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    An old neighbor of mine had a large choreographed display and over time he showed me how it worked with Light-O-Rama. I was mesmerized just watching the lights and I had to start a show myself.
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  1. In regards to how you set the time that a show will run in the schedule editor, I think it might be pretty cool and intuitive to simply be able to click and drag between two points in time, and "paint" an event. Then you would right-click that event and choose which file / show would run within it. Those events could be color-coded and copy/pasted to other days of the week. I find that when I try to add a show to the schedule, being thrown into a separate window breaks up the work flow. Just an idea I had. Also, being able to clear multiple shows at a time would be amazing. It is very tedious to delete them one at a time. Thanks for taking input from us. I can't wait to see whatever it is you come up with.
  2. Originally from Southern California. Now I live in Las Vegas where believe it or not it snowed a couple of weeks ago.
  3. The cosmic color controller II can support a total of 200 pixels. A maximum of 100 pixels per output.
  4. I always worry about this happening.. This year I installed a wide angle camera that can see my entire display at the very least for some peace-of-mind. Fortunately I live in a gated community and haven't had any issues since I started a couple years ago. I'm sorry this happened to you. It's very unfortunate that there are people out there that have so little to do that they spend time destroying your hard work.
  5. A new In-N-Out just opened about 15 minutes away from my house here in Las Vegas. After living a couple years in Hawaii I really missed these burgers... The Double-Double is definitely the way to go.
  6. Motivation comes in different forms for each individual person. To me the ability to express a form of art in a real, tangible display that people can actually experience out on the street is enough for me to sink massive amounts of time in to programming. Case and point - I just spent about 30 hours in the last 3 days programming a 2 and a half minute segment of Beethoven's 5th Symphony Allegro Con Bri'o. I have about 4,000 pixels and I do all custom sequencing (no motion effects or any auto generated stuff). When you realize that you have complete control over the experience that your audience will have outside your home it makes you want perfection. It's just about taking the initiative to fire up the computer and start. Once you get your mind working on new sequencing possibilities it's hard to stop!
  7. Thanks Jim. That video was from my first year programming lights, so I definitely had my reservations about choosing a song that slow. This year I am sequencing an entire show of Opera and orchestral pieces with slow and variable tempos. It is definitely going to be a challenge. "Hark! the Herald Angels Sing" is a song that slipped by my radar. I am definitely going to consider it for this year now. Thanks for the idea
  8. I actually don't. With enough experimentation I was able to mount them without any light bleed on unwanted areas.
  9. My flood lights are set up as a wall wash, but the choreography can make them in to a very dynamic and dimensional effect even when installed in a seemingly basic application. Here is a video of my favorite song in my display which utilizes the floods. Note that I don't have them constantly on - there are periods with no floods - I just used them in areas where I want to create a little visual impact. One technique I use when lighting up the entire house is to have each flood a slightly different shade of the same color (for example one would be a light blue color and another would be more turquoise) so that way there's a little variation in the wall wash and it doesn't look as "flat." Gradients of color add a lot of depth and visual interest.
  10. My packages with a Pixie 16 controller and 1,600 12v pixels just arrived today. Thank you LOR you guys really got this stuff out quickly.
  11. I turn on Thanksgiving night. That's when the neighbors are throwing parties and have family/friends over so there will be plenty of people that want to see the display. One more 10 hour setup day ahead of me and then I'll be in test mode (A.K.A. "Why the heck isn't this pixel string working" mode).
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