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  1. May be you're right.. The reason I want to use LOR is for controlling some the lights based on audience inputs + lighting up certain portions of the display based on the question asked. Works perfect since I have LOR and I know how to use it for these purposes (instead of me trying to buy & learn another technique). Only downside is the longish polling time and if I am able to control it, that would be awesome.
  2. Well, there is lot more logic involved in determining the next questions.. For example, I want to have 5-6 set of questions so that folks can come in play a set and the same set of questions do not repeat for the next bunch. All this can be easily controlled using a program running on the PC rather than through LOR + interactive sequences
  3. Even if the polling interval can't be reduced, is there some command / API that can be called when a new schedule is copied, so that the command triggers a "immediate" load instead of waiting for potentially 10 seconds...
  4. I want to model an interactive "Jeopardy" program in a PC that controls LOR. A question video will get played out using one sequence. Based on the user's answer, the next segment is chosen (whether he's right or wrong). So, when the user enters the answer, I plan to immediately copy the appropriate next sequence. However given there could be a 10 second delay in picking it up, I have to make sure I leave a 10 seconds delay from the time the user answered, which kind of adversely affects the experience. If I can bring it down to 5 seconds, my length will get reduced.
  5. The LORmonitor (show player) detects when the show file (.lss) named in theschedule changes. It polls the directory once in "10 seconds" to detect any change and loads it. Is there a way to control this interval (eg, reduce to 5 seconds) using Registry Key or other configuration? Thanks
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