  4. I made the switch from S4 to S5 this year plus added a 16 strand tree and Star. I have 4 16 Channel residential controllers, a Pixie II for the star and a Pixie 16 for the tree. I have created a master preview that reflects the proper Unit Id's. I have created new musical sequences using the Master preview, at that point I open a S4 sequence and cut and paste the each channel to the new sequence. When I get to the Superstar Effect line I right click and choose the Superstar option and open the proper sequence and import it into the new S5 sequence. The sequence plays properly in the previe
  5. Brian, Do these look correct to you?
  6. Will this prop work with a Pixie2 using 2 100 Pixel channels?
  7. I am new to the CCR world and am looking to purchase a CCR II 16 Ribbon Super Star Tree Kit with Pixie 16 Controller. I am using LOR Sequence Editor V4.3.34 Pro with 16 CCR Add on. I have been reviewing the on line tutorials for the Super Star Add on, Got to the "Getting Superstar Sequences into Main Sequences" Lesson and that's where I Ran into the issue, I can Create a CCR Sequence Channel and so far that seems to work, But I wanted to create CCR Devices as explained in the Video, I screen shots of the video instructions and the second is of the drop down selections I have in the SE. I t
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