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  1. Thanks for the replies, Been watching You Tube a lot the last week. Ive been looking at the pixel tree on LOR site thinking that maybe the easiest way to start till I get the hang of pixels, controllers, and power supplies.
  2. I have an 80 Channel LOR set up right now with just incandescent strings. Trying to get into pixels for next year. Where can I find tutorials of what I need to buy, and how it works together. I have played with the Pixel Editor but it is still confusing to me and since my computer controls my lights I don't want to us my computer much till after Christmas so maybe watch videos until then. My set up now was fairly easy thanks to John Storms videos on YouTube He explains stuff well. Pixels scare me.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I am using the CTB17PC. I am actually wanting to use it on a firetruck in a parade. All of our local departments compete for the best decorated firetruck in our Christmas parade.
  4. Has anyone tried to run a light controller off of a power inverter in a vehicle?
  5. How hard is it to resolder the connector back in place. I have one that will not detect a connection and it feels loose. The other cat 5 connector works fine. Not sure what happened to it. It worked fine last year and got it out this year and it was messed up. Also can the controllers be hooked together with telephone wires?
  6. lstewartff

    Mega tree

    How long is the sleeve that you put in the ground? And do you use guy wires?
  7. lstewartff

    Mega tree

    What do you guys use for the pole part of your mega trees and how do you stabilize the pole. I am doing a 13' and made it out of 2-1/2" PVC pipe. But I was thinking of maybe using something else.
  8. Could you send a copy this way lstewartff@yahoo.com Thanks
  9. Yea I was letting it sit for 10-15 min. and nothing. but good news. I turned in a help desk ticket and they helped me wipe out the LOR registry and reinstall. Now it is working. Maybe I can be ready for Christmas now. Thanks for all the responses.
  10. Ill try a restart. I shut it down earlier and nothing.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I will make sure to do that first. I just don't understand why it will not load the sequences when it was working the other day.
  12. IS there a way to uninstall LOR and reinstall without loosing any of my files?
  13. Ok this may be an odd question but here goes. I have had my LOR for one year. All of a sudden I am having trouble loading sequences into the editor. I can do a new sequence but when I play the sequence it will not play right. The music plays fine but the sequence hesitates. When I try to load a sequence it will not load and just says LOR sequence editor not responding. So here is my question if you don't renew LOR will the editor start doing this or do I have another problem? I just used it the other day and it did fine loading and playing sequences.
  14. Ducks. I noticed you said half-round tree. Why did you choose to do a half round tree? is it better than doing a full one or would it be a preference to who is building the tree? If you cant tell this will be my first big tree haha.
  15. just wondering how big a round the base should be for a 12 - 15' tree?
  16. As this is my first year using LOR and I am always worrying something is going to go wrong. I am wondering if doing a show in the rain will mess anything up when water gets into the plugs? It is raining here and if there is a chance that water in the connections will short something out I would rather shut it down for tonight. Thanks
  17. Bill could you send it my way lstewartff@yahoo.com. Thanks.
  18. Hey Bigman where are you at in Arkansas. Im right down the road in central Arkansas.
  19. lstewartff


    So if I add a track I should click the track button and use the "duplicate track" and then group everything together? I tried the "add a track" and I had to put in the number of channels and then assign those channels to a controller. I am just playing with these right now cause I am planning on expanding next year from 16 channels to 32 or more channels and trying to make things easier. also I only have the basic software right now so I can only use 2 tracks. I would like to add a mega tree next year and was trying to see if I could get those in a track by themselves to sequence. I will keep playing and try different things.
  20. lstewartff


    What are the benefits of using multiple tracks in one sequence?
  21. I have mine laying on a couple of short 4x4s under my deck. Those that have done this a while is it alright to have it laying that way.
  22. Jim, I am new to all this so I am learning. Can you import a new channel configuration into a sequence that is already finished?
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