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  1. I've done forum searches and read the docs , but still couldn't find a definitive answer on this....or my pea-sized brain missed it somewhere. I've got (11) Gen3 LOR1602 controllers being driven by a LOR1602G3 MP3 director. The shows start at 4:30 with a background display only and then at 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9PM, 2 alternating 10-song shows play with a filler sequence until the following hour. At 10PM the tree turns itself off. Everything plays just fine and everyone is happy. The owners have now requested that on Thanksgiving day only (this coming Thursday), they want the shows to continue past the 9PM show until 1AM on Friday morning. My question is...will the MP3 Show Director pay attention to the HWU generated Show schedule for Day of week? Will executing the "Set to PC's Time" command also set the proper day of the week so it will execute on Thursday's schedule only? The reason I ask is the only other way I can see this happening is to create another SD card with the programming for Thursday only, driving up to the mall (where the tree installation is), climbing inside the tree and swapping out the cards on Thursday morning, and then repeating the procedure on Friday morning.
  2. Thanks for the replies!! Yeah, I missed it completely on page 15&16 of the manual...which is yet another reminder to RTFM. The top of the Director shows 'ctrL' to set LOR1602 parameters, so I missed the 'spcL' entry to get to the Day set. Time and day is all I needed. I can hit the mall anytime before this Thursday and swap the SD cards out. I won't have to abandon the wife in mid-Thanksgiving preparations, thus making my life more palatable... Yet another 'DOH!!' event in my life.... Thanks again everyone!!
  3. Thanks for the replies! Maybe I'm not explaining it correctly though... How does the MP3 Director know which day it is? I have (2) 10-sequence shows that alternate...e.g.; Show 1 plays at 5PM, 7PM, & 9PM currently. Show 2 plays at 6PM & 8PM. On Thursday ONLY, I need the MP3 Director to play Show 1 at 5PM, 7PM, 9PM, & 11PM and play Show 2 at 6PM, 8PM, 10PM, & 12PM. This part is easy. I can schedule the show times easily enough to run only on Thursday. I need to know how to set the MP3 Director so that it knows that it's Thursday. Setting the time is easy from the front panel or from the HWU panel. But does the MP3 Director know what the day of the week is when you set it?
  4. Okay, I've searched the forums and can't seem to find a definitive answer to this, so I'm hoping someone might know. I have 11 LOR1602W controllers driven by a LOR1602WG3-MP3 inside a tree with 185 circuits on it. I was moving some wiring around and accidentally plugged the Cat 5 coming from controller 0b into the RJ11 jack (BTW, whose brilliant idea was it to put a RJ11 "interface" there with an RJ45 jack?!? RJ11's are, by their physical nature, a 6-pin connector and not nearly as wide as a '45). Both were then turned on. When controller 0c was reading 'no conn', I went to inspect and found the error of my ways and shut them off. However, I smelled something that approximated a very hot resistor or other component in the controller. I shut it off immediately and haven't touched it, deciding it would be better to leave it off and find out if I fried something. What say you? Is this a possibility that it is fried? Please let me know ASAP, as I have this tree to light this coming Saturday and I will need to FedEx in another controller if this one is shot. Thanks for any and all replies!!
  5. keyboards

    Possible RJ11 or RJ45 damage?

    Well, that's what I would have thought too, but I re-verified this morning, that I could plug my RJ45 connector into the RJ11 connector on this 1602 box. Now, because all of my other boxes were already sealed up (and I had a short turnaround time this AM), I didn't verify that this was an isolated occurrence or if it is how the boxes are assembled normally. I do plan on finding out though. The really good news is that the controller still works. I verified that I wasn't seeing any 'magic smoke' and, although I could still smell some of the lingering fragrance of a possible electrical char, the controller logged up and tested fine by itself and with the other 11 boxes. After this holiday season though, they're all getting pulled and very visually inspected before putting them away for next year. Do you know offhand if there are schematic available for the boards? I wouldn't expect to get any proprietary information about firmware or microprocessor programming, but the general I/O layout and output schemes would be a big plus for us techs out here (I've been doing component-level repair on pro audio equipment for almost 40 years now).
  6. keyboards

    New LOR Member

    Watch all the videos on the site re: Sequence Editor. There you will find a lot of good information about how to get around in SE. I didn't think there would be much in there for me, but I picked up a lot of little tricks that came back to roost when I actually started sitting down to do some programming. It's just my opinion, but I started my journey about 3 1/2 months ago and I just made my deadline earlier this month. You're really starting into this a little late.
  7. keyboards

    What starter items do I need?

