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  1. Can i get a copy of this please! steelhorsesc@gmail.com Thanks, Steve
  2. Steelhorse

    Now Sharing ~ Purple People Eater singing faces

    I would love a copy of this steelhorsesc@gmail.com Thanks, Steve
  3. Steelhorse

    Looking for a few Halloween singing faces sequences

    Aye you have shared Despacito and Clap for the wolfman and i appriciate it. I will try to scour the forum tonight and see what is out there from you all.
  4. So this year I'm looking to beef up our Halloween show. I am looking to see if anyone is willing to share some sequences with singing faces if they have them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPYtK3jjxKA this was last years Halloween walkthough. With plenty of new props being added this year i thought it would be awesome to expand the songs show also. looking to add new songs any from the list below but of course willing to take suggestions! Alice Cooper - Feed My Frankenstein twenty one pilots - Heathens Van Halen - Running with the Devil Rob Zombie - Dragula Charlie Daniels - Devil went down to Georgia Dj jazzy jeff - A Nightmatre on my street Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence Oingo Boingo - Dead Man's Party Ministry - Everyday Is Halloween Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me Ghost busters Theme Excercist theme Halloween movie theme I have the following all with Singing Faces I can trade ACDC - Highway to hell Adams Family Theme a7x - Nightmare Beetle Juice theme Grim Grinning Ghosts O fortuna This is helloween Michael Jackson - Thriller Time warp Wubbsy Halloween night And my opening Twilight Zone intro
  5. Steelhorse

    Now Sharing ~ Paradise City ~ Guns & Roses

    Can i get a copy of this? steelhorsesc@gmail.com
  6. I would love a copy of this please!!! steelhorsesc@gmail.com
  7. You sir are amazing as i go though the forum i see you have alot on here rather them post on each one i would love a copy of all you have for my show if your willing to share. steelhorsesc@gmail.com Thanks, Steve
  8. Steelhorse

    Now Sharing ~ Despecito for singing faces

    I would love to get a copy of this steelhorsesc@gmail.com Thanks! Steve
  9. Steelhorse

    Singing Faces Sequences

    Old sarge Would love to get copies of what you have also. steelhorsesc@gmail.com
  10. Steelhorse

    More last years halloween

    If you need a place to toss them up i can put up an FTP out on godaddy that can handle alot.
  11. Steelhorse

    More last years halloween

    Would love to see see a Dropbox to see what you have. will definitely give credit where its due.
  12. Steelhorse

    Expo 2016 - What's Important : FOOD!

    Lou's is good but i prefer Giordano's for Chicago Deep dish. If you like a good steak like Dennis said Gibson's is awesome. Portillo's is always awesome grub, But if you want a Historic Hot dog place Gene and Jude's isn't to far from the convention center and good food, or if your near one Superdawg is one of my favs.
  13. Steelhorse

    Looking for m5 Led's

    Actually i was looking into that. The person who got me into this is from Oklahoma and goes to something like this in Texas every year. I definitely will be adding it to my plans now.
  14. Steelhorse

    Looking for m5 Led's

    Thanks for the info. I just got in some really cool purple M6 and i love how bright they are. Definitely the bulb of choice from here on out.
  15. Steelhorse

    Looking for m5 Led's

    Well, after a few years of sitting on the sidelines and jsut watching how its done. I bit the big bullet during the spring sale and got some controllers. I started planing out some decorations. And found I might be short on single color strands of m5 led strings. Other then the usual places im seeing from google and a few topics i have read here and other places. (foreverled,1000blulbs, christmasdesigners, environmentallights, christmas-lights-online.) Are they any places anyone can suggest to add to my list of ever growing internet halloween/xmas lights folder list?