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  1. I see in Super Star there are some options for color when exporting. My colors seem sort of washed out at the moment. Orange is very white and purple and pink are too white. What should I be doing to correct this? Thanks!
  2. I'd gotten pretty good at using Superstar for my CCR's. When is it advantageous to use PE instead? I'd like to see the butterfly effect on my CCR's, but don't know how to do that is SuperStar. Also got the image to work in PE but couldn't seem to get it to scroll up in SuperStar. Thanks, Chris
  3. Been using Superstar Sequencer and Sequence Editor to create and play my shows, but I want to take advantage of some of the cool effects Pixel Editor can generate for my CCR2's. I've created a prop, and inserted various cool animations. Looks awesome on the preview in PE. But now I'm stuck. How do I save or export these into SS or SE so I can easily incorporate them into my show? I've seen a couple instructional PDF files on PE but they sort of end at this point. Thanks!
  4. Is there a way to tune the color temperature for the controllers so I can get more uniform white across all strings? I have several original CCR's that are either too yellow or too blue compared to my newer strings. Thanks!
  5. Tech support has told me there's a bug in Pixie firmware when running in enhanced mode and a firmware update will be needed to remedy the issue. Fingers crossed they can track it down soon. In the mean time I'm in the garage building my new 6 horizontal CCR panel to hang over my garage door to display sequences that include text this year!
  6. Re-loaded my 6 CCR text sequence and see it's having trouble with the last pixel on 1 string. Swapped the connectors on the Pixie2 and the trouble follows the channel (doesn't stay with the string). It seems to mainly get hung up on green. Did some further testing with text colors all red, all green, all blue and rainbow. The all solid color text works perfectly. The rainbow setting (each letter different color in Superstar Sequencer) is where that pixel isn't happy. Also did a reset on the Pixie2, but that didn't change anything.
  7. Good idea, I swapped the 2 CCR's. Most of the time there's an issue on both strings at the same time, but for the times it's not a mirrored issue, when I changed the strings, the issue followed the controller channel. This leads me to believe it could be the signal coming from the controller. Again, the test sequence produced by pressing the white tactile button in the controller plays perfectly. But I ran this sequence on 2 other channels/controllers and it played perfectly. I created a ticket. Not sure there's anything else I can try to remedy this? Thanks.
  8. I went ahead and tested this sequence on two other channels (old CCR controllers) and it worked perfectly. Not sure if I have a bad component or if it's a bug. Very discouraged at this point though as I was hoping to not be dead in the water 5 minutes into new set up.
  9. I didn't notice it on the text sequences I was running on all 6 channels either. Not until this sequence that has a lot of fading and overlapping of channels.
  10. I'm running firmware 1.03 on the Pixie2 and all the latest Light-O-Rama software.
  11. I opened up my new CCR box today that has a Pixie2 and two CCR's. It runs the test pattern OK, but when I ran a sequence I made last year for 2 horizontal CCR's, the pixel furthest from the white cable on both channels gets messed up sometimes. See this video for what's going on. The weirdness going on with the last pixel is not supposed to be happening. Please let me know if this is something that can be fixed. Thanks!
  12. I changed the network speed to 500k and that fixed the rainbow issue on the super quick ramp up and down to white flashes. Chris
  13. OK, I'll check tonight what the setting is. Maybe that will help the white flashes. Chris
  14. I thought I saw in one of the tutorials there was a way to set the Network to a "fast" setting for the CCR's and the RS485 adapter? It's grayed out in my Sequence Editor though. Chris
  15. It's nothing too spectactular, but here's the Knight Rider lights I did tonight with my 2 CCR's. Notice on a couple of the quick full white flashes a rainbow look. I don't know if I have my controller set up to Fast? In Sequence Editor, the Channel Configuration is grayed out as Regular? Or maybe the white flash is just too short? Chris
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