    HitTheLights, watch all the videos… They are invaluable! Take a day and just sit there and watch them. You will find all kinds of information and as they're going through their explanations, you'll start thinking about all the different things that you need to do and it will all fall together! I honestly didn't think that I would have much to learn from them, but I did! These are made by people that do this stuff all the time; they will give you an education!
  8. keyboards

    Discovered I Like Tracks!!

    I've been using them just to keep my pea brain from forgetting to reset my channel order.... I'm lighting a tree, so my tracks would probably be a bit different from the landscape type of setup. Basically, the tree is set up with 'rungs' of lights; e.g., rung 1 (on the bottom) has 16 circuits of red, 16 circuits of green, and 16 circuits of white LED strings. The 2nd rung is only 16 circuits of white LED's. 3rd & 5th rung is 12 ckts of red, green, & white. 4th rung is 12 ckts of white, etc. (the total tree is 40' high and 24' dia. at the base, and has 185 circuits). My base track is just channel order, starting with controller 01, ch 1 through controller 0A, ch 9. Track 2 is my rung order. I grouped the channels together on a rung (click on the channel and simply drag it to where you'd like it to be in relation to the other channels) so I could access the channels easily in a group (like when I would like to 'chase' all the red LED's on a rung from left to right). The 3rd track is by color order, so all the white LED's are together, all the red LED's are together, etc. Then I have one track that just deals with the channels for the (5) 3-color "star ornaments" on the tree so I can concentrate on just those channels. Tracks are just an organizational tool for me. Not sure if I'm using them 'correctly', but this is the way I do use them. Think of it as a filing cabinet where you have a different drawers of file folders and each drawer has the same information as the others, but the information is sorted differently so you can find the information easily no matter how you want to search for it. What I did when I started was to take a new blank sequence and just 'played with it' and all the tool tabs to see what everything did. Once you're somewhat comfortable with how to use the editor, then grab a sequence from someone, make a copy of it (you REALLY want to make a copy, just in case), and play around with it a bit, changing little things and seeing how this all fits together. Hopefully this didn't confuse you. I'm fairly new to this myself, but it was easy once I started doing it this way and it kept me sane during my 10 hour programming bouts... YMMV and good luck! But be careful; this stuff IS addictive!
  9. keyboards

    New LOR Member

    Both of these are available through the sequence store. These are most probably a lot more then 16 channels, but you can pick and choose which channels you wish to use by running the sequence and seeing where it would fit into your landscaping scheme. http://sequences.lightorama.com/Let-It-Go-Idina-Menzel_p_1130.html http://sequences.lightorama.com/A-Holly-Jolly-Christmas-by-Burl-Ives_p_1036.html You might also think about reviewing this link about the 4x4 decorating to give you some ideas on how to use what you have. http://www1.lightorama.com/4-x-4-decorating/
  10. keyboards

    copying sequence

    When I copied some of the sequences from a another sequence I purchased, I used my own "base template" that had all my channels mapped out (converting from a 'landscape' to a 'tree' sequence) and a freeform grid with no timings on it. The first thing I did was to copy the timings from the original to the freeform grid (right-click on original channels and Select Row, then right click on new sequence freeform channel and Paste Timing At...0.00 and click okay). That will copy the original timings no matter what they are. Then any copying and pasting you do should match either way. But Pasting by time is always preferable if you're using the exact same song. If you're not, you'll have to roll your own. A BIG help for me was watching ALL the videos first. My first inclination was to watch them when I needed them because I was soooo stoked about getting into the sequencing process. Once I found a lot of the little 'twists' in the videos and then tried them on a scratch sequence, it made the rest of my project go so much smoother...and faster!
  11. keyboards

