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  1. Would like a copy please cowboys2048@yahoo.com thank you
  2. Does anyone have let it go in 16 channel? It would be great cowboys2048@yahoo.com thank you
  3. Is this a 16 channel? If so I would like a copy cowboys2048@yahoo.com thank you
  4. Can I have a copy? Cowboys2048@yahoo.com thank you
  5. Can I have a copy? Cowboys2048@yahoo.com thank you
  6. Would like a copy of this as well please Cowboys2048@yahoo.com Thank you
  7. I would like a copy of this as well please. cowboys2048@yahoo.com Thank you
  8. I would like a copy of this please. cowboys2048@yahoo.com Thank you
  9. I am looking for Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano if anyone would be willing to share. Going to use it on a 16 channel setup. thank you.
  10. New at this., I am trying to schedule my show to play thru the night but not sure how to add my sequences to that scheduler. I found the simple scheduler i think its called. But i want to be able to leave the lights on over night and thats not the option. Heres my plan. I want to have my songs play and lets say at 9 pm it stops then at the end of the show just do like a fade which i have the file for that. But after that i want to keep my lights on until lets say 12 but just the lights. What program can i use or is it even possible? I seen the show editor advance but to many tabs there not sure which one to use for everything. or do i have to add different files to different tabs? Thank you. Dave
  11. Is it possible to still get a copy of Ghostbusters and thriller please. 16 channel Cowboys2048@yahoo.com Thank you
  12. I would like a copy too please Cowboys2048@yahoo.com Thank you
  13. Is it possible to get the open of fire ball? please and thank you Cowboys2048@yahoo.com
  14. Can I use this sequence on a 16 channel? if so can I also have a copy of God bless the USA. please Cowboys2048@yahoo.com Thank you
  15. Can I get a copy of this sequence ? please Cowboys2048@yahoo.com
  16. Would you mind sharing this sequence ? cowboys2048@yahoo.com 16 channel please Thank you
  17. Thanks for the advise I'll work on it.
  18. I am thinking on switching it a bit maybe try something different but was thinking for Christmas season. Going to have Christmas songs too. Not sure how it would work out. So so my whole idea is to have the lights going on and my dress as Santa and dancing to music and waving to people. I am still double thinking on doing that lol. But that's my idea. Change things a bit
  19. Alright so this is my 2nd song and just looking for advise on more experience light o rama programmers. What do you guys think about this? Am I doing it right? Should I do something else on it? I know its not a full video its just a short video to get advise from you guys. Maybe later Ill upload it to youtube. (if it doesnt get blocked lol) Thanks https://youtu.be/v__9R9CBMAU
  20. Dave Mendez


    Yeah I didn't think this was going to be a big convo. Thanks all for the pointers. Wish me luck I hope I get all this music done and ready for Christmas.
  21. Dave Mendez


    Thanks for the info on that. very true just spend that extra cents for a song and say here I purchased it. ?
  22. Dave Mendez


    I was thinking of doing like a oldies songs show something like that. Should I continue with it? Or just call it a day and find something else to do? Just getting opinions thank you
  23. Dave Mendez


    I meant to say they as the record companies and singers and their representives. Well either way it would be fun programming songs and until I am told otherwise not to do it then I'll continue until then. Thanks for all the information very helpful Dave.
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