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      1/18/2018 - LOR has resumed operations after the fire   01/17/2018

      As of 1/18 we have resumed operations.  On 1/16 a fire occurred in the same building that houses the main LOR offices and manufacturing.    More information can be found in 'Important Announcements'.    


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  1. Mega tree

    How long is the sleeve that you put in the ground? And do you use guy wires?
  2. Mega tree

    What do you guys use for the pole part of your mega trees and how do you stabilize the pole. I am doing a 13' and made it out of 2-1/2" PVC pipe. But I was thinking of maybe using something else.
  3. Could you send a copy this way lstewartff@yahoo.com Thanks
  4. Sequence Editor

    Yea I was letting it sit for 10-15 min. and nothing. but good news. I turned in a help desk ticket and they helped me wipe out the LOR registry and reinstall. Now it is working. Maybe I can be ready for Christmas now. Thanks for all the responses.
  5. Sequence Editor

    Ill try a restart. I shut it down earlier and nothing.
  6. Sequence Editor

    Thanks for the reply. I will make sure to do that first. I just don't understand why it will not load the sequences when it was working the other day.
  7. Sequence Editor

    IS there a way to uninstall LOR and reinstall without loosing any of my files?
  8. Sequence Editor

    Ok this may be an odd question but here goes. I have had my LOR for one year. All of a sudden I am having trouble loading sequences into the editor. I can do a new sequence but when I play the sequence it will not play right. The music plays fine but the sequence hesitates. When I try to load a sequence it will not load and just says LOR sequence editor not responding. So here is my question if you don't renew LOR will the editor start doing this or do I have another problem? I just used it the other day and it did fine loading and playing sequences.
  9. mega tree base diameter

    Ducks. I noticed you said half-round tree. Why did you choose to do a half round tree? is it better than doing a full one or would it be a preference to who is building the tree? If you cant tell this will be my first big tree haha.
  10. mega tree base diameter

    Thank you for the help.
  11. just wondering how big a round the base should be for a 12 - 15' tree?
  12. Shows in the rain

    As this is my first year using LOR and I am always worrying something is going to go wrong. I am wondering if doing a show in the rain will mess anything up when water gets into the plugs? It is raining here and if there is a chance that water in the connections will short something out I would rather shut it down for tonight. Thanks
  13. Can I get the link, thanks
  14. Bill could you send it my way lstewartff@yahoo.com. Thanks.
  15. Help Needed picking lights and decorations

    Hey Bigman where are you at in Arkansas. Im right down the road in central Arkansas.