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  1. I know this is OLD, but I have learned something very important that I want to pass on...I was re-configuring the system and needed to do some further digging into the hardware a little deeper... The RJ11 jacks are wired IN REVERSE with regard to the RJ45's I did some reverse engineering on the connections and here is what I found... RJ45 PIN 3 is connected to RJ11 PIN 5 - GROUND CONNECTION RJ45 PIN 4 is connected to RJ11 PIN 4 - RS485 Data RJ45 PIN 5 is connected to RJ11 PIN 3 - RS485 Data RJ45 PIN 6 is connected to RJ11 PIN 2 - SYSTEM POWER + Basically the circuit b
  2. Backups are probably my biggest concern when I'm programming. When I''m through with a session, all the files on the laptop are copied to my server and the server gets backed up every night. This includes everything that has been created or modified since the last backup (including the .SEQ files from SD cards). When I'm through with the project, everything gets archived to a USB Project drive and stored for safe-keeping. But with all the .SEQ files sitting there in folders, you can see why I asked the question about being able to read from the seq files...
  3. Has anyone thought or attempted to write a reverse compiler for the seq files? I know I have several test files and maintenance sequence files on SD cards and it would be handy to at least be able to get the original .LMS or .LAS filenames to go back to. The LMS files are a bit easier to deal with because you can simply play the associated .MP3 and know what you have. The .LAS files don't have that option available. Just a thought...
  4. I've done some searches, but evidently I'm asking the wrong questions. Currently running SE PRO version 4.3.14 on an HP laptop to do all my sequence programming. Usually I keep the laptop screen (primary display) reserved for just the visualizer display and my Win7 Pro folders view, and drag the main programming screen over to the extended desktop on a 22" LCD monitor (easier on these 'old' eyes). Everything works absolutely perfect and no issues at all. The issue I'm having is when I get to the site where my tree is located, I only have the laptop with me. The laptop recognizes th
  5. Glad I could help...well, I didn't really, outside of the fact that it gave you a hit on your search terms!! Happy Programming!!
  6. Thanks for the replies!! Yeah, I missed it completely on page 15&16 of the manual...which is yet another reminder to RTFM. The top of the Director shows 'ctrL' to set LOR1602 parameters, so I missed the 'spcL' entry to get to the Day set. Time and day is all I needed. I can hit the mall anytime before this Thursday and swap the SD cards out. I won't have to abandon the wife in mid-Thanksgiving preparations, thus making my life more palatable... Yet another 'DOH!!' event in my life.... Thanks again everyone!!
  7. Thanks for the replies! Maybe I'm not explaining it correctly though... How does the MP3 Director know which day it is? I have (2) 10-sequence shows that alternate...e.g.; Show 1 plays at 5PM, 7PM, & 9PM currently. Show 2 plays at 6PM & 8PM. On Thursday ONLY, I need the MP3 Director to play Show 1 at 5PM, 7PM, 9PM, & 11PM and play Show 2 at 6PM, 8PM, 10PM, & 12PM. This part is easy. I can schedule the show times easily enough to run only on Thursday. I need to know how to set the MP3 Director so that it knows that it's Thursday. Setting the time is easy
  8. I've done forum searches and read the docs , but still couldn't find a definitive answer on this....or my pea-sized brain missed it somewhere. I've got (11) Gen3 LOR1602 controllers being driven by a LOR1602G3 MP3 director. The shows start at 4:30 with a background display only and then at 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9PM, 2 alternating 10-song shows play with a filler sequence until the following hour. At 10PM the tree turns itself off. Everything plays just fine and everyone is happy. The owners have now requested that on Thanksgiving day only (this coming Thursday), they want the shows to
  9. Well, that's what I would have thought too, but I re-verified this morning, that I could plug my RJ45 connector into the RJ11 connector on this 1602 box. Now, because all of my other boxes were already sealed up (and I had a short turnaround time this AM), I didn't verify that this was an isolated occurrence or if it is how the boxes are assembled normally. I do plan on finding out though. The really good news is that the controller still works. I verified that I wasn't seeing any 'magic smoke' and, although I could still smell some of the lingering fragrance of a possible electrical
  10. Okay, I've searched the forums and can't seem to find a definitive answer to this, so I'm hoping someone might know. I have 11 LOR1602W controllers driven by a LOR1602WG3-MP3 inside a tree with 185 circuits on it. I was moving some wiring around and accidentally plugged the Cat 5 coming from controller 0b into the RJ11 jack (BTW, whose brilliant idea was it to put a RJ11 "interface" there with an RJ45 jack?!? RJ11's are, by their physical nature, a 6-pin connector and not nearly as wide as a '45). Both were then turned on. When controller 0c was reading 'no conn', I went to inspec
  11. Another thing I just noticed. You said you "dropped the sequences" on to the card. Were these specifically written to the card from the LOR software, or did you just do a windows copy of the files? That may make a major difference in how the controller interprets the files. Personally, I used the Hardware utility / LOR MP3 tab to build the show and schedule it. I actually had 2 different cards; one for the tree lighting ceremony which was externally triggered (when they flipped the switch), and then did a second one for the hourly shows that run through December 31st. If you did
  12. ...and each one is playable as a regular MP3 file.
  13. I didn't see a direct reference to it, so I'll ask the less obvious...are you taking the audio feed from the MP3 1/8" jack on the controller? Check your cables well. A quick test with a pair of computer speakers plugged into it will tell you if the player is producing audio I just lit up my show over the weekend and it worked almost flawlessly (except for a thump in the audio when initiated). Double-check everything philnuffer and wbaker suggested. I'm a relative noob to this myself and I've found plenty of times when I've had the "DUH" moment while sequencing or setting up. My m
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