    G3-mp3 issue

    Another thing I just noticed. You said you "dropped the sequences" on to the card. Were these specifically written to the card from the LOR software, or did you just do a windows copy of the files? That may make a major difference in how the controller interprets the files. Personally, I used the Hardware utility / LOR MP3 tab to build the show and schedule it. I actually had 2 different cards; one for the tree lighting ceremony which was externally triggered (when they flipped the switch), and then did a second one for the hourly shows that run through December 31st. If you did the windows copy, use the Hardware utility and try it. It does work well!
  12. keyboards

    G3-mp3 issue

    ...and each one is playable as a regular MP3 file.
  13. keyboards

    G3-mp3 issue

    I didn't see a direct reference to it, so I'll ask the less obvious...are you taking the audio feed from the MP3 1/8" jack on the controller? Check your cables well. A quick test with a pair of computer speakers plugged into it will tell you if the player is producing audio I just lit up my show over the weekend and it worked almost flawlessly (except for a thump in the audio when initiated). Double-check everything philnuffer and wbaker suggested. I'm a relative noob to this myself and I've found plenty of times when I've had the "DUH" moment while sequencing or setting up. My most recent was figuring out why my show times weren't working...there's a world of difference between the MP3 unit displaying "7:09" and "7:09." (the period after the 9 indicates 7PM)!
  14. I most probably made an error 'el grande', but I'm going to ask the question in case someone might have a quicker way to go at this. On the 40' tree, I put twinkling at 30% in as a background effect in the sequence to 'fill' what looked to be 'emptiness' in the animation panel. That was a major mistake. Once I got the sequence up on the tree, it looks waaaay too 'busy'. Is there any way to filter out just the twinkling to erase it (or set it to off)? I can't just look for background because now the channels are filled with twinkling and are therefore foreground. The only way I can see is to manually go in and delete the twinkling one channel at a time....all 185 of them. If anyone has a workaround, it would be wonderful to know what it was. Otherwise I'll just chalk it up to newbie error". A small postscript to this: Being that these are regular XML files, could I possibly use a text editor (like Textpad) to do a search and replace for the 30% intensity and simply have it set to "0"? Or simply do a search for "twinkle" and have it just snip out the line. I'm thinking in terms of the previous, only because they sequences run fine and if I ever do want to change it in the future, the search and replace could modify it back.
  15. Well, I did the save often, but not to individual filenames. Yes, I can see a good deal of intelligence in what you're saying by doing it. And I WILL be doing that from here on! I did a solid backup of all my files before I made any changes at all, and then did a mass replace on one file and made sure it would open in SE. Then being I'm an old DOS/Unix kinda guy, I sent the two files through a diff process to see exactly what was changed in the files. Once I verified that those were the only changes, I felt fairly confident and ran it once more through SE with the animation going. It looks like it took care of the error I put there in the first place. I've found that I learn to move my finger away a lot quicker after I've already smacked it with the hammer...this lesson is learned! Thanks for the insights!!
  16. Has there been any updates on this issue? This sounds surprisingly close to my issue that "Wierd Stuff" Dan is working on, except mine is a loud audio 'thump' (ala, it powers down and up between sequences) when the show is triggered or in between sequences. I have (11) LOR1602g3's chained to the LOR1602g3MP3 and they ALL scroll 'no comm' while it's waiting for the next sequence. Yes, there is a help desk ticket on mine and Dan has a couple of show files in his possession. Just anxiously awaiting a fix.
  17. keyboards

    Discovered I Like Tracks!!

