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  1. Seayya

    RGB Sequence Help

    I will get to work on learning that tonight. I have had several issues getting my 4 controllers to work together and with the help of others on here and ALOT of reading I finally got them working last night.
  2. Seayya

    RGB Sequence Help

    Correct. I bought this sequence like this. I was just hoping there was a fairly easy way to expand it to 25 channels per arch from the original 8. From what Don has said it appears I can't easily do this. Was hoping to use my new RGB arches this year, but it doesn't appear that it will happen. That's what I get for waiting to the last minute to add them. I have several sequences built without the RGB arch parts, and was hoping I could learn the building side of it so I could add it to this years show. I do appreciate everyone's help. Thank you.
  3. Seayya

    RGB Sequence Help

    I see that I must add my Device and set to how many Pixel's I am using as well?
  4. Seayya

    RGB Sequence Help

    Not for sure what I am looking for. When I right click on the last channel (RGB A, Arch 8 ) this is what I get.
  5. Seayya

    RGB Sequence Help

    No I have not. Checking that now. I am totally new to the Pixel seen so I have not done enough learning yet.
  6. Seayya

    RGB Sequence Help

    For the past two years I have been using (2) CTB16PC controllers and this year I added a 3rd CTB16PC and (1) Pixie2 with 2 ribbons. I created 2 arches with the RGB ribbon's. I know I waited way to late to add this to my show considering I know very little about building sequences. So for now I purchased a sequence to make sure I can get it working. The problem I have is the purchased sequence has two arches but only 8 channels. I know there are 3 channels per pixel. I know I voided my warranty but I cut the ribbons in half so I have 25 pixels per arch to create the length I wanted for my small yard. When playing my sequence only about 1/3 of the arch is working (the whole arch does light up when testing through HU). Is there a way I can change how many channels is being controlled without having to completely rebuild the arch sequence? I would appreciate any help. Thank you.
  7. The Dip switches was set to ID Unit 1 so I did switch them off. Then went to HU and set it to Unit 4 and it seems to be working like it supposed to. I can test all 4 controller like and they test correctly. Unfortunately now when playing my sequences that I have been working on for 2018 my original controllers 1 & 2 will not work. I then played some sequences from last year and they work perfect. I know now that the controllers are working, but have no clue why they will not work on this year sequences. The only thing different is I have added sequences for the 3rd and 4th controller. SMH! So ready to enjoy the show and the season, but still have to work on adding my RGB arches to my current sequences. I greatly appreciate everyone's help in getting my Pixie 2 online and working. Now to get the programming done.
  8. I did set it through the Hardware Utility. It would work as assigned as Unit 4 for a few minutes then would show up as Unit 1. Then when hooked up to my Unit 3 it wouldn't show up at all. Also, When testing Units 1 through 3 (the CTB16PC's) would also make my arches light some which is the Pixie2.
  9. I had to leave the house for a bit but I believe I have the speed set to 115K. Adapter is black. Not for sure what version the CTB16PC's are, but will check when I get home. I know the Mini Director is Gen3.
  10. Hello, I bought my first LOR system (Showtime Central Starter package with one additional CTB16PC) two years ago. I recently bought another CTB16PC and a CCCII with 2 CCR II. All my items were bought new from LOR with cables. I have gone into the hardware utility and set each of the CTB16PC's to Unit 1, 2 and 3. I have also assigned the Pixie2 to unit 4. When doing this I tested each controller one at a time and everything works. When I hook everything together the Hardware Utility does not see the Pixie2 (Unit 4). Possibly a bad cable? I know it is new but still could be bad. Has power going to it and can even see it lighting up a few Pixels on both arches during a sequence but that is all. I have my Pixie2 on two arches that I did cut the ribbons in half. They test fine when in Hardware Utility. Also, I have noticed now that my original controllers (Unit 1 & 2) will not work during a sequence, but test fine in the Hardware Utility. I have noticed there is a different firmware version one the first 2 controllers vs my new one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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