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  1. JR- I would like to have a copy. Thank you. Stephan Sherrick ssherrick@bellsouth.net
  2. Auld Lang Syne

    Does anyone have this sequenced for singing faces? Would like to have this with my show for this week. Thank you. Stephan Sherrick ssherrick@bellsouth.net
  3. Dead Pixcon Channel

    I will check the fuse after the show shuts down tonight. Would rather not have my hand in the box when it's operating. Thanks
  4. Dead Pixcon Channel

    I am running a Pixcon 16 controlling a 32 x 50 pixel tree. Tonight I have no output on channel 10. Pixel strings are fine - I checked them with another channel. How do I troubleshoot the issue in the Pixcon? Thanks
  5. Sharing 2 Singing face sequences

    I would like to have a copy of the Armed Forces Medley if possible. Thank you. Stephan Sherrick ssherrick@bellsouth.net
  6. Celtic Carol - Lindsey Stirling

    I would appreciate a copy of this also. Thank you. Stephan Sherrick ssherrick@bellsouth.net
  7. Wizards in Winter or Grinch

    Looking for either of these for a 360 degree pixel tree sequences with Pixel Editor. Thank you. Stephan Sherrick ssherrick@bellsouth.net
  8. Baby Its Cold Outside

    Looking for the Michael Bible / Idina Menzel version. Any number of channels; I can edit. Thank you. Stephan Sherrick ssherrick@bellsouth.net
  9. Now Sharing ~ Let It Snow Harry Connick Jr singing face

    JE - would like a copy if possible. Will try to adapt this to my Singing Snowman and Bulbs. thanks, Stephan Sherrick ssherrick@bellsouth.net
  10. Let It Snow LMS Faces and Pixel

    James, I would like to have a copy. Thank you. Stephan Sherrick
  11. Pixel tree hardware

    I appreciate the advice on this one. I decided to postpone putting a star on the tree this year. Going to wait for the spring sale to get another controller. So for this year I will have a 360 pixel tree and 48 channels of AC. Half of the AC channels for singing snowman and singing light bulbs. I definitely bit off more than I could chew but with the help and generosity of several people on these forums, I will have a presentable display. Thank you all.
  12. Mannheim steamroller lms face pixel

    James, would like a copy. Thank you.
  13. Pixel tree hardware

    Thank you for the response. This is exactly what I needed to know. I have pro level software. Considered a PIXIE 8 to give me a little more room to expand in the future.
  14. Pixel tree hardware

    New to LOR. I have 3 GEN 2 AC controllers and a Pixcon 16. Planning on a 32 string 360 degree tree along with 48 channels of AC. I want to add a 270 node smart pixel star. What controller do you recommend and how would you connect everything? I have one high speed adapter. Need help with what else I should buy. Thanks
  15. 1000 Years

    Beautifully done - it doesn't fit with my display for this year, but just wanted to say how much I like your work.