    I've been using tracks to isolate and reverse channels on chases and such and they are soooooo great to have. I've got some tracks where I have multiple arrangements (groups) of channels so when I cut and paste, I can choose which way I want the chases to go. It's like having a programming Maserati. When I go back to Excel spreadsheets after all my programming is done, it'll be like riding a bicycle.... =OP This is my first attempt at doing a light show like this, but it's getting to be more fun than work!
  18. I've done several searches through the forums and can't seem to find anyone else having this issue. I'm getting a loud thump or a pop in the audio when the show is triggered from the switch contacts or when changing over from one sequence to the next. We're setting this up with a standalone sound system for the Christmas lighted tree in a local mall. The pop is just not going to be acceptable to the owners. The pops and thumps are not in the sequences. I've checked all of them closely and there's no noise there at all. The show was put together from the LOR MP3 tab on the hardware program and downloaded to the SD card. The show runs fine; it's just the pops that are driving me buggy. Anyone have any ideas?
  19. Definitely not interference. I was testing the SD card show and came straight out of the 1/8" TRS on the LOR1602-g3-MP3 controller and straight into a test amp (6' shielded cable). It sounds more like a "power on" thump that you would normally hear when when you would turn on an amplifier or sound system the wrong way. One thing I did notice though, was that I was getting a 'no comm' message on all the other controllers when it was waiting for me to trigger the show from the external contacts. Once triggered, the message went away. Does the g3-MP3 go to sleep or turn off prior to the show being initiated or while executing the 'delay' between shows? When I run the show from the laptop (and take the audio from there also), there are no pops or thumps. But then again, I'm not initiating the show from the MP3 controller contact.
  20. By element, I assume you mean channel? Select the entire row for that channel. Right click and select Change Intensities...Detailed. Select the operation you want (in your case, reduce), and put in the value you want (if you put in 30 it will reduce it to 30%) and select what type of channel you're working with. Hit Apply and you're done!
  21. As an admitted newbie to this, I've searched the forums and read probably anything that has anything to do with timing issues, but I can't seem to get past this problem I'm having. I bought Sequence store sequences (YCM versions) and got the exact songs from LOR at the same time and have verified that the timing is correct. I've checked my settings for cut & paste, I've locked the timings and everything else I can find with timing issues. I'm taking these sequences and copying the channel events to another "blank" template I set up with my channel configurations (the purchased sequences are 32 ch versions - The tree I am doing the programming for has 185 separate channels to it). I use paste by time and use the same MP3 file on both. They all work and stay in time UNTIL I start to do some other copy & pasting on the new template. What I notice is, that as I do more copying and pasting on the new template, event are skewing on the timeline. This is really getting irritating and I'm running out of time to get these done. I even put a "Timing channel" on the tracks and use the Tapping Wizard to pop in a .05s event on the timing track. I'll set up a beat event for one of the channels and after working with the other channels for a while, I'll notice that events I had previously set up had changed timing, even if they were copied and pasted from one another. If anyone can just point me in a direction, I'll go there. I'm always willing to learn and being I'm a newbie to this stuff, I've probably missed something somewhere. Just let me know if I missed a lecture somewhere along the way and I'll go back to "school"...and smack myself upside the head to make sure the lesson stays in there.... Thanks in advance!!
  22. Dennis Laff and SPaschall; Sorry I haven't responded to this earlier; life has been getting in the way. I decided to eliminate any and all doubt by going through all the songs twice with Audacity to make sure they were firing the way they should be. Evidently the songs timings rely on the actual bit rate to process the sequence timing (wasn't aware of that correlation!). I reloaded one of the twice-reprocessed songs I was having an issue with and now it seems rock solid. Many thanks for the pointers. Now it doesn't necessarily preclude the fact that I might be moving something accidentally, but at the very least I know where the problem isn't. "Hold on there...it must be a hardware issue. I can see there's a nut loose on the keyboard!" =O) Thanks again! Jim Richards
  23. keyboards

    Music file

    In your windows explorer under "Tools" on the menu bar, go to "Folder options" and click the "view" Tab. About 1/4 of the way down, uncheck the "Hide extensions for known file types" box and hit "Apply" in the lower right corner. Now all the file extensions will show up in any of the folders you view.
  24. Dennis; Tnx for the response. Yep, the songs were originally 128CBR when I got them, but I saw several posts about running the songs through Audacity more than once, so I ran them through again. Have not tried them since, as it was getting late and I wanted to post out here to get some other ideas....that, and my eyes were getting more bloodshot 'cause the screen was going red... =OP. Over yonder in J-town, west of you.
  25. keyboards

    Error on Saving

    Just to put in my 2 cents on the original question... I was getting the same exact error when I moved my sequences and audio to a different folder on the drive. After reviewing what the security permissions were on the two folders, I needed to change the security permissions on the new folder to open them up to Full Access for logged on users (it came up that there were read/execute permissions only, being the folders were copied from the 'Program files\Light-O-Rama" folder originally). Not quite sure why they would have trapped a "security permissions" error in a "invalid procedure call" error trap.