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  1. Thanks everyone for your help, I will be trying to splice into the LOR cable. David
  2. The controller was part of a plug i show package with eight 10w floods which I had bought from LOR.. I was using the controller to control some dumb pixel strips which I bought from LOR a few years back, The extension I am using was for the 10w floods as I had bought lots of extension for the rest of my floods that are being used on my 17 maple trees. The LOR Dumb strips have a clear pigtail with 4 wire inside, I was hoping to join the extensions, which fit the pigtails from the plug and show controller, to that wire using the supplied female/male that was with the strip purchase.. David
  3. I have a CMB24D controller and power supply mounted and wired in the enclosure, purchased from LOR. I am trying to add dumb ribbon, from LOR, to match up to the dangles on my CMB24D. The CMB24D has larger black 4 pin wire while the connection on the dumb ribbon is much smaller 4 pin wire. I am using an extension wire which will screw unto the black dangle and am trying to match the wire from the black extension to the female dumb ribbon, but am having problems with making it work?? I first tried red to red, green to green. blue to blue and black to clear,..but that did not produce anything when i tried it in HU?? Does anyone know how to wire this up? Any help would be appreciated. David
  4. Hi Sarge: Could I have #8 Believe by Disney My E-Mail: wilsanco@eastlink.ca "Thank-You!" David
  5. Thanks for the great advice, I think you're right. We will soon be putting up our lights, so keeping to SE, which I have some knowledge of, would be prudent. I will try PE in the new year to get a handle on it for next Christmas. Regards David
  6. Thank You for the advice George, I will use 2 HS Networks. I will be keeping it simple this year as this is my first year doing smart pxels/bulbs. Should I sequence them in SE or PE?, I want to do it right the first time although it seems you can use either? Thanks David
  7. George do you know how many channels you can use on a LOR network running a 485HS adaptor? I will be running approx. 800 CCB's for my roof outline and was planning on using 4 - 485HS adaptors, is this overkill?? Thanks David
  8. I also have CCB's with 200 lights, is it better to sequence directly in SE or is it better to sequence in PE?? I am doing a roof outline around my house.
  9. Thanks Mr P. for responding: I have a Pro License and the unit has been set up by Light O Rama to run on an LOR Network. My main concern is to get it into the Pixcon 16 Configuration Tab so I can reset the Controller number and confirm LOR is set as the network? When I connect via LAN it sees the board but when I try to go into the board an error message comes up: The device configuration could not be loaded, this could be due to a hardware problem, a network problem or a configuration issue. Would you like to run the troubleshooter? I tried the troubleshooter on my first controller, with no result although it did change some config. at one point.to use the troubleshooter I am now trying my second controller but am reluctant to use the troubleshooter as these controllers were with a 16 ribbon package plug and play from LOR. Any thoughts,..... Regards Wilsanco
  10. I have bought a 16 ribbon package with a pixcon16 board from light o rama. I have tried to hook into the controller to see the board but am unable to. I have the USB 485 HS into one of my USB ports and the ethernet cable going from the end of the 485 HS to the J3 jack on the board. I have also set the speed to 500K and enhanced mode. I have checked the board to make sure I am set up for an LOR Device. The board was preset by Light O Rama. I am thinking I need to set up as an E1.31 Device and then change to LOR RS 485 Network. I am not able to see the Pixcon 16 Configuration ?? This is my first time trying to use RGB:( Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank-You! Wilsanco
  11. This is my first year of attempting to run lights to music. 95% of what we have is incandescent or LED lights which I believe will work OK. My concern is that I would like to add MEGA TREE with pixels and some RGB Strips to outline our roof. Is there a way to make this work with the bought sequences to tie it all together. I have 4 commercial controllers to run our sequences on our 1 acre of property. I noticed that the first 2 controllers do most of the light movements. As our property has a 400ft frontage how do I connect the other controllers to tie this all together. I am afraid I would need to have two controllers with 1 and 2 to make it look like all areas is moving?? I hope this makes some sense to everyone. Thanks for any help David
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