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  1. If anyone is looking for a FM Whole House 3.0 transmitter such as the one LOR sells for $124.95, there is someone on e-bay selling some. It is listed for $80 and he accepted my offer of $70. Only 2 left so hurry. Mine was NIB with all accessories and it works. Here's the link. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NIB-whole-House-FM-Transmitter-3-0-10-available-open-to-offers/283377025345?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Good lighting to all!
  2. Also an excellent suggestion. I'll see how that works tomorrow. Thanks
  3. I also suspected it is the distance to the switch. It's maybe 60 feet or so, my last trigger was inches from the board. I just grabbed some leftover 5 conductor direct burial sprinkler cable I had left over. It was cheap and I use it to run to the back yard (175 ft.) to trigger fireworks during the show. Works great for that. I'll try some better cable. Thanks for the good suggestions, I think you nailed it.
  4. JR, Yes it all worked and the show for the family and friends was a great success. I moved my show trigger this year to a different CMB24D board (input 1) to start the show closer to where we watch and sometimes (most of the time) it doesn't wait for the trigger. Changed the CMB24D but that didn't help. Measured the input resistance at infinite with switch open, yet when you watch the status page it tells you the trigger was on or something to that effect. Another one of those weird things. Still investigating it when I have time. Thanks again
  5. Oh and much thanks, I have a bunch of family and friends coming tomorrow to watch. PRESSURE!
  6. It worked on the first sequence, I'll try doing that to the rest. Very Weird and it's Christmas not Halloween!
  7. I added new opening numbers this year but when I run the show it starts at the 7th song and has an error opening the first six new sequences. Anyone run into this before?
  8. I have the same issue every year when I add things. Wish they would do something about that, especially with the pixel editor. This year some of my existing pixel prop definitions changed by themselves. Wish you luck, just check through everything. I found when props don't work (light up) from the pixel editor you need to copy the program data and re-paste it. Then it seems to work. Basically the software has many glitches that go unresolved. I always have props that have programming but don't light up, so I re-paste and re-save the intensity data. Then if you're lucky they light up. Had one prop in a specific program that just wouldn't light up no matter what I did but it worked on all other sequences.
  9. Hi Matt, Looked for that folder and found Light-O-Rama in the Programs (x86) folder but didn't see a sub folder with the name PixelEditor. I have many sequence programs that run the pixel programs from last year but when I open them in the pixel editor the data is MIA, so I can't edit it or add to it. I also seem to have other troubles. Sometimes the data is there but doesn't run and I have to double click the effect which opens the effect generator window. Then if I re-save it it will run that effect again. Also, sometimes it seems to be a crap shoot when I save the intensity data as to what props will run and won't run. These are props that are proven and ran before. I've been saving the same intensity data over and over until I hit a home run and everything runs. I have over10,000 pixel channels and I realize it is a lot. I know that's a lot to take in but when the pixel editor opens a file void of data I want to scream. I'm really frightened to try to open files to do pixel edits because I'm never quite sure what the outcome will be. What type of file is opened in the pixel editor or the file's extension? I know you just select the .lms file but there must be another associated with it besides the .lms or .lid file. Thanks for listening Jim
  10. ADDED NOTE: I see my previews from 2016 have disappeared. I don't know why, I haven"t deleted anything. Is that causing this problem? It imports some preview from another sequence.
  11. I added new pixel props this year and want to add them into an existing file. When I open that file from last year in the pixel editor it is void of any pixel data. Yet, when I run the program it plays my pixel programming from last year. I have had this problem before with another file. Any ideas why it does that? How can it play my pixels when the pixel editor file shows it is void of any pixel programming? I don't want to have to reprogram ALL of the pixel data just to add a prop. I'm running the 4.3.18 PRO version.
  12. My experience is that too much voltage drop is almost always the cause. I have had to run 12 or in some cases 10 gauge wire to my pixel fixtures to keep them from flickering. 100 ft is a long way in the DC low voltage world (especially if you're running 5v pixels). Power inject like crazy to avoid these problems.
  13. Adding a servo dog this year. When the program ends, all the servos go hard to the minus virtual stop EVEN THOUGH I have the power up and lost communications parameters set to tell it to go to the default position. Not a total disaster but default is where I would like them to go when stopped. Any help is always appreciated.
  14. This year I'm adding servos which only run @ 115K (network Aux A). My regular network runs @ 500K on com 3. Com 3 seems to be for all USB ports on my computer and the LOR network preferences require different com ports be assigned to each network. Do I need to add another USB card to my computer with it's own com port designation to run an auxilliary network or is there way around this?
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