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  1. JR, K6CCC Thanks for your help, as it turned out I did have gen 3 controllers, I was reading the Ver 2 off the circuit board and not the firmware. I found a support article that the Gen 3 controllers will handle 500K enhanced network if they have the latest firmware so I check and 3 of the 4 controllers were 3 versions behind in the firmware. So I update the three individually one version at a time, so all four are on the latest firmware version. Moved everything back to the Regular network 500K Enhanced. Problem Solved, the sequences run as designed. Thanks again, I Hope this help others with the same issue..
  2. Update #1 No Joy, I went into the Hardware network con fig and set the Regular network to 57K Non enhanced and Aux a to 500K Enhanced , then into S5 Preview and Traditional light controllers Unit 01 - 04 and all the traditional channels then set the Pixie Tree to Aux A Unit 01...... .Then I opened each sequence to ensure that the sequence had the changes, Saved the file and recreated the play file. I noticed in the G3 MP3Director only Class 4 SD cards can be used so I ensured the SD card was a class 4, using the Hub application I added the updated sequences then used the advanced option to create the SD Card Checked the Box for SD Card is for Gen 3 and chose 2 ports next Step 5 the only block checked is Strip MP3 Header Info, Step 6 Director Port #1 57.gK (normal) checked the Output LOR Enhanced Step 5 Port #2 to 500K (Enhanced option is grayed out) chose next to write to the card. I think I got everything but another set of eyes would help. Thanks is advance
  3. Thank you for the replies The G3 has 3 outputs two normal JR45 connections and 1 Aux RJ45 . ill move the traditional lights to the Aux a network with the 115K and non enhanced. The only problem I for see is the Pixie II is 18 feet in the air and I hard set the dip switches but I can live with that for the season I will post a reply tomorrow with the results. Thanks again
  4. I made the switch from S4 to S5 this year plus added a 16 strand tree and Star. I have 4 16 Channel residential controllers, a Pixie II for the star and a Pixie 16 for the tree. I have created a master preview that reflects the proper Unit Id's. I have created new musical sequences using the Master preview, at that point I open a S4 sequence and cut and paste the each channel to the new sequence. When I get to the Superstar Effect line I right click and choose the Superstar option and open the proper sequence and import it into the new S5 sequence. The sequence plays properly in the preview. I then create a Play file and use the hub to create the SD Card. At this point is where I have the problem, the 16 strand tree and star work fine. The traditional light kind of just do what they want. Here is a list of the components. G3 MP3 Director 4 - CTB16PC Controllers on the normal network Unit ID 01 MC 1368C 1715 E329301 ver 2 Unit ID 02 MC 1368C 1515 E329301 ver 2 Unit ID 03 MC 1368C 1515 E329301 ver 2 Unit ID 04 MC 1368C 1316 E329301 ver 2 1 Pixie 16 controller on the normal network Starting Unit ID 05,06,07,08,09,0A,0B,0C,0D,0E,0F,10,11,12,13,14 1Pixie II controller on the normal network Starting Unit ID 15, 16 Attached is a network Map how I have them daisy chained Any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. Brian, Do these look correct to you?
  6. Will this prop work with a Pixie2 using 2 100 Pixel channels?
  7. I am new to the CCR world and am looking to purchase a CCR II 16 Ribbon Super Star Tree Kit with Pixie 16 Controller. I am using LOR Sequence Editor V4.3.34 Pro with 16 CCR Add on. I have been reviewing the on line tutorials for the Super Star Add on, Got to the "Getting Superstar Sequences into Main Sequences" Lesson and that's where I Ran into the issue, I can Create a CCR Sequence Channel and so far that seems to work, But I wanted to create CCR Devices as explained in the Video, I screen shots of the video instructions and the second is of the drop down selections I have in the SE. I think the Pixie 2/4/816 is correct but am not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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