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  1. Cool thanks, I will have an experiment with one this weekend ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  2. Unplugging isnโ€™t an option as Iโ€™m not there a lot of the time (show starts whilst I am at work) hmm, motion sensor could work though, I have never used one, but wondering if possible to have 2 or 3 set up covering the area outside the fence and have it switch on if at least one of them detects motion...
  3. Hi all, So this year, I successfully managed to add a dmx controlled Snow machine to my display, so I get flurries of snow at select points in songs. I am really pleased with how this is working, but after burning through 5 litres of Snow fluid in first 3 days, I have realised that as we are fairly rural in UK and don't get massive crowds every night, I should try and be a bit more conservative with the snow usage. Ideally I would have the snow enabled when there are people watching but not if the show is playing and no-one out there. Has anyone got any ideas on how that could be achieved? Thanks John
  4. Hi JR, Please could you share this with myself? Thanks ever so much! John johnfullegar@gmail.com
  5. Hey, I would absolutely love a copy of this if you donโ€™t mind please! thank you! johnfullegar@gmail.com
  6. Hi guys, Quick question to all of you that have Virtual Santa projection in your display, I am very often not home from work when my display first runs (animations run on the hour every hour from 4pm). This year I am adding Virtual Santa for the first time, I have picked up a 3200 Lumens projector from Amazon, and have downloaded the files. My question, is that when the projector starts up it has normal projector start up screen for about 30 seconds before it is ready to play, how do you guys get over this, as if I project this on the window, will definitely ruin the illusion! Thanks John
  7. Hi, I would love a copy of this please, for personal use of course! Thanks you johnfullegar@gmail.com
  8. any chance 0f me getting this please? johnfullegar@gmail.com
  9. Hi all, Still having problem with this, bit more time now have broken up form work for the Holidays to try and resolve, sorry if I waffle on a bit, but will give all the information in the hope someone can help me... The set up I have is as follows.. Sony Vaio laptop running windows 7, I have 4 sequences created in LOR sequence editor and have set up and enabled a show using the simple show builder with the 4 sequences in it, running every hour on the hour from 16:00 to 21:00 7 days a week. I have static lights as well, which I have on a timer coming on at 15:30 and turning off at 22:30, previously the timer was turning these off and on every hour before and after show, but feedback from visitors has suggested they prefer the static lights on during the show as well. For the sequenced lights I have a HolidayCoro Alphapix 16 controller, controlling the RGB pixel house outline connected to my router via cat5 cable, I have set the pixels up using DMX channels. For the singing Christmas trees, I have a Meanwell SP100-24 (24v DC power supply) powering 2 x Lightorama CMB16D boards with the 24v DC M5 style LED bulbs connected to them. All the sequences are working fine, and during the hours of 22:00 through to 16:00 there are no problems and no glitches, however after the first show runs at 16:00 and finishes at around 16:15 all 4 Christmas trees flash as in the attached video, this happens every 2-3 minutes, but only happens in between shows, and not after the final show completes. (I have stated watching for ages to make sure). I have replaced the Cat5 cable, but this does not seem to have been the issue. Can anyone help please? Thanks John trees glitch.mp4
  10. Hi, it is via PC, using the USB connector and Cat 5 cable connected to first board and cat 5 cable from that board to the 2nd one Thanks John
  11. Hi all, Well finally got my first year show switch don and working and really happy with how it turned out - thanks all that have helped me on here along the way! So, my show consists of some RGB pixel strips outlining the house, powered by Alphapix controller, and 4 Coro trees with 24v DC LED bulbs (not RGB) each tree has 8 channels, and I have 2 x CMB16D boards to control the lights and a meanwell sp100-24 powering the boards. I have just found out that when the display, is not running a show every 3-4 minutes al of the bulbs in the trees very briefly flash on. Anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this and any remedies? Thanks John
  12. I don't - but if you find it and are willing to share please do... Thanks John
  13. Hi all, So, I have tried to find an answer for myself but totally stuck... This is my first year of sequencing, and I have managed to make pretty good progress thanks to a few of you for tips and sharing sequences. One thing I am totally stumped on though is the following.. If I have a sequence that someone has been good enough to share with me, and that sequence has a device in it (say a pixel strip with 20 pixels) and I want to use that part of the sequence to map to a device I have that has 40 pixels - how do I go about it? I tried inserting a new device into the sequence with the 40 pixels and then I tried copying the top level device (without expanding it) but once I expanded out the new device it had only copied the 20 lines. For straight on/off twinkle type effects this is fine, I can copy straight down. But when the sequence has a chase, then the copying to more channels becomes a bit more complicated and not sure if there is an easy way to expand the sequence to the other channels and maintain the timings. Thanks John
  14. Forgot to add, I am planning to run the shows from my laptop. Thanks